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      It'll be a bit before any of it is getting any real attention as romance isn't a core part of the plot for quite awhile at list, but I'd like to add Nisteria Chronicles - https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/41830/nisteria-chronicles (...)

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      I appreciate the welcome guys, here's hoping I removed some way to self depreciating humor that came from nowhere. Aaaaanyway, I was reading some of the other stuff and was enjoying myself, but keep getting (...)

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      SNIP Okay some of this are things I've already started implementing (I changed what the sisters were doing for instance). I added a bit more conversation, reduced some of the infodumps a little (Though (...)

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      5) SNIP Okay some of these things are concerns others have brought up, and I'm going to be upfront and saying that blurbs/openings are some of my weakest points. Alongside settling on names, it takes (...)

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      Even if it doesn't, I'm telling the story I want to write, and that's the important part. Even if only one person truly enjoys it, I've given that one person something no one can take away.

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      Hello everyone! I'm somewhat new around here (Made the account like a year ago, forgot about it and lurked for awhile). Remembered about a week ago I had a proper account, and after one last editing pass (...)

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      Got a few questions and a request, thanks for your time.  1) Have you ever got a submission so bad you couldn't make it past the first page?  2) Are there any tropes in SF&F you wish wasn't as common (...)