1. Re: How long do reports take?

      To explain, I write original stories and fanfiction. The idea behind fanfiction being to encourage people to read or watch the original source. Its like advertising, a parody, to show what is good about (...)

    2. Re: How much Dialogue, is too much??

      Read the classic novel "Man in the Iron Mask" and get your mind blown :P That was a level of dialogue that started to reach a painful degree.

    3. Re: Agency in novels, something to keep in mind

      Generally I have always seen 'agency' as being crucial to a MC and without agency the characters are bad, and after reading this thread and thinking on it more, I'm reconcidering that slightly. I think (...)

    4. Re: June Thread - Promote your Story A Kingdom of Power, of Courage, and of Wisdom Genres: Adventure | Fantasy | Historical | Tragedy | Female Lead | Grimdark | Male Lead | Multiple (...)

    5. Re: When a character looks like another character

      Really depends on the perspective I think. If it’s from a characters view or thoughts you can transfer from something like: ‘An Orian jumped, the other rolled over.’ To a labeling system like (...)

    6. Re: Describe your story in the worst possible way!

      A father's final wish is to have his 8-year-old son disowned and replaced with a girl off the street.

    7. Re: If your story was a video game, what would be your loading screen tips?

      Oh this sounds funny haha Do not practice war at home, kids. Always remember, when swords and words fail you, throw a house! Sometimes the best way to infilitrate security is to be caught. -An (...)

    8. Re: Discussion on Magic being included on Scifi Stories

      Various narratives have tried to tackle combining sci-fi and magic with varying success. 1. Warhammer 40k - Another dimension exists called the immaterium that is woven and influenced by thought, imagination, (...)

    9. Re: Mark as Complete or Hiatus?

      Neither, this is a mistake. Why would you want multiple stories for multiple-miniature arcs? It makes no sense. You are forcing people to see the first chapter of your second, third, fourth, fifth, (...)

    10. Re: abaonded by the system

      If I were to make a guy who was abandoned, I would make him a dick. Not just any dick, but a royal dick. The kind of dick you want to kick out and stage a coup. Like the guy from Emperor's New Groove. (...)

    11. Re: The Importance Of Leaving Reviews

      I can do nothing but agree with the initial post. I'm a little new to RR, but I am very big on leaving reviews in some form or fashion on every story I read now. It doesn't have to be long, even just a (...)

    12. Re: Narrating Various Web Novels from RR (List and current Releases)

      My. Mind. Is. Blown. o.o I didn't know anyone ever did this!

    13. Re: What sorta music do you listen too when writing? Or do you even listen to music at all?

      I like to listen to nightcore, rock, or orchestra, depending on my mood. :)

    14. Re: Uncommon Fantasy races and Monsters

      You could try looking at SCP wiki, browsing through monsters, and seeing if you wanna expand any into a full race.

    15. Re: Nice to meet everyone! New to Royal Road

      Sup! This place will be easy if you are into high fantasy. People go for it a lot! Anime is very close to high fantasy, esspecially as it is so visual, so I imagine it won't be muuuuuuuuuuuch of a stretch (...)

    16. Re: How often should I post new chapters?

      It is a difficult thing to balance. But there is something I've found:  1. Do not post on Saturday/Sunday. Those are the lowest times I get reads, and same with others i know. 2. If you have chapters (...)

    17. Re: I'm looking for a good story like Dungeon Defense/Overlord with schemes, manipulation, Demon Lord MC and (...)

      I don't know about written stories, but there is the Overlord anime and Overlord video games, which have no direction connection but are VERY similar in theme. The latter is HILARIOUS!!!!

    18. Re: Need help with a fiction idea.

      I imagine it would be more of a culture-shock than anything, depending on whether the fantasy character is self aware of his/her pre-existing NPC status. Hilarity like sticking a tongue into wall sockets, (...)

    19. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      8! Lets get to 10!