1. Re: Historically accurate portal/isekai with time-displaced MC

      Searching for story recommendations with a MC/protagonist out of their own time, e.g. Person from ancient times appears in modern world Person from modern times appears in ancient world above, with (...)

    2. Re: To Forge a New Dawn (rewrite complete / 90k words)

      To Forge a New Dawn From stagnation, turmoil; to stability, tumult.  When a scribe glimpses the rot beneath a nation's glory, he cannot stay silent in the face of corruption. From the humble (...)

    3. Re: Finished at last!

      Thanks, Wing and Xian! :) Ah, so many possibilities for the next project... 

    4. Re: I'm looking for some recommendations.

      I have a complete story with a solid ending. It's fantasy and action, with focus on the clash between idealism and ambition.  To Forge a New Dawn: A scribe with a dream begins a revolution. Along the (...)

    5. Re: Finished at last!

      A writer's work is never finished Finally finished plotting, scheming, writing, editing, posting, arcing, welding, printing, hole-punching, banging head against table...  There is a special satisfaction (...)

    6. Re: Adding a Chapter in between chapters

      1) Add new chapter. 2) Dashboard > Chapters tab > "Reorder" button on the right side. 3) Click and drag the new chapter to wherever you want in the existing order. Hope this helps!

    7. Re: Free anime style cover for 5+ episodes novel.

      Wow, this is amazing. You truly have artistic talent! The intensity in the eyes, the background sparks, the shimmer of words rising from the pen—all perfect.  Thank you, Fuyu Dust, and many kudos (...)

    8. Re: Free anime style cover for 5+ episodes novel.

      Hello! If you have the time, I'm interested in seeing what you come up with for a cover.  https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/31894/to-forge-a-new-dawn The main character: human, initially a scribe; (...)

    9. Re: Genius MC

      Artemis Fowl is an excellent series with a genius MC. The protagonist is a 12-year-old criminal mastermind who applies his intelligence to relatable goals such as becoming rich, discovering an underground (...)

    10. Re: July Thread - Promote your Story

      To Forge a New Dawn (complete): https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/31894/to-forge-a-new-dawn A scribe takes over the world. His trusted commander burns it all down. Somewhere in the future, a fisherman (...)

    11. Re: June Thread - Promote your Story

      To Forge a New Dawn (https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/31894/to-forge-a-new-dawn) Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, War & Military The Empire boasts of unmatched prosperity, yet a rot festers (...)

    12. Re: Nice to meet everyone! New to Royal Road

      Try taking out the spaces? It might also be that the site is blocking offsite links. In that case, you could try the RR cover image link, found by right-clicking on your story page cover. https://www.royalroadcdn.com/covers/resurrection-i-died-and-came-back-as-a-3000-year-full.jpg?time=1589673037 (...)

    13. Re: Nice to meet everyone! New to Royal Road

      https://www.royalroadcdn.com/covers/resurrection-i-died-and-came-back-as-a-3000-year-full.jpg?time=1589673037 The code below should do the trick. Remove the ** from the code, and put the link between (...)

    14. Re: Nice to meet everyone! New to Royal Road

      I like to write fantasy and maybe some sci-fi. I really like light novel tropes. I defintiely see myself doing harem comedy later. Otherwise its high fantasy. how about you? Ill add in my signature thanks (...)

    15. Re: Nice to meet everyone! New to Royal Road

      Welcome to RoyalRoad from a fellow new writer! Your story Resurrection has an interesting premise. What genres and themes do you like writing the most? (It might be helpful to link your story in your (...)

    16. Re: May Thread - Promote your Story

      To Forge a New Dawn https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/31894/to-forge-a-new-dawn https://www.royalroadcdn.com/covers/31894-to-forge-a-new-dawn-full.jpg?time=1588823520 Description: The Empire (...)

    17. Re: Avatar fan fictions

      Not on this site, but here are my top recommendations:  Embers by Vathara on AO3 is easily one of the most epic-scale Avatar: TLA fics I have read. It delves into much of the philosophical premise behind (...)

    18. Re: Question regarding first submits

      The first chapter or prologue posts automatically as soon as you get approved.  However, after the first chapter, the following ones don't need to be approved. For chapter 2+, you can schedule releases (...)

    19. Re: A Semi-Scientific Poll About Age

      This poll might turn out better results as a counting game in the forum—something along the same lines as the "guys vs. girls counting game." From that post, the site population looks to be approximately (...)

    20. Re: Corrupt A Wish

      Granted. You get exactly a million dollars to last you the rest of your life, even though inflation soon makes it difficult to afford even a pizza for that much.  I wish for a spaceship.