1. Re: Royal Road Identity Crisis

      Woah! I've been isolated in Royal Road for too long. I feel like ScribbleHub is better match for me these days. A bit heavy on the weeb side, but it really is just too toxic here for me. Any other (...)

    2. Re: Royal Road Identity Crisis

      I said I was done with my last post, but I'm not done! I love this site I've been here for a few years now. I found this through Legendary Moonlight Sculptor. Is that the pinnacle of writing? No. But I (...)

    3. Re: Can We Get Rid of Best Rated?

      Ah, im just beating a dead horse. I'll just drop it then.

    4. Re: Can We Get Rid of Best Rated?

      Could that not be solved by using some type of algorithm that takes total chapters into account? Or hell we could go the youtube/netflix route and just use like/dislike and use that total instead. Apparently (...)

    5. Re: Can We Get Rid of Best Rated?

      I am tired of the overly critical reviews and the .5 bombs. The 300 iq scathing reviews picking apart stories are not to give the author valid critique, but instead serve as more of a venting platform (...)

    6. Re: Who are the best authors on Royal Road with more than one story?

      Andur is really the only author on this site that has multiple stories I have enjoyed equally. Granted, they're all pretty similar. Virlyce is also another prolific writer. Although not all of their (...)

    7. Re: So, I Was In The Shower...

      At the risk of earning the ire of a staff member, I happen to agree with the idea that web fiction authors are akin to street performers and find it laughable that I am the guy with the foldable chair (...)

    8. Re: First time cover paint

      The change in the background was a nice change. Its not so monotone now. What I really like though is the bright eyes. That was a great addition from the original picture. Gives it a more cold vibe? I (...)

    9. Re: Zero to pleb and to one day in the far future... Hero!

      Settler you saved me who knows how many more hours my stubbornness would've had me playing around with that image. The issue was exactly what you said the lighting in the image. So once the harsh light (...)

    10. Re: Zero to pleb and to one day in the far future... Hero!

      So I've started learning how to add textures to my brushes and it turned out to be a lot harder than I initially thought. Turns out that the path to becoming an art hero is marked with evenings of insanity. (...)

    11. Re: Zero to pleb and to one day in the far future... Hero!

      Darn, I did and I see it up. Let me try to fix it. Okay should be fixed now. Thanks for the heads up.

    12. Re: Zero to pleb and to one day in the far future... Hero!

      Hi everyone! I have recently decided that I want to be an artist and not just any ol' illustrator. I want to be a webcomic artist! I have a long ways to go, but all I can do is practice and study till (...)