1. Re: I'm Basically Screwed

      Here's a support!  :peoapproval:

    2. Re: The protagonist that stood and had two hands put her right hand on the sword that she held in her hand...

      Skip all that small action. "She grasped her sword with both hands." We know she's standing. Unless she's laying in her bed and admiring her blade (not recommended) then you don't need to tell us (...)

    3. Re: The protagonist that stood and had two hands put her right hand on the sword that she held in her hand... I'll be a little less obscure about this issue.  All normal people have two hands. One is designated as left, the (...)

    4. Re: Professional Editor Interested in Reading Good Stories

      I'm just here to second Doing God's Work and to third the Ogre's Pendant. It's a shame that you didn't get any deep hooks from the DGW prologue, but I swear it gets better and better the deeper in you (...)

    5. Re: Review Reciprocation Game: Trying to generate many reviews for underexposed authors

      Not participating right now, but I really like this system. Good job, CloverCloverClover!

    6. Re: Simple fantasy, not isekai, no LitRPG

      Definitely check out The Ogre's Pendant. Some of the highest writing quality on this site - easily publishable. Amazing characters, story, and a rich universe. Sword & sorcery adventure! I will second, (...)

    7. Re: Authors and readers, what is one thing you wish the other side knew?

      Just as the title says. I thought I'd spread some insight at the start of this new year by offering a look into the other side. Please though, if you're going to respond, don't just trash talk the other (...)

    8. Re: [Not a Swap] Looking for some diamonds in the rough to shout out!

      I've been waiting for someone to review Rainbow Destructor for so long... (It's only 69 pages) The second is an experimental sci-fi story, revolving around philosophy and questions of personhood and (...)

    9. Re: Reivew Swap - Female Lead - Xianxia

      Not swapping, but I'll be sure to check yours out. Us "abnormal" xianxia peeps need to stick together ;)

    10. Re: What's something positive that has happened to you?

      My kid wrote a flash fiction Halloween story for a contest in his school. I just finished reviewing it for him. It's his first writing contest. Aww, that's wonderful!

    11. Re: [Not a Swap] Looking for some diamonds in the rough to shout out!

      Hey guys! After seeing all these wholesome posts on the forums, I've been inspired to give back to the community! Sadly, the shoutouts won't be as numerous or frequent as JackofHeart, but I hope to shout (...)

    12. Re: Questions about giving out reputation points (I'm probably overthinking this)

      Haha, I think you're overthinking. I give out tons of rep on my comments because I appreciate my readers interacting. 3 for thanks for chapter comments and 5 for anything that could be remotely considered (...)

    13. Re: Review swap tag shows interesting information - am I being too skeptical?

      Chiming in here because I used to be a heavy review swapper. While I'm sure some people inflate their reviews either as part of a mutual agreement or because they're afraid of retribution, I'd like to (...)

    14. Re: "I can't stand xianxia"

      Whatever our gripes against xianxia, it is an exciting ride, at least in the beginning chapters. It gives you a sense of adventure and achievement just like games do. The longer it is though, it becomes (...)

    15. Re: "I can't stand xianxia"

      I’m an Asian American and “wuxia/xianxia stories/films/books” are a staple in our household, so I’ll just tell you how I see the whole thing from that lens.  Okay, so when I mean the genre is a “staple (...)

    16. Re: "I can't stand xianxia"

      It's not the supernatural stuff I have problems with. I find those quite interesting with the pill-making and other disciplines. It's the characters and the way they interact. The plot, the tropes and (...)

    17. Re: "I can't stand xianxia"

      Inherent flaws? Any concept can be done  well with the right execution. Of course, I’ve read very little xianxia to date. But what I have read has been very good. ;)  Was that a subtle compliment?!?! (...)

    18. Re: Review Swap: one chapter or 7k words

      Hey, to clarify on what FAHyatt said, the rules say that you can't review swap at less than the 10k mark. You're already pretty close to that, though, so I don't think it's a huge issue or anything! Just (...)