The Slime Dungeon Chronicles (prequel)

Copy pasta of my post in Finale (Part 2)02/12/15

This is my first post on the site. I have been a long time lurker.

I consumed this story like it was a drug, your writing and descriptions left enough to the imagination while still giving me a good mental picture of the characters and the action . Your early chapters had me guessing as to where you would take the story. It looked like you were planing for a 100 + chapter story with all the background and little details you have added that I absolutely loved.It created the world around him that set tone for why adventures would continue to risk their lives to gain some treasure/fame.You have also just barely touched on what other races are out there. When I read your post about how this might be your last chapter in this story I almost fell out of my chair in surprise since I thought you already had some grand plans about the story. Please continue, honestly this story looks like it is just getting started. You had me all excited about the "Floating Dungeons" concept that is completely unique. You have laid down some good ground work for expanding Docs horizons and about him rediscovering himself. I would call this a great foundation and the first arc of an impressive story.

As for your writing skills, I have zero complaints and have felt you have no problems creating imagery or telling a story. The only suggestion I would have is adding more background details. Things like what other dungeons are like and how the humans are constantly weighing Docs worth vs his danger. It's interesting to see the dynamic of risk vs reward from a dungeons perspective and how this whole relationship with the outside world benefits them into taking that risk. Sometimes you have very little in the way of fluff about how doc does what he does. I know it doesn't really matter how he does it but without a description to picture doc's "instance" ability I have a hard time believing it or understanding how it would work practically for him.

I would write a review or leave one if I could figure out how Tongue

Hope you keep on writing this story as it has been the highlight of my mornings for the past few weeks. (also I vote he becomes a sky dungeon cause that sounds awesome)