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    1. Re: LGBTQIA Stories

      Push, since it isn't pinned yet.

    2. Re: Female written stories

      Female writer here! My story here on RR has mostly male leads. Hoping to add a second story sometime later this year with a female lead. 

    3. Re: LGBTQIA Stories

      Thank you so much for doing this list! I just wanted to throw in: Maybe add The Wandering Inn? I realize it takes like four million words for the first gay characters to be revealed, but it does have them (...)

    4. Re: Co-writing - is it effectively impossible to make it work? How would you make it work?

      If given a pool of 30 writers who each have some kind of writing-related problem, how would you matchmake, manage, or persuade them to successfully produce a at least one story you consider worth reading? (...)

    5. Re: March Thread - Promote your Story

      The Morgulon: A werewolf story, yes, but I'd ask you to give it a chance anyway. It's not the Wattpad kind of werewolf story, I promise.  In this steampunk world, the Feleke Four - brother David, (...)

    6. Re: How I want to do reviews and review swaps

      But that's my point, you can't expect honest reviews on swap, there are too much corrupt interest on both sides.  Even if you are honest, you don't know if the other one will either be overnice to curry (...)

    7. Re: Good Werewolf Fics?

      My story is about werewolves, if you are still looking. It's in my signature. 

    8. Re: I'll read your first chapter. If I like it I will follow

    9. Re: Free Comments on First Chapter

      Is this offer still open? I'd love to hear your thoughts! My story is in the signature!

    10. Re: How does one write a sports match?

      You could check out "the mighty mustangs" here on RoyalRoad to get some ideas, it's about a Basketball team 

    11. Re: Writing multiple stories

      I used to be firmly in the multiple stories category until I started posting here on RR and people actually liked the story enough to comment. I've for the last eight months focused solely on one story (...)

    12. Re: Why did you choose your username?

      It's my first and middle name drawn together into one word. I originally used it as a character name for a story (pretty obvious self-insert, but whatever, I was twelve) but have since come to use it a (...)

    13. Re: Does creative writing help you sleep better?

      I experience the weird effect that if I cannot write for a longer time for whatever reason, I will suddenly start to remember my dreams. I will also have more nightmares. I never, ever remember my dreams (...)

    14. Re: Would my novel last on here?

      I'm writing in a niche genre, too, and it is possible to hit trending with a story like that, if that's what you're after. A lot will depend on how much self-promotion you're willing to do.

    15. Re: Good fictions with gay male leads

      Do you accept self promotion? My story is in the signature.

    16. Re: Music for when you write

      My personal best is three hours of the wellerman shanty on loop 

    17. Re: Two articles on travel times pre modern transportation

      Overland travel through wooded terrain is about ten to fifteen miles a day.  If it is hilly or god forbid, mountainous, that number drops quickly. Very useful number for me, but is that for foot-travel (...)

    18. Re: Writing Advice You Recieved in School that's Actually Terrible

      It wasn't in school but a creative writing workshop for teenagers. One of the teachers said that poetry should never be political. It completely destroyed my interest in the whole genre for years. 

    19. Re: Looking for a specific kind of story

      well, I can think of the Wandering Inn, which has strong elements of what you described: It's kinda like a LitRPG (it has skills and levels, but (...)

    20. Re: Help me grow!

      If you want comments, you can always start a comment swap in the "Reviewing: Tips & Discussion" Forum. You might not necessarily gain followers that way, though.