Rise of the Archon

Rise of the Archon
by Havoc1021
908 pages

In the Kingdom of Ferris, Mages are not born but made. Through might of magic and arms, Ferris has grown to become the most powerful nation in the known world. In this kingdom, a young boy named Vayne was selected as a child and trained to become an advisor to a noble family. His life was set, he would live and likely die as a glorified servant for those who would use and replace him with little remorse or concern.

However, when a vision reveals that Vayne is destined to become an incredibly powerful mage, only to die before 30 in service to his country, he finds himself at a crossroads. Will he follow this path and die in servitude? Will he see his life cut short battling foes for another? Or will he forge himself into the greatest mage the world has ever seen? 

Feel free to leave any comments, criticism, reviews and so on and I'll do my best to address them. This is my first foray into writing, and I want to use any feedback I get to grow and improve as a writer. 

Xianxia-inspired progression fantasy novel, where the primary focus is on watching the MC grow and develop as a person and mage. As a note, it will be a slow process, not an insta-expert situation. 

Release schedule is MWF

Thanks, and hope you enjoy!

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Scales of Trust

Scales of Trust
by roberthbutlerwriter
339 pages

Human and dragon alike must place their character upon the scales of trust.  He has lost everything, she has only one thing left to lose.  When Archos finds himself trapped in Ayente's world, the choice to help her and her stone age tribe in their time of need will change everything for everyone, not only in how they live, but in who lives at all.

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by TheWitchOfTheRock
959 pages

To be a synth is the greatest privilege an individual could be born into. What greater purpose or grander sense of fulfillment could one hope for than to be a tool of King Decon, the ruler of the Galaxy?

09T07 doesn’t know what more they want, but they know they’re missing something. Friendship? Intimacy? This seems to be the answer when they find others who are also not as King Decon intended them to be. However, how long can such things last among tools to be used and discarded? And how  far are they willing to go to protect their loved ones in the face of duty?

Thanks to Julia Peitzer for consultation regarding gender-expansive and non-binary identities

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The Ogre's Pendant & The Rat in the Pit (Completed)

The Ogre's Pendant & (...)
by Traitorman
534 pages

The land is conquered.


A thief and a demon killer run afoul of its new overlord and the wizard that serves him. Now the wizard seeks his life's ambition, an artifact that will make his word law. Hearing this, the demon killer and thief begin to have ambitions of their own. The race is on for who will reach the artifact first, and an entire barbarian horde is in the running.


Yet the prize lies within the Forest of Giants, grown from the corpse of an empire. 


There are tales of things that stalk the trees. Tales of those that hunger endlessly. Tales of those that feast on human flesh.


Tales of ogres.


A Sword and Sorcery story of high adventure.



All stories and characters - including The Ogre's Pendant and The Rat in the Pit - written by Traitorman are created by and are the intellectual property of J.M. Clarke

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The Prophecy of an Ancient Bloodline

The Prophecy of an Ancient (...)
by sumdumbguy
431 pages

The tale of a legendarily weak and ancient race, cursed by the gods, and barely surviving against all odds.  Their numbers reduced to but a handful. Even so, all hope is not yet lost.

Myths passed from generation to generation, the long-desired appointed time: the appearance of the chosen. 

Will they receive salvation?

Release schedule: Not sure anymore.

Note: After chapter 27 there are minor harem/romance elements. They don't last long either though.

Cover art by Gaetane Yvonnou

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The Overpowered Demon Princess Has Left Her World To Help An Author Write Her Story

The Overpowered Demon (...)
by richiekim
124 pages

You've heard all the scary, gothic tales about the Demon Lord. In fact, you humans will root for the Hero who will defeat & SLAY THE DEMON LORD~

Well that's not the case for Branshire's Hero, Francis Goodlight, who's quite demanding & overconfident, not to mention he's so narcissistic, that he can slay all those Demon Generals in a short time. That's until he got beaten by a beautiful young-looking woman with purple hair, who admits she's living in the Demon Lord's castle.

Furious of being humiliated of his defeat in front of his regular pub, the Hero makes his way to the castle to slay her. Except she was gone with a note saying: "I'm gonna need an author to write my story so please don't bother me."

And when he arrives in the new world she's in, the Arrogant Hero/Plank is in for a ride of a slice-of-life(time) of being more unfortunate than The God of Poverty.

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by Vowron Prime
1.3k pages

Updates daily at 23:06 UTC.

