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Gender: Male
Location: East Coast, USA
Twitter: a_writerbard
Bio: All I want to do with my life is tell stories. Seriously. Everything else is just to pay the bills and I will drop it all the moment I can make a living from this.

I do everything pre-written, which means you can expect regular updates from me. (Read: I actually complete things and often post 3 times per week)

I edit fight scenes, if you need the help. Got a lot of experience in that area, take that as you will.

[Finished and posting!] Writing The Devil's Dark Remnant, an urban fantasy teen fiction set in a world of dark magic hidden beneath the surface of the mundane. I have the first three books written, and four more planned:

- The Dark Places
- The Dividing Line
- The Cold War
- The Last Summer- Fall 2022
- The New Blood- Spring 2023
- The Dark Resurrection- Summer 2023
- The Dark Reincarnation- Fall 2023

Current writing vibes:

Books you should read to be a better writer:
The Curious Case of the Misplaced Modifier by Bonnie Trenga(last grammar book you'll ever need)
Story by Robert McKee
The Emotional Wound Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi
On Writing by Steven King

You should watch Sanderson's lectures:
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