A fine octet of legs

Relatively unique, nothing groundbreaking- but it doesn't have to be. The MC is an Arachne who wakes up after what appears to be a post apocalyptic or world fusion event. The premise may not be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but it's good and the characterization plenty makes up for it. They all feel like more then cardboard cut outs and have a good dynamic.

The story style doesn't seem like it'll change too much, might be different if she integrates into some society. But if you don't like the first few chapters you probably won't like the rest 


Borne of Caution

A Pokémon fanfiction... That actually feels like a real story..... OMG- moar! I want MOAR! You have lit the fire within me and now I dEmAnD mOrE cHaPtErS tO cOnSuMe! But in all seriousness, this is a great story. One of the best I've read, it's shiny and I want more of it. The characters are multilayered and it's pretty realistic, loyal to the Pokémon lore. It's like a love letter to Pokémon wrapped up in that pretty Isekai bow we all know and love, I'll be waiting for more! I could go into more details.. But I'm lazy, and there's other reviews you can read for that.

Leaves of Terranthir

A guilded vessel, no matter how gleaming. Is useless without a center, this is a great story! But the protagonist is.. Not emotionless, but I can feel absolutely nothing. I can't relate, they feel like staring at a blank piece of paper instead of an actual character. Don't get me wrong, the protag expresses emotions. But they don't feel... Real, there're written down quite well. But it's just not there. 

His Majesty's Immortal Academy

I GoRge uPOn ThE inSTEstineS oF TheSE scrEAming PAges enGULfeD iN dULl WHite aGOnY, tHeY WrItHe aNd rIP AnD ScReAm aT tHe THreAT oF GOINg iNsAnE. TEARIng SCRreAMINg BREakING bUrNiNg AhHaHAHAhahAhHaHaAHahAhahaha

I aM sAtIsFiEd wITh yOuR ofFeRiNg AnD sO rEjOiCe, FOr I sHaLl nOt dEvOuR WaFfLe/rAdIanT/yOu/liFe/ExIsTenCe FoR aNoThER sUPPeRs mORE

This Young Master is not Cannon Fodder

Standard. Common. Bland. Run of the mill. Overdone. Boring. Dull. Uninteresting. Average. This novel is nothing special, it's another Xianxia that takes itself to seriously and has less then stellar grammar, nothing special to show. If your into that kind of thing, or you've never read Xianxia before. You might enjoy it, but this is my 27th. It gets dull, fast. I do admit that I came into this with high expectations, maybe to high. It reminded me of Young Master Template, and that's setting the bar well above the masses of Xianxia. So I do apoligize, I didn't enjoy this. But maybe you will

Reboot Reality

A fantasy book that hits all the right buttons. I'm a bit lazy, so this reviews gonna be short. But so far this novel has been wonderful, exciting character s and an interesting setting. Heaps upon heaps of potential, and a system that isn't to intrusive. This is my kind of fantasy novel, and I'll be reading for as long as your posting.

Beneath the Dragoneye Moons

It's a good series, with a few glaring flaws. First off, as the other comments mention there is the issue of sexism, I don't mind things like that in stories. As long as there are good reasons for it. But there aren't, and secondly. The protagonist is ditsy, but she also recognizes her faults and works to improve herself! That more then makes up for it in my book. So.. This novel has several glaring flaws, only two of which I've mentioned. But it's quality and other characters more then make up for it

Respawn Condition: Trash Mob

I can see why some people might not like this story, the MC is rambly and it could be called monotonous. But it hits all the right buttons for me, I enjoy the inner dialogue and each new incarnation feels fresh. The MC isn't a cardboard cut out either, not by any means. Also, the upload schedule is insane. Hope your not burning yourself out! Thanks for the story.

Cannibal Cheerleader

A writhing ball of condensed insanity.

Utterly insane. A mish mash of cliche overplayed for humor and ridiculous implausibility that brings a smile to my face. It shouldn't work, but it does. And I love this story for it, it's probably not to the tastes of most people. But nothing is, and I found it enjoyable! So here's a 4 1/2 stars! 🎉

Everybody Loves Large Chests

It had both 'plot', and plot. The characters- while most of them weren't exactly complex, felt real and genuine. I could ride along with the good and be ok with the bad... and then. It happened. Sorry if I sound sour here, but I really enjoyed this story. Emphasis on the past tense.

The author had the main character, a doppelgänger get multiple personality disorder. That... made me cringe. But ok, rapid system fueled evolutions. It's possible those are flawed I guess, and then the author pulls something even worse. They had some jackass god take away the identity that the main character worked to build over the course of several years, and the main character didn't even care. No hint of mental manipulation or any kind of influence, they just didn't care. Which makes absolutely no sense considering their greedy and selfish nature, what they lost was immeasurable. And then... AND THEN, the main character has some idiotic existential crisis bunch of filler chapters and oh oops, it was actually all a video game! Massive time skip and the MC leaves it, wooh hoo yay! Even if I don't mention the plot holes that leaves in its wake that's one of the worst and most unsatisfying endings I've ever seen. I honestly would have preferred a eternal hiatus having been declared before the whole multiple personalities fiasco, at least the story could have ended on a good note.

I loved this story, sadly it ended in Satan fueled dumpster fire.