A Cultivator's Freedom

A Cultivator's Freedom (...)
by Patriarch Kantaro
118 pages

Shao Qing used to be the rising genius of the Shao Clan, one of the brightest stars among his generation. After a single misstep he lost all of this, becoming bound by a contract engraved on his soul.

This soul contract doomed Shao Qing to a century of servitude, but due to a miraculous twist of fate, the contract was broken before the full century passed. Follow Shao Qing as he makes up for his many decades of lost time and attempts to regain the luster and promise of his youth. In the process he'll have to plan carefully and eke out every advantage he can, lest he lose it all once again.

Update Schedule: Twice a week, usually Sunday/Thursday.

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Elder Cultivator

Elder Cultivator
by Halosty
1.5k pages

Anton is a great-grandfather. He is living quite a happy life, despite his advanced age and declining health… until a group of cultivator bandits moves into the area. The nearby guardians of the area, the Order of Ninety-Nine Stars, are unable to track them down as they continue to ravage nearby towns. During one desperate winter Anton is out on a hunt when his family- his entire village- is killed or taken as slaves by the bandits. He lacks the strength to fight them, and he wasn’t even present for their arrival to die with his loved ones. At the pit of his despair, he wonders if he ever had any chance to change things. What could he even do? He cannot even pull his best bow, and his eyesight is failing. If he had been a cultivator… perhaps there might have been a chance, but he was decades- perhaps even most of his life- too late.

Notes on cultivation levels:

There are five general stages of cultivation, though the fifth is extremely rare. Each cultivation style might have their own name for the stages.

1. Body Tempering

2. Spirit Building/ occasionally System Creation (Ninety-Nine Stars)

3. Constellation Formation (Ninety-Nine Stars)

4. Life Transformation/Galaxy Construction (Ninety-Nine Stars)

5. Ascension

Cover picture courtesy of gej302.

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by lkal92
426 pages

For millennia the demon lords known as the Goetia enslaved the human race, until a group of mortals known as the Archons received divine blessings of power and overthrew them. Under their dominion mankind flourished, though the war in the shadows never ended. A thousand years later, sixteen-year-old Leones' family is executed for the crime of heresy. Burned to death for questioning whether the Archon of Flames is a divine being, and whether any of the Archons truly are. 

After manifesting the power to control time, Leones survives and embarks on an uncertain journey for power and revenge. But if he is to overcome a god, he may need some help. Along the way he will discover the truth behind the demon lords, time, and reality itself, as he walks along the razor path. 

Artwork is used with permission from the creator, @chinfongart.

Updated on Tuesdays and Saturdays

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Beware Of Chicken

Beware Of Chicken
by Casualfarmer
1.4k pages

Jin Rou wanted to be a cultivator who defied the heavens, and surpassed all limits.

Unfortunately for him, he died, and now I’m stuck here. Arrogant young masters? Heavenly tribulations? Cultivating for days on end, then getting into life or death battles?

Yeah, no thanks. I'm getting out of here.

In which a transmigrator decides that the only winning move is not to play.

Beware of Chicken will be updated Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

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by endoria
464 pages

Emiluna is about to turn 16 and gain access to her first two classes. Living in a small village in the middle of nowhere, she always wanted to become a Hunter. Having learned a bit under her parents, a miller and a seamstress, she was sure she could never pick a class that meant staying inside all day.

But being a Hunter is more than just a class. It means providing meat for the village, culling small pests near the cultivated fields and most importantly guarding the village from predators and monsters.

But Emiluna is not a normal girl and her destiny far bigger than she could have ever imagined.
Join her as she finds out what awaits just behind the horizon.

[Word from the author]
I am looking to create a fantasy world that has some logic to it and stays believable even as characters gain power and progress in levels.
Classes and level quantify the people's progress, but they do not artificially inflate their power to demi-god levels.

I am primarily trying to write a captivating story, not "power-porn". That means it will be slower than the fast burning litRPG you might be used to, but it won't burn out that quickly either and I won't drop half of my plots at the wayside.  

I should mention that English is not my native language. I hope it is mostly unnoticeable, but sometimes I manage to slip some awkard sentence structure in there (German sometimes puts things together in reverse).
It it also my first time writing an actual fantasy novel and the first time writing anything at length in English. Any constructive feedback is very welcome.

Credit where credit is due: Cover picture by Paul Bica (Licensed under CC 2.0)
Check out his amazing photos here:
Yes, my cover picture is a photo, not a drawing. :D

I might try my hand at some Paint-ification later to add the title.
[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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The Primal Hunter

The Primal Hunter
by Zogarth
3.2k pages

On just another normal Monday, the world changed. The universe had reached a threshold humanity didn’t even know existed, and it was time to finally be integrated into the vast multiverse. A world where power is the only thing that one can truly rely on.

Jake, a seemingly average office worker, finds himself thrust into this new world. Into a tutorial filled with dangers and opportunities. In a world that should breed fear and concern, an environment that makes his fellow coworkers falter, Jake instead finds himself thriving.

Perhaps… Jake was born for this kind of world, to begin with.


Release Schedule:

5 chapters a week.

Average chapter length: 2500

Tags and content warnings are mainly to give me creative freedom later on. This is my first novel ever, and English isn’t my native language, so go easy on me chaps. Any feedback is more than welcome, of course. Also, this novel is only posted on Royalroad and Patreon so if you are reading it elsewhere, it's pirated and you suck if you keep reading.

