Kennit Kenway

Kennit Kenway


by Apocryphal
375 pages

An amnesiac with peculiar skills seeks a new start as a superpowered mercenary, but the ghosts of his past won't let him go so quickly.

There's more than meets the eyes with Yuno...

A/N: This is a Dark Fantasy remastered version of the story (heavy edits, issue fixes, story element alterations, etc), and it contains heavy JRPG/Grimdark-styled elements (Monsters, magic, parties, etc). Some tags come later than others, and this fiction will also contain tragedy and psychological elements.

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Enduring Good : [The Rationalist's Guide to Cultivation and Cosmic Abominations from Beyond the Stars]

Enduring Good : [The (...)
by powered_by_coffee
493 pages

A twenty-first century human mind is awakened in a strange land of boundless cults, spirit servants and immortal cultivators ruled by titanic god-beasts. Coexisting within the body of a street urchin girl, the last pharmacist in the universe attempts to fix the broken world of tomorrow by wielding the long-lost power of science and rationality.

[Rational Progression] + [Xianxia] + [Litrpg] + [Comedy] + [Post-Apocalyptic] + [Humanity, Fuck Yeah!]
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The Tentacles' Tavern

The Tentacles' Tavern (...)
by Ace Arriande
224 pages

Other Tag: Monster Evolution

What's better than somebody with normal arms and legs working in a tavern? Somebody with tentacles.

When one man wakes up and finds himself dangling over the endless sky below, in a small body with tentacles and without any memories, he is immediately thrown into a fight for his life. He doesn't know where, who, nor what he is. He does, however, know that he has no intention of becoming dinner for wild beasts.

Fortunately, he discovers that the floating island he's on is populated with people who are accepting of his unknown status so long as he makes himself useful. The beautiful women on the island are nice, too. Even better for the new tentacle creature, they like cute things and tentacles.

Unfortunately for everybody on the island, their quiet, peaceful life can't exist without interruption forever. With livestock being stolen for food more often, a lurking danger may threaten the lifestyle they have come to know. But until then, there's always more work to do in the tavern!


Cover illustrated by Nekosama!

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The Hedge Wizard

The Hedge Wizard
by Alex M
1.1k pages

A Dungeons and Dragons inspired adventure with a realism-focused spin on gamelit.

Hump grew up believing his master was nothing but an ordinary hedge wizard. However when the old man unexpectedly dies, his book of spells binds to Hump’s soul. Now without a master, Hump sets off to find his place in the world, to discover the secrets of magic, and to understand the Book of Infinite Pages.

Book 1 and 2 are now complete.

Updates Tuesday and Saturday.


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Wizard's Tower

Wizard's Tower
by Allanther
860 pages

Book 1 is now available on KindleKindle Unlimited, paperback, & Audible.

Tell your friends! Your family! Strangers! Enemies! Meeting someone new?  Break the ice by asking them "Have you read Wizard's Tower?"!

The humans call me Nemon Fargus.  They call me wizard, and [Elementalist] and [Enchanter].  They call me teacher.  They call me adventurer.  

But I don't care.  Not anymore.  For more than a hundred and fifty years I've served the Kingdom of Sena.  Through four Kings and a Queen.  Two wars and a rebellion.  I've founded and taught at a magic school.  I've fought against beast waves and dungeon breaks.

But now?  Now, the one close friend I had left has passed.  So, I'm done with their politics and their economics.  The short and busy lives of humans are more burden than benefit on the weary soul of this half-elf.  Now, I'm looking for a refuge, a place that can well and truly be my own.  Away from the growing cities and the bustling markets, away from the pointless wars, away from the eager students and the arrogant adventurers.  It's too much.  

I'm seeking the peaceful life of a wizard in his tower, studying magic to advance my spellcraft.  We'll see if that happens.

*synopsis is book 1 / arc 1

Author's housekeeping:

This story is a rough draft.  Feel free to point out errors, grammatical, spelling, plot, etc.  

This is a slow burn novel, but will only ever be told from one POV.  (Exception: rare interlude chapters will be told from a different pov, but won't impact storyline).

How well this story is received by readers here will determine if I continue writing.

Cover commissions


Other stories by this author: An Old Man's Journey 

I hope you enjoy!

