The Courting of Life and Death

Overall pretty good. Seeing the MC suffer is harrowing.

Style: The story is about rich people so if you have French knowledge of roots you should be okay. There's also a little pun that was funny, but it can come off as pretentious. Clarity isn't so good about certain events, like the MC's name isn't introduced until several paragraphs in, and you never hear his full name except in the synopsis...(meanwhile the lover interest's name is fully enunciated several times...) Its a soft magic system so I wouldn't focus on the terms too much, it's better to let it roll and watch the drama.

Story: There isn't much yet, the plot starts at ch 7 i think. Mostly a few questions like, how much is the MC gonna destroy themselves balancing 3 bajillion roles at once (mentor, doctor, duke?) and how far will he entrench himself into various situations.

Spoiler: Spoiler

Character: Pretty character driven, there isn't much backstory to go off yet, besides the MC, so hopefully that gets resolved with more chapters. They're rich nobles, so the dialogue feels stilted, but I guess that's part of the appeal for some. I'm not a huge romance fan, but I like seeing characters go crazy, and the story certainly wants to head in that direction.

Grammar: good

Third Death

MC struggles to fit in and has relatable weaknesses. It's still early but the short chapters are easy to stomach if you like the vignette style

Rise of the Archon

Protagonist has clear goals so it's easy to follow his rationale and progress.

Among Monsters and Men

If you like political scheming, lore and realism, you would like this book. Also if you like attention to detail, like the communal baths.

I found it a bit dry and hard to get into. The characters didn't really captivate me and I wasn't sure who was the protagonist. I know technically it's Hector but, yeah. A lot of telling. No scenes showing the king's shocking assassination, or scenes of the Natives destroying human settlements. I found it hard to sympathize as a result.

The Lord of the Stars

To be honest, the story has a lot of plot holes. I found it hard to get past the beginning. The grammar is fine, although there's a lot of info-dumping, and the prose is a choppy and overbearing (there's a lot of telling instead of showing). The choppyness gets slightly better later on. Still, if you can get past the beginning, the action sequences are fun and it is reminescent of the Gundam anime (A character named Char? heh). 

Among Giants

Charactarization is good

The interactions of the characters are shaping up and they're enjoyable to read. I do think a little foreshadowing of the mentor's past would help, as that part seemed rushed. Still early, and not sure what the overall plot will be quite yet. World-building is okay, it will probably be expanded upon although there might have to be a limit since there's infinite? worlds