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Return of the Tower Conqueror

Return of the Tower Conqueror (...)
by theReamedOne
1.8k pages

August 8th, 2026 -- the day seven mysterious Towers appeared around the Earth, changing the life on it forever. Cain had already lived through it once, experienced the irreversible changes that the world underwent seemingly overnight. Now, for him it is twenty-five years later, while for others it is still three months before the Towers are to appear. Having stolen the Timecube and used it to reverse back the timeline, Cain is now back before it all began -- with the sole difference of already knowing what will happen.

Nobody had managed to discover the mystery behind the Towers even twenty-five years after their appearance, but with the fresh start and advantage, Cain plans to unearth the story behind them, and whoever, or whatever, put them on Earth.

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Agenda of the Villainess

Agenda of the Villainess (...)
by ThaviaVex
253 pages

As the daughter of a duke, Lady Alicia Senius expected to awaken her latent magical ability during her Blooming ceremony. She was not expecting her connection to the flowers of Fate to awaken memories of a past life, however, and certainly not memories that were somehow inextricably tied with her future. Now, Alicia must find a way to escape the fatal punishment that is the destiny of a villainous noble girl. In doing so, she might even alter the fate of the whole world.

This novel is a steampunk take on the otome villainess genre, heavily inspired by the late Victorian era of England and with a system of magic based around floweral circuitry. If that sounds like your cup of tea, why not give it a shot? Updates on Thursday every week.


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Arrogant Young Master Template A Variation 4

Arrogant Young Master (...)
by LivingSpoon
1.6k pages

What would a Xianxia MC do?

Seriously, what would they do? Asking for a friend.

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Apocalypse Born

Apocalypse Born
by artifex
471 pages

The world as we know it ends in the year 2000. Over the course of a week, billions die and the survivors are faced with a reality that no longer makes sense. Can they fight back against wizards, monsters, and robots in a world where none of the old rules seem to apply, and their only ally is a mysterious heads-up display that reads like a particularly uninterested narrator?

Well, that part of the story's mostly done.

Hunter, instead of being alive in the age of heroes and martyrs, bravely fighting for the future of his entire planet, is born in 2003. By the time he can walk and talk, humanity has already fought back the worst of its demons and settled into its new status quo. What's an easily bored kid supposed to do in the Midwest when there's all this magic and nothing to do with it?

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Druidic Cultivation

Druidic Cultivation
by Laevo
502 pages

A young druid boy was betrayed by humanity and, after losing all that he held close to his heart, discarded his humanity to reincarnate as a tree. Using the potent magic he'd learned within his grove of druids, he was able to skip through the cycle of samsara, a feat only possible due to his outstanding talent in magic. Unforutately for him, however, the heavens do not like it when humans encroach on their territory.

After being smited, the young boy was once again reborn as a human and forced to walk the road he'd been assigned. Without knowing why, Feng Jiao was born with the determination to resist the heavens. This time, however, he was going to do it as a cultivator who strived for immortality and the atainment of godhood.

 THE STORY IS CURRENTLY BEING EDITED. It was brought to my attention via very rudely worded comments and slightly more eloquent, but still very upsetting for me, reviews that much of the way I wrote the early parts of the story came across as creepy when I meant them to be funny. I do not appreciate personal attacks on me, but I can appreciate that the early draft needed much improvement.

If you catch up to the edited chapters, they are labeled, and still find things that rub you the wrong way, please politely point them out in the comments so that I may address them.


1. This story is more Slice of Life than most xianxia, if you are looking for non-stop action and face slapping, wrong story for you.

2. Once again, this is Slice of Life and Slow-burn. I've gotten multiple comments about how it moves too slowly for a xianxia, yes that is kind of the point. 

3. One of the top reviews mention that I've wasted my story on wish fulfillment, this is true. I write this story to fulfill the wish I'd had for a story written the way I enjoy reading one. That is why I write, I am not an author I am just a reader who got bored of seeing the same thing rehashed.

4. In addition, MC is trap(ish) while young *maybe later as well. I won't say that it is for any purpose other than my own entertainment, as obviously I could have written it differently if I didn't think it'd be funny. If that's going to make you puke in your mouth because you can't appreciate the fact that it's supposed to be funny, then don't stop reading.

That being said, I appreciate all readers including the ones who just complain on every chapter, love yall.

5. Many of the tags I clicked may not come into effect for some time, or ever, but are something I am considering heavily when it comes to adding to the story. 

6. I usually have one to two grammatical errors per upload, minimum. It's not because of my lack of command over the english language, but because my editing program, microsoft word (I know, I know) is equally bad at detecting my grammatical blunders as I am. I patch them as I see them (comments are cool, enjoy the +rep) but sometimes I am a little slow.

7. I wear many hats and do not always write frequently. I'm sure this will get regular updates during the new story high, but I do not know where it will go from there. This is my first time attempting to write xianxia and I am doing so to practice my writing craft and expand my skillset. Story probably gets updated once a week when its active, maybe more or less often over on patreon.

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The Three Saints

The Three Saints
by Warfox
315 pages

After 100,000 years journeying across space after escaping Earth, life resumes for the Colonists of the Ark on the Monsalle Station. Life, however, never stopped for the people of the Phoenix Clan, back on Earth. With the Ice Age over, two civilizations, separated by light years and millennia rebuild what's left of humanity.

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