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Somebody Stop Her

Somebody Stop Her
by Vitaly S Alexius
349 pages

In a world of villains and heroes, the Kilborne family moved to the small town of Saint Mary. Their new neighbors, living in the 1888 Saint Mary cathedral, turned out to be a family of supervillains. Martin Kilborne would find school perfectly mundane if it wasn't for Alexa Terranova who is: constantly bothering him with a pocket raygun, demanding he become her minion and threatening to blow up the principal's office in a series of unnecessarily complicated, wacky plots. 

The more Martin learns about Alexa, the more dangerous and insane his life becomes as he is dragged into terrible, misfortunate, no good adventures of doom.

A wholesome, slice of life, superhero / supervillain sci-fi comedy, sprinkled with elements of horror.
Participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge - 55'555 words in 35 days!

Dedicated to my daugher who has an unbendable stubborn spirit and my friends at the Silver Pen server who motivated me to write new things!

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What LITRPG There is Only Needlework [Hiatus]

What LITRPG There is (...)
by Vongrak
331 pages

The System has come to Earth, the world is changing status screens are appearing but... Sui can't bring herself to care about that. The most important thing, is that the blasted appocalypse is cutting into her sewing time. Of course... maybe if it can give her some new abilities and improve her work... she can forgive that. 

Join Sui "There is only Needlework" and the two people who are willing to put up with her insanity, Aife "warrior in the making" and Trina, the "Why would you ever think this was a good idea" in the present in What LITRPG There is Only Needlework
Story Currently on Hiatus. Has not been abandoned, but more time is being dedicated to "D.E.M.O.N.S Getting Summoned Weekly Isn't So Bad" my other, and currently main story

Cover by Creadfectus

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Beneath the Dragoneye Moons

Beneath the Dragoneye (...)
by Selkie
832 pages

Winner of the 2022 Stabby Award!


Elaine is ripped from this world to Pallos, a land of unlimited possibilities made real by a grand System governing classes, skills, and magic.

An ideal society? What is this, a fantasy novel?

Adventures? Right this way!

A Grand quest? Nah.

Friends and loot? Heck yes!

Humans are the top dog? Nope, dinosaur food.

Healing and fighting? Well, everything is trying to eat her.

Join Elaine as she travels around Pallos, discovering all the wonders and mysteries of the world, trying to find a place where she belongs, hunting those elusive mangos, all while the ominous Dragoneye Moons watch her every move.

Hey! Beneath the Dragoneye Moons is my first writing effort, so please be kind, but don’t hesitate to point out the flaws.

The story starts off slowly, more like a slice of life than action-adventure, but it gets there!

I’m going to be posting M-W-F

I do know how the story ends, and I promise if it ever gets dropped, or I stop doing this, I will post the ending. There will be no random “this is the last chapter” out of the blue.



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Sylver Seeker

Sylver Seeker
by Kennit Kenway
3.5k pages

After fulfilling the duty all arch necromancers are tasked with, Sylver Sezari was not expecting to ever wake up again.

But he did.

And after crawling his way back into the land of the living, he’s alive once again. In a strange land, a strange time, and with a strange floating screen in front of his new face.

Either through plan or chance, he’s alive again, and planning to enjoy himself to his heart's content.

-The story isn’t grimdark, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows either. There will be lighthearted and positive moments, as well as some sad ones. That being said, it’s a whole lot more light than dark.
-This is a LITRPG story.

Chapters are published every 2 days at 21:00 GMT.

Author’s note:
-It can get very GORY. I’m somewhat desensitized to gore and violence. So while the story isn’t full of gore for the sake of gore, it can get a little too descriptive.
-The MC is a necromancer, so corpses and decay, and all the things that come with it, will be mentioned from time to time.
-I’m a huge fan of Egyptian, Slavic, and Greek mythology, so expect quite a bit of that. That said, so much is altered, you’ll be hard-pressed to guess how exactly it is being used.
-Despite being ‘immortal’ the MC can die. In the event he does, the story doesn’t end, simply time skips forward. Which in some cases is going to be worse than just dying.
-I love plot twists, as much as I love red herrings and Chekhov guns. Deus Ex Machina’s not so much.


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The S.T.U.D.Y. -Sucks To Ultimately Die Young-

The S.T.U.D.Y. -Sucks (...)
by neilu
317 pages

Dear reader,

This story starts in 2035, on a planet Earth that was turned into a well managed utopia by the Knowledgeable, Marc Russel decided to accept The Offer. A unique chance to discover strange and wonderful worlds.

