1. RE: The Chosen Stars

      Well this is awkward. I prefer to give applicants a summary of the feedback given by our reviewers, but the fastest reviewers of your work were fairly sparse in their evaluations. In any case, 'The Chosen (...)

    2. RE: Application for The Warden by Hamburglar

      Thanks for your interest in TOPA. We have begun the process of reviewing your fiction. As an FYI, it generally takes a few weeks before enough readers have time to look over submitted fictions.  If (...)

    3. Application Discussion - The Warden

      It's a new application! :o      Hello!  I really hope I'm in the right place because there's nothing else here.  My name is Hamburglar and I would like to submit my fiction, The Warden, for review with (...)

    4. RE: Application Discussion - A Nation of Riflemen

      Okay, that is three votes to turn down the applicant. This application is now closed.

    5. RE: Signature confusion

      Hi Guys, I updated my Signature to refer to my new fiction. Which is But somehow, eventhough I changed it several times, and it says that (...)

    6. RE: The group dieded?

      No posts at all? Threads in the applications forum are now only visible to thread creators (aka applicants) and group members. The group is still quite alive.

    7. RE: Application Discussion - A Nation of Riflemen

      Okay, I've read through the entirety of the story posted so far, and it is a rejection from me. The best thing about this fic is that its clear the author has done his research, and that the weapons (...)

    8. Application Discussion - The Chosen Stars

      This is the evaluation thread for "The Chosen Stars" by Benjinator12. Finally, the Benjinator has COME BACK to TOPA! (impassioned wrestling fans cheer) I am back with an all-new, all-different (...)

    9. Application Discussion - A Nation of Riflemen

      We have another application to evaluate. This time it's "A Nation of Riflemen" by TheManWithLongReach. 1. Fiction Title: A Nation of Riflemen 2. Genre: Action , Adventure , Comedy , Fantasy , Historical (...)

    10. RE: LitRPG Story Ideas!

      I tried writing this myself, but alas I'm not a good writer.  We always see the MC being an outcast of sorts solo missions etc.  I wish someone would write about the major guilds.  How they got to be (...)

    11. In Progress next step by Oct 10th - Review Request - Tidal Lock

      Congratulations on ReGro-ing your group! :P Back when I first started writing my fic, I was hoping to eventually get a critical review from The Group so that I might improve myself as an author. Of (...)

    12. RE: Space/sci-fi recommendations - giving and looking for

      On the subject of categorizing things, both Staying Human and QA Test are highly character focused. I'd also suggest you link your fic directly :P

    13. RE: Application Discussion - Lusarth Fauxun

      Well that's three no reviews. Lusarth Fauxun is officially rejected (again.)

    14. RE: Application - The Demon and the Princess

      Okay. Thanks for your interest in our group. As we had just about wrapped up our review process, we can still offer you our comments and critiques of your fic if you'd like to hear them. :)

    15. RE: Application Discussion - Lusarth Fauxun It's hilarious because it's true.

    16. Application Discussion - Lusarth Fauxun

      The fiction we'll be evaluating in this thread is Lusarth Fauxun by Skywind. For those that aren't aware, this is a application resubmission, meaning prior critiques and recent changes may be considered (...)

    17. RE: Application Discussion - The Demon and the Princess

      I will be rejecting this application, which closes this review. If there were a perfect example of an interesting story which lacks polish, this would be it. The author is quite creative in how they (...)

    18. RE: Space/sci-fi recommendations - giving and looking for

      Thanks for recommending my fic :D There are a few others I would suggest adding onto the list: Staying Human *I strongly recommend this one* How Do You QA Test a Tsundere Android!? Princess Royale - A (...)

    19. Application Discussion - The Demon and the Princess

      As you all (hopefully) know by now, we have switched to a new application format. As indicated in our previous thread, member decisions will be posted in discussed in private on its own respective thread. (...)

    20. RE: Genre and Perspective

      Simple answer - write the story you want to write.