2/1/2021 NOTE! This trilogy is being published by Aethon Books starting with book one on 5/1/2021. At that time, the book will be removed from RoyalRoad, and eventually, the entire trilogy will be taken down. I will post all of book three here before it is taken down, giving all readers a chance to read the story for free.

Magnus Cromwell kills for a living.

He’s organized, professional, efficient. Like a machine. But when his family’s life is on the line? That’s something else. That calls for the kind of warm-blooded vengeance that scorches earth and summons tungsten rods from space, leaves a whole lot of melted flesh, and no one to tell the tale.

It should've been a blue milk run. As by-the-book as it gets. With his sister Nina out safe and the opposition decimated by hypersonic gunfire, MC wondered where they got the guts to even try. Then something hits him. Lays him out cold, and leaves him waking up to a fantasyland with nothing but his armor and a half-written note to guide him. It's a strange place where even stranger predators eye him for their next meal. Where his life’s on a timer, and where the darkest horrors haunt his dreams, painting visions of death.

There's no right day to mess with Magnus Cromwell. But the universe sure managed to pick the absolute worst one.


- MC is stone-cold, strong(OP), and gets even stronger, but he'll still face his fair share of challenges, both internal and external.

- LitRPG-lite. No stats and an unconventional system. Expect abilities and progressions, but there will only ever be a handful of them.

- Science Fiction and Fantasy collide, with a touch of mystery, Lovecraft, and body horror.

- Professionally painted art scenes!

- This series will not be dropped.

A Huge thank you to RoyalRoader MikeWe for the banner, and to NoDragons for his help editing the synopsis. Cover and scene art by the talented John Molinero


[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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No Face, No Life

No Face, No Life
by rellawing
435 pages

Susumu was a young man who was born to a well-off, traditional family in Japan. He was born with a unique face which got him labeled as 'the little yakuza', despite his kindly nature. A brave girl stood up to this "demon" and as a result an extraordinary friendship was born. Susumu fell in love with her, and you might think things would go perfectly, but no.

Later on, Susumu came to lose his identity, his mind, and his humanity. After a wild several days, he gained far more.

Meanwhile murders had been committed by a shadow-cloaked individual. Only the spiritual and yokai of Tokyo can handle this case.

This is a thrilling mystery story full of fluff, crazy comedy, magic and many twists. Welcome to my third novel!


Cover by WhiteNamikaze 

Editing by Assurbanipal II, Trismegistus Shandy and Shinji Hinako

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As the Godking Wills

As the Godking Wills
by CoCop
217 pages

The Empire and the Church span almost the entirety of the known world, absent some pockets of lawlessness and the realms of the deceiver. 

They are governed as a despotic theocracy, ruled in name by the solitary and omnipotent God, Al'Shazan.In practice, Al'Shazan is bored, flighty, cruel and has little interest in ruling the Empire. 

Instead the Empire is run by the High Priest, Minister of the Treasury, and the Knight Commander of the inquisition.  Their job is to make sense of the contradictory nonsense spewed forth by their living God while simultaneously ruling the greatest nation that the world has ever known.  The entire time, they have to maintian the facade that Al'Shazan is a benevolent and loving God in order to maintain morale in the general populace.


 The actual genre for this is more along the lines of a Fantasy Political Comedy/Drama/Thriller.  It will not be 'crunchy' (minimal action, minimal descriptions of powers/abilities) but instead be focusing on world building and political maneuvering.  As a warning, it is fairly dark.

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by Avery Light
781 pages

A man from Earth, just an average Joe you passed by on the street.

He reincarnates into a fantasy world, but the guy has read and watched fantasy stories before... lots of them, and so he makes the stories his spirit guide.

This is his story in a western style cultivation-ish world. A world where dog eats dog. Where another, much larger dog, is always lurking around the corner to eat the survivor.

Warning: The protagonist has negative views about heroes and villains, good and evil. He isn't too smart, alien way of thinking, and questionable moral. Depending on your point of view, he's rather crazy. You have been warned.

Author note:
Hello everyone, this is my first novel and English is not my native language please forgive the grammar. I wish to improve my craft so if you are willing to add criticisms or comments, it would be much appreciated. I hope you enjoy my story.

The genre is intended for young-adult

The cover isn't mine and I will take it down if the owner wished it.

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The Glass Cannon

The Glass Cannon
by Origin, The Creator
361 pages

This is the story of Prometheus.

His early years were spent sequestered away from society where he trained with his Guardian.

His is not the story of a soldier, but of one who is completely devoted to the discovery of magic.

He is a Quad-Mage.

He is The Glass Cannon.

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