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      Hey. Just bombed from 175 to 250 myself. Gonna take a look at yours. Here's mine. (standard if either of (...)

    2. Re: Review Swaps! Come and get your 10k review swaps! Hot and quick to serve!

      Hey, I'll do the swap. Mine 10k words is the end of chapter 8, give or take a few.

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      Both of you are added to my queue!

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      You are now second in my queue!

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      It's okay, mine is pretty heavy on cursing, too. Those drivebys suck. At least they're less heavily weighted in the system. I'm at work with literally nothing to do today, so I might get through yours (...)

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      Hey, need to get some reviews to make up for a drive-by 0.5 that just happened lol. I've got bandwidth for like 3 more reviews this week, so go ahead and drop the link here. Disclaimer, if I just don't (...)

    7. Re: Lookin' to do some new reviews

      Hey, if you're looking for something that's being currently pretty well-reviewed, check mine out: The Second Remnant Series It's an urban fantasy series.

    8. Re: Review Swap?

      For sure, if you want to give my story a go. It's an urban fantasy.

    9. Re: Review swap (will read at least 10 chapters of your story) once a week

      DM me if you're interested in review-swapping with my story. It's an urban fantasy.

    10. Re: Please sir, I want [to write] some more [reviews]

      Hey! Mine's an urban fantasy. Second Remnant Series. Lmk if you're gonna read mine and I'll do the same to yours.

    11. Re: Slow Burns / Stories That Read Like Novels

      Shameless plug: Second Remnant Series *** Trust gets you killed, and so does black magic. Just as 17-year-old Seth Blackwell triumphs over his rivals in the local fighting scene, he’s faced with (...)

    12. Re: Series- Multiple Books vs Continuing in Original

      Question -- Is it better when continuing with another book in a series to post all the series under one 'book', or post it as multiple books? From the standpoint of reaching as wide an audience as possible.

    13. Re: Complex Stories

      You could give my series The Second Remnant a try. The first book is currently completely posted. It's an urban fantasy and starts out very small scope, progressively getting bigger in scope over the course (...)

    14. Re: Novel with skilled MC

      Gonna self-plug here. My MC has a lot of internal problems to work through, but he starts as a very skilled fighter. It's an urban fantasy with a deep and complex magic system that really starts to come (...)

    15. Re: Review Third Death and I'll Review Your Story :)

      Hey! I'll give yours a look. Mine's here: The Dark Places

    16. Re: Urban Fantasy Review Swap

      Nah, just mentioning mine is. I'll start on yours tomorrow!

    17. Re: Thedude3445's Weekly TheReviews3445 Thread (No Swaps, Don't Stop)

      Hey! Looking to throw in my lot with my Urban Fantasy story: The Dark Places Book 2 is coming June 1st and it has way more fiber optics than the first one. Thanks!

    18. Re: Tana's Reviews 2: Revenge of Something, I Guess

      Throwing in my lot. It's an urban fantasy, so if that's not your thing, feel free to pass: The Dark Places Book 2 is coming June 1.

    19. Re: RoyalRoad#101 - Free Reviews each Sunday.

      Throwing my hat in: The Dark Places It's a complete work with a sequel coming June 1st.

    20. Re: Urban Fantasy Review Swap

      Hey, RR, looking to do some review swaps. The first book in my series is complete and posted here: The Dark Places. Trying to get at least 10. Post your link in this thread if you're willing to swap, (...)