1. Re: The Death of "Shone"

      Lieberman’s article Quantifying the evolutionary dynamics of language explains that modern irregular verbs are ancestors of Old English ‘strong’ verbs. ‘Weak’ verbs were conjugated by adding -ed. The (...)

    2. Re: A Boat

      What an interesting, supernatural concept. Is it alive?

    3. Re: Describe your story in the worst possible way!

      A healer has no idea what class he wants to pick so he gets involved in random sh*t and performs amazing feats of mental gymnastics to justify callous and reckless behavior, as well as watching misogynistic (...)

    4. Re: Thoughts on photorealism?

      Photorealism is cool. But too much effort. Some people enjoy getting down to the details. A photorealistic dragon or pokemon, for example, would be amazing because it combines fantasy with realism. It (...)

    5. Re: I got my first 0.5 rating and now I'm sad.

      So, how do you guys deal with a constant influx on 0.5 ratings? I just got 2 more today, out of about 5 for the whole week+ another 5 1s and 2s. Against 100 other 5 star ratings, just so we're clear, (...)

    6. Re: Honest Review/Feedback for Grim Dark Fantasy (Ongoing, 100+ pages, 30k words)

      Hello, I would appreciate if you had time to look at my fiction Mostly looking for a first impression, is it engaging?, pacing, etc. (...)

    7. Re: Desperately needs help for my story.... please?

      For spacing, too much is annoying to read on mobile. A paragraph is a paragraph, and the human eye can detect the change in gap easily enough. It's much wiser to use extra spaces as a literary/artistic (...)

    8. Re: Re: Solutions to the halo effect using GIMP #1

      For the black and white lineart layer, set the blend mode to multiply (colors closer to black will overlay over. Complete black is solid while complete white is transparent)