The Cursed Witch (Book One)

Good fantasy with strong female lead

This story is ongoing, and about a princess leaving behind the comforts of the world she once knew. This seems to be a lot about character growth, and I like that.

The style is good, but has some minor room for improvement. Nothing so major as to detract, but just some points where the author could hone her craft is all. her overall voice is great, though.

Grammar is awesome, you're going to be hard-pressed to find any mistakes in here.

I like the story, though I hate rating stories before their finished.

Characters is the best point for this: the MC is sympathetic, and her growth is awesome.

You'll like this story, and overall heartily recommend it.

Among Giants

Unfair world makes you want to read more

Fun fact, making your readers pissed off at how unfair the world is, is a perfectly valid way of making them continue on.

This is a well-written cultivation story with likeable MCs and a world that, well, sucks. Not in a worldbuilding sense--that's fantastic--but in the sense that it's unfair and Kiro is the victim of it by pretty much sheer luck due to what happens in the prologue.

Style is the only thing I took half a point off of, and that's simply because the style isn't noteable--it's not like you're reading Terry Pratchett or something. The style is good, though. The writer is simply young and their style will evolve to something fantastic if they continue to write.

It might be because I read most of this at like... 4AM, but you're going to be hard-pressed to find serious grammar mistakes.

Overall, this is a great book. 10/10 recommend.

Monster Buffet

A solid LitRPG with likeable lead

This is a solidly-written LitRPG with a protagonist you can get behind. The worldbuilding is awesome and it really feels like something you would want to play.

Dialogue is awesome, story flows nicely, and it's very easy to be pulled to the next chapter. Overall, I recommend this book wholeheartedly.

The Courting of Life and Death

So right off the bat, the author made third omni work well enough I didn't immediately quit. That's saying something considering my tastes.

The story is gripping af, and will keep you hooked the whole way(well, I hope it continues too, because we're at chapter 8 right now. But if the author keeps this up it will be amazing).

The author's style is beautiful, and well-crafted, there's not really much more to say. They write extremely well.

Very, very few  grammar mistakes.

The characters are great. You'll like Pierre, he's extremely intriguing.

Overall, this is a solid recommendation. I look forward to seeing the story develop.

The Swords of the Guardians

Haven't read good western fantasy in a hot minute

There's an immediate Dark Tower vibe, though I'm curious how deep that's going to run. Either way, this is a good story, well-told by a competent author who has a firm grasp of thier craft. The writing is 'polished draft' feel, as in there are a few mistakes with grammar here and there but absolutely nothing jarring.

The mix of magic and gunslinging is superb, honestly. It's not a mix that's often well-done these days, and I quite enjoy it. Full recommendation.

A Draconic Odyssey

Generic fantasy done decently

I'll preface this with saying that I'm not a huge fan of generic fantasy, and that's kind of what this story is. The biggest thing it has going for it is the moral grayness of the world at large--that's a good thing for stories. Having things cut and dry is just boring.

The main character is a bit of an everyman, but not so much so that he's an unrelatable husk. It feels as if he was made for the story rather than the story for him, though. And that's fine, some characaters are like that.

Style and grammar have a bit of work to do, I found a few errors I classify as 'major' rather than 'minor', but I feel they are formatting issues rather than the author not actually understanding the grammer of the English language, so entirely forgiveable in a webnovel format.

It's an overall solid book, one I would recommend if classic high fantasy is your cup of tea. The author will do well in this vein if he keeps creating works like this.

Rakshasha's Heart - Prologue

Solid First Attempt At a Fantasy Novel

The author has a firm grasp of the art, but is still learning the craft, if that makes sense. If you take away the mechanical elments(grammar, style, etc), and focus on the story he weaves, this is some good stuff. And that's forgiveable, it is his first time writing, apparently.

But, that being said, somewhere between chapters 8 and 10 there's a serious improvement. So if you're turned off by the mechanical stuff, at least give it until then.

The author has a very vivid writing style, at times it feels almost like you're watching Discovery Channel(read literally the first couple paragraphs and you'll see what I mean). I like it. It's a unique voice, and those are few and far in between.

Overall, I recommend this novel and look forward to seeing what the author can do in the future.

The Calamity of a Reborn Witch

This story is fantastically written, with characters I care about, a prologue that immediately ties into the story(always a plus) and a plot that is at once visible and mysterious. You know some of the MC's machinations, but not all, and as more are revealed you come to discover just how clever she is.

The story so far is an easy 5/5. Same for the style. Characters are all wonderfully distinct, so there's another easy 5/5.

Seriously, my only complaint is the need for minor, minor grammatical edits here and there. Like maybe three spots so far. If that.

This will be on trending in one month, mark my words. This is good.

Among Monsters and Men

Classic Fantasy Fare, Well-Handled

You don't typically seem 3rd Omni handled well. This author manages it. I say this as someone who typically bounces off of 3rd Omni.

I would actually critique the synopsis a little bit. It gives the idea this might be a revenge novel. It's a lot more than that, without giving spoilers. You'll get a hint of it at the very end of chapter one.

I would also say: ditch the prologue. And I say this as someone who writes prologues. The prologue is honestly my biggest complaint, because it's very dry. HOWEVER I'M NOT SAYING DON'T READ IT. If you, as a reader, don't like the prologue, just skip it because everything after that is great.

Also, the prose is not the type of prose that I typically read, but it is, nonetheless excellent prose. If you like evocative language, you'll like how they write.

Reborn on a Systemless Earth... With a System

This is a slice of life story, and as such, not exactly my cup of tea. But it's well-written, both from a technical and craft standpoint. It does what it is trying to do and it does it well. The humor is misunderstand-humor in most situations, which makes some people uncofomfortble and others love it. I straddle that line.

It does turn the Isekai tropes on their head, and I greatly appreciate that. The idea of the system carrying over is pretty great. I like the MC, and I appreciate anyone who can produce compelling personal problems like this.

All told, if you like slice of life, give this one a go, you won't be disappointed.