This is a Test

I cried, I laughed, I smiled, I feared. All from reading this novel. It brought out in me feelings I never had. The letters, the words, the sentences, the paragraphs, everything combines into a masterpiece of language that transcends space and time. I would recommend this book even to people who don't know English. All of you who had doubts, questions, hardships in your life, you can find all of the answers in this book. Know thyself, the old adage, after reading this novel I can confidently say that I am finally at home with myself.

The Dweeb Prince and the Eight Cursed Princesses

This is an anime/light novel style novel inspired with fairy tales. What it separates it is the intelligent twists and turns author makes for every fairy tale. What I especially liked about the twists is that 1) I didn't saw them coming and 2) they made sense and weren't just twists for the sake of just adding them. There is little more blushing than I would like but that is standard for YA.

Two points author needs to improve are style and grammar. There are some awkward repetitions and tense shifts but it is still very readable.

Characters are well developed and distinct. For now there are two arcs, but interaction between Prince and other characters is, as the title of review says, very wholesome. Author does walk a thin line of this being a true harem so we will see how he develops Prince after this. 

Old Version of Trials of Sanity (Dropped for a complete rewrite)

Often I read reviews here that talk how characters are realistic and then when I read I see that they are anything but. People often talk realistic when they mean "I liked the characters" /rant over. Here, I finally can say we have a realistic characters in LitRPG. The confusion, fear, lashing out for no apparent reason. It is really well executed.

Story is ok,  the premise might not pull you in, but the execution will and is excellent. Action is vividly described with enough rest in between, which actually blend well with the story. Style is in the service of the story and it adds to the confusion and constant anticipation. All in all a well connected story.

Didn't learn much about characters other then the MC yet but they are introduced well. The MC is your average Joe at this point in an unusual situation. He is likable, and I could easily understand his intentions even if I thought some are bad choices at that point.

Grammar seems to be proofread, not many complaints from me.

The Courting of Life and Death

I had a Gormenghast vibe reading this novel. It reads more like a classic than a webnovel. The style really complements the setting and the genre, it is beatufully written and imaginative. Dialogue is well written, it flows well and oozes you into the story. I really enjoyed Pierre, he reminded me of myself during my "darker" periods.

You can see that the writer really cares about her world. Everything is carefully done and thought through and many tidbits add to the overall story. It is a refreshing(?!) look on life and death, little romanticized but well executed.
I didn't find a single grammar hiccup, unlike my review :). Professionally done.

The Fragmented Six (Six Chances)

Character driven story with an interesting world

Author rewrote the novel and fixed most of my complaints so I updated the review. Old review in spoiler tags.


Writing syle is really good and I enjoyed reading descriptions and flow of the sentences. The story is well guided. Introductory chapters are pretty good, we get the feel for the characters immediatelly, progresses at a good pace and it's easy to follow even though there are six protagonists.


For me it was very readable. Maybe I would notice something misspeled/wrong word once per two chapters.


Story is well thought out. The world is logical and interesting. Vitae is a nice concept, I imagine it as a something between magic in standard fantasy and oil/electricity in our world. And author really thought about how it would affect the world, even though we are not told explicitly, we can see it in the background of how the world functions. Everything seems both believable, logical and strange because it's different from our world.


We have six very different characters. Some I hated, some loved and to some I was indifferent. But they were all craftily made, what they do and how they think makes perfect sense in the world. And their mutual interactions are pure gold. They all seem like a real-life people at this point.



Binary Progression

A ragtag of misfits in a disfunctional MMO

This is a very good light-hearted comedy. Crazy and broken quests really add to the story. There is no overarching plot for now, but in a way this is like a good sitcom, characters in a weird situations really cary the story. Quests, boss fights are all well done and always give something new to laugh about. Humor isn't recycled which is really good.

One issue I have is with style. There were some cases where character would say something in chat but author would continue with the description without some indication that character was done with talking. So it made it confusing.

Grammar was mostly fine, but I am not an expert. Anyways, it's readable and it doesn't take away from the experience.

I enjoyed the characters, like other reviews mentioned, Bonifacius is awesome. They really reminded me when I had my own gaming clan.

This is a good story if you want to relax, chill and have some laughs.