1. Re: Formula For How Much A .5 Bomb Will Cost You (And How Many Ratings You'll Need To Recover)

      The numerical average of your star rating might be something users look at, but it is not used for any Royal Road rankings. The top ranked stories are determined by calculating the lower bound of the (...)

    2. Re: Have any of you hired a narrator to create an audio version of your book/books?

      I am looking in to doing this myself. I can't testify to anything from personal experience yet, but from my research: If you work with a professional, you should expect to pay between $150 to $250 (...)

    3. Re: How to not "write too much"

      I'm wondering if there is any advice, that people use, as to how to...well, not write so much? Is there some specific technique people use? Or is it like one of those "bad dog" things where you just (...)

    4. Re: How often do you other writers receive 0.5 ratings?

      I think a lot of readers just punch in 5 if they like a story and .5 if they don't. The only way to avoid .5s is to avoid attracting readers who won't like your story, or in other words only advertise (...)

    5. Re: How much Dialogue, is too much??

      -So what I wanna know is how much dialogue should one write in a chapter, on average 2500 words? -What is the basic proportion of dialogue and writing scene description and plot delivery? -Also (...)

    6. Re: Analytics - Help

      This would mean I should look at Complications as being the weaker chapter to revise rather than Stalking ... trying to make sure I bark up the correct trees with regards to where I'm looking to improve. (...)

    7. Re: At what point is writing too pornographic?

      Usually, the rule of thumb is to evaluate how much of a story you'd have left if you removed the sex scenes. On the flip side, are the sex scenes so extensive and graphic that they overshadow the rest (...)

    8. Re: Weird Narrative Perspective shifts

      To the extent that sense impressions are being relayed by the same narrator I would use the same label. Perfectly fine to have a different name for the drone and describe the drone's actions using its (...)

    9. Re: How long are your chapters?

      I'm anywhere from 2500-3500 words for my story. No complaints so far, and people always seem to look forward to the next chapter. If I ever decide to self publish the story should the chapters ideally (...)

    10. Re: How many advance chapters on Patreon?

      At the higher tiers it almost turns into psychology more than economics. I used to have a $25 tier capped at four people where I would do a short monthly commission at their request. Of the four people (...)

    11. Re: American Transmigration or Isekai/Portal Novels

      If you really want Americans pushing American values, you might like the 1632 series by Eric Flint. A small town in West Virginia gets sent across time and space to land in Germany in 1632 (thus the title). (...)

    12. Re: How do you guys get readers?

      People can make a living if they're good at sales. There's a lot to it. Specifically to self-publishing, you really should try to figure out where your potential customers are. Where are the spots online (...)

    13. Re: How many advance chapters on Patreon?

      As a reader, I'm a lot more likely to pony up if I can read a week ahead. I'm also unlikely to pledge more than $5.  Some people seem to do well with the really gonzo tier structure though. I have noticed (...)

    14. Re: When is it time to stop worldbuilding and just write?

      I usually like to have a firm grasp on what's going to happen in the next 10,000 words and a decent idea of what will happen in the next 10,000. After that I'll have a few waypoints in mind over the next (...)

    15. Re: Any thoughts on the massive shifts on the trending section?

      Unlimited Power was on track to hit big the moment it became eligible for trending. It was in the top 10 of the Most Popular list a week or so ago. It accumulated a massive number of stars, so hitting (...)

    16. Re: the rating system on royal road is fascinating

      It's actually your story's internal rating value bouncing around. The system Royal Road uses does some sophisticated math to arrive at a score. Intuitively, this is meant to get at the idea that a story (...)

    17. Re: Working character backstory in organically

      Prose narration is much more forgiving than movie writing when it comes to doling out backstory. There's no need (and no excuse) for "As you know, Bill" type conversations. My rule of thumb is that (...)

    18. Re: Flashbacks - Faux Pas or No?

      I would say that flashbacks are an advanced tool that should be used sparingly. To me the top priorities for fiction writing are: (1) does the reader care what's going on?, and (2) can the reader tell (...)

    19. Re: Overdoing the Mini Cliffhanger

      Stories typically run on a pattern of: tension -> resolution -> reflection -> resolution Character A gets into a fistfight with Character B (tension). The fistfight ends (resolution). Character (...)

    20. Re: Working with cliches

      Writing with cliches is fine. It's just that the cliche isn't going to be enough to sell the story on its own. Like, say you introduce a love interest who is cold and dismissive in outward presentation, (...)