This is Marc’s tale of what he lived in the S.T.U.D.Y., of how he faced it and how it changed him.

A glimpse in the head of a man who wasn’t quite ready to be thrown in at the deep end.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves, let’s just... get comfortable, settle in an armchair, pick up a cup of tea or something, and see things as they come, shall we?


I’m Marc.

The sun is rising, the date is February twelfth, of 2035, and today, I’m entering the Study.




********* Author's note *********

Cover credits : MavvoZ, a talented artist from Italy on Reddit.

I will make sure to give this story an ending and not drop it into an indefinite hiatus. Well life happened and that's a fkin lie. Hopefully will get my shit together at some point...

I'm very open to any feedback, I will take it into account so let me know what you think !

I do read every single comment even if I don't always answer, it's super satisfying to see readers engaged in the story.

Most importantly of all, I hope you enjoy the story!

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The Soulslinger Chronicles

The Soulslinger Chronicles (...)
by O. S. Marrow
18 pages

Previously known as Skullsinger.

"Cowboys With Superpowers"

The Soulslinger Chronicles is an ongoing fantasy-western series which started as an entry to the r/RedditSerials Publishing Derby. Since then, it has blossomed from stand-alone story to full-blown series, with the suggested reading order as follows:

1. Prequel Book - "Skullsinger" - Buy Now!
2. Main Series Book #1 - "Curseweaver"
3. Prequel Book - Title TBA
4. Main Series Book #2 - "Soultearer"
5. Prequel Book - Title TBA
6. Main Series Book #3 - "Worldmender"

Read on for blurbs/summaries...



It’s not every day that a vengeful god lays claim to your soul.

In fact, when Emlyn Graves woke up that morning, he thought he’d be doing what he always did: working the land, drinking at the inn, and warding off the agents of the tyrannical local baron.

But now that his soul has been corrupted by his new dark master, Emlyn must use his god’s gifts to survive. Otherwise, he is destined for an afterlife reserved for only the most evil that mankind has to offer.

Emlyn’s choice is simple: embrace an eternity of infernal torment, or become the worst kind of hero imaginable. There’s only one sane choice… isn’t there?



Magical powers are all well and good—but they certainly paint a target on your back.

When Abby Palmer is wrenched from her reality and pushed into the world of the Acolytes, she soon realises that certain factions of this world want her head on a spike.

Using only her wits and new-found powers, Abby must evade the vessels of a mysterious Order, or face torture like mere mortals could never imagine.

But there are other players in this great game. Amongst them: the mysterious Skullsinger, who wants nothing more than peace, and Mathis Laurent, a conman who has risen above his station.

These three pawns in the games of the Gods could be the key to saving not just one reality—but two.

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In Loki's Honor

In Loki's Honor
by MDW
5.2k pages

Subtitle: I'm cursed to die 100 times.



Plot synopsis:

Earth is in turmoil. Fiction of travel to other worlds through the use of magic take on airs of prophecy as youngsters all around the world disappear. Amidst this turmoil, one New Yorker is caught in a traffic accident and chosen by Loki to travel to another world. The god's offer was not a fair one.

But they came not as the Trickster's champion. Their purpose, a sinister one. One that will earn them the enmity of the world. A Heroic destiny is not in their future.

Their only ally is the impartial and pervasive System. Unable to be purged, they came to stay.

Thrown in a barbaric world where life is a dime a dozen, the intruder tries to survive and escape the wrath of the native deities. All the while burdened by divine curses imposed upon them by Loki.

The silver lining is that they can come back. Again and again. Only to restart the chase.

This fiction contains gore, sexual violence, torture, brutality, psychological and physical trauma, and no plot armor whatsoever. Portrayals of racism, misoginy, prejudice, and random violence will happen without warning. There won't be graphycal displays of smut or porn, however. That's important, somehow.

If any of the above can offend you or your sensibility, please don't read. The themes displayed are intended as criticism on why they are bad. The characters' reactions and opinions are their own and don't reflect the author's worldviews.

One more time: THIS IS NOT A SAFE SPACE.

Reader discretion is advised and required.

This work is not intended for people easily offended or minors. This is a non-commercial work and market viability is not a concern.



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