Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

I am Confused By the Negative Reviews

This story checks off a lot of standard RR works that I feel a good chunk of people here enjoy.

*Litrpg system comes to earth

*OP mc with non standard skills and half a brain

*Quick Pacing / Action packed

*Non harem and so far no romance

By all metrics the reviews should more positve. Personally I found the story enjoyable. Its not the best here, but its also not the worst and not deserving such harsh criticism. That the second highest review is 1.5 stars seems incredibly misleading.

I suggest anyone who finds those points interesting to ignore this peculiar hate and give this a read.

Again from Scratch

This is a slow burn here kinda like the Gilded Hero but instead of summoned they are reincarnated. If you're expecting the mc to start blasting fireballs any time soon you probably wont enjoy this. The pretty drastic time skips help in this regard.

Everything is pretty standard otherwise as far as skills, system, and the like of a litrpg. Leveling skills is somewhat unique in that its either been a long time since I've seen it done or that its entirely orginal. I can't remember. Also magical skills seem a bit rare. Again think Gilded Hero. Looks like most people get more physical/trade skills. Which might be a turn off for some people. Its something I personally enjoy more, however, Its much more dramatic when someone starts throwing fireballs when not everyone has the ability to protect themselves from it. Magic is far more emphasized this way. More grand and scary.

This is incredibly minor, but one thing that stuck out to me is the some of the odd dialogoue. It feels like all of a sudden the author was trying to mimick midieval speak when the rest of the dialogue is normal.  Not sure if its a stylistic thing or what, but sometimes it left me wondering if I had read that right and having to reread. Im explaining it like shit but you'll know what im talking about when you see it.

Otherwise, so far it is an all around decent story.


Dead Tired

As a satire this is an enjoyable story. Everyone is over the top in their roles like in those plays with the mask that tell what role the actor is playing. If you're looking for tension and hard plot this wont be for you. Otherwise hope aboard, lean back, and enjoy the ride.

This Quest is Bullshit

This story is good light hearted fun so far and appears to be on that sort of track for the foreseeable future. If thats what you're looking for this is it.

With that said I don't understand the negative reviews. I feel like they were taking this story too seriously with comments like 'it doesnt make sense anymore'. It never made sense! From the very begining it has been outrageous.

So if you're coming into this thinking all the stars of plot and realism have to align. Just turn around I guess. This is an adventure comedy and it succeeds in that.

Artificial Jelly

This story is good. There is no question about that. The characters, world, pacing, everything was well done in my eyes.

My only gripe and why I am dropping the story and why I will not continue past the 'Experience Points' chapter, is that everything feels pointless. There is no hope for the main character.

This may be resolved later in the story, but I don't think I can make it to that point. Everything is against the mc. The world is just taking a big poop on the mc and all our adorable jelly can do is grin and bear it.

It makes me feel terrible, and I guess thats the point. The author succeeds in making in you care for the character. However, the circumstances of the mc just make me depressed. I do not see any way of it getting better anytime soon.

It all feels so hopeless.


Superior Era

The premise is hook worthy and if that tickles your interest you'll probably stick along.

However, there are some pretty glaring flaws in the story telling. The character interactions do not feel very real at all and come off flat. Which is honestly the reason why I cannot read past chapter 10. This may get better as the story goes on, but it was immersion breaking enough for me to stop reading.

Pacing is also pretty wonky. In that world building is not slowly coming together to build a coherent picture, but instead hurtling toward you screeching to build a pile of mush.

Grammar is spot on and there is absolutely no issue there.

This is not a bad story, but there is definetly some work needed to be done to polish it up. Keep on writing though author as I do not want to discourage you and these flaws usually vanish along with experience and mindfullness.

Thieves' Dungeon

This story like few on this site off a sense of depth. You can tell immediately that the author put some actual thought into the world they are creating. This is an original project not just some copy paste dungeon core story with a twist to pretend to be original.

This is an actual memorable story. The side characters have not faded into obscurity. The world is not bland. The sentence fragments are used well like a drop of water flicked to punctuate a paragraph. The plot and interaction between protagonist and anatagonist are first of all believable, but also exciting and interesting.

The only thing negative, but that could just be a me thing, is that the actual dungeon is somewhat forgetable and obscure. I dont have clear imagery of it. There is moss and mushrooms and whole ecosystems, etc etc. But everytime an adventure goes through it I find it hard to envision the scale and actual scenery of the dungeon. I have no idea how big this place actually is. At times it seems small and claustrophobic, but then all of a sudden its massive and wide enough for mass battles. Yet somehow this doesn't really take away from the story for me. Because everything else easily makes up for this.


The Undead Revolution

Very strong hook that leads into an above average story. I definetly recommend this one to any LitRPG fans.


The characters feel very real. Each and everyone we meet has their own life. Even when we only know one for a chapter or a couple paragraphs, the characters we meet have goals and ambitions that do not neccessarily revolve around the MC or are convenietly placed for the MCs benefit if that makes sense.

Grammar is a non issue and scenes do not lack detail, nor are they overdetailed.

Mc has original abilities that are both wonderfully op, but also realistic with their own realistic weaknesses.


The only aspects that make this story anything less than stellar are the Magic system and the sterotypical Rpg world.

The magic is not very magical and doesn't leave me intersted in learning anymore about it, which is darn shame because I love magic.

The world isn't anything we haven't seen before. Dungeons, adventures, mages guild, yadda yaddaa. Monsters are very bland as well, which is another love of mine.

Yet despite these minor faults, I still enjoy this story and believe it is going to attract quite a few followers.

The Scourged Earth

So I've read up to 3.4 and decided to leave a review before I got too lazy. For two reasons. I really have been enjoying this story and it is pretty unique take on an apocalyptic setting. Becuase of these two reasons I wanted to formally put out what I beleive is a slight to this otherwise good fiction.

First and formost is imagery. For the most part, I have good feel of what the characters look like. And I use 'feel' because what descriptions I remember give the barest of essentials to what character looks like. For instance, Bruce is muscely, Blake was blonde haired, and thats pretty much the extent of what I had to use to construct an image of those charcters. Locations are far worse than the charcters and it usually becomes a bit jarring as the characters move around. Notably the world feels to suddenly expand.

Now the last thing is grammar. The story is 100% readable. However, there are frequent errors that are noticeable and break the immersion breifly. Nothing that a dedicated proofreader couldn't fix with some quick skiming. But there is enough that it is something to point out.

With that said I'm looking forward to reading more and hope that the Author improves on these issues as they continue to write.

The Bounty Hunter

I found a Unicorn, A descent Harem Story

First of all, I vote Rin as best girl and look forward to what will happen with her in the second arc.

Now im quite tired as i just finished binge reading this (even though i should of been doing something more productive), so i'll just say that this story was worth me possibly not completing some assignments that will potentially effect the rest of my life.

That is all and once again Rin is best, Rin is life.