CJ Fielding

CJ Fielding

    1. Re: Recommend me your story!

      Earths eulogy. Just got a really great review last night.

    2. Re: Which real-life animals do you think would make for the most powerful, original and/or useful were-creatu (...)

      Hippos, they kill like 4000 people a year, they have very thick skin thats hard to break through, have teeth that can pierce METAL boats, they dont actually swim, they run across the bottom of a river. (...)

    3. Re: Is it better to add titles to your chapters? Or not?

      I do it, but dates actually matter in my novel.

    4. Re: Patreon vs Amazon

      I am not on KU but I have made quiet a bit of money on amazon. That said, my novel is extremely niche. Its alternate history. I plan on going KU soon just as soon as I finish up book 4 (Which is a monster (...)

    5. Re: I feel *gutted* by my rating :( How do you stop it from affecting you?

      Experience. Just remember you are writing your story, not theirs. Wait until they leave a half star review. My story is a historical fiction, and several people dont like my story because they have (...)

    6. Re: Why Hate Harem?

      Just want to say my novel Earths Eulogy https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/32027/earths-eulogy Has a haram, but its not wish fullfillment. One of the main characters (Paul) is put in a position politically (...)

    7. Re: Looking for Sci-fi meets Medieval

      How about the first century? https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/32027/earths-eulogy Not completed but it has nearly twenty years of timeline.

    8. Re: Stories with powerful starts...

      Earth's Eulogy. Everyone but two people die in the opening chapter of the story, then an alien shows up and makes an offer.

    9. Re: Summary Impressions on a Space Apocalypse LitRPG

      To me the summery is confussing. I am not sure if I am looking at a new universe or what. Summer should include a description of how the MC views this world at the start. If its a happy world destroyed (...)

    10. Re: Your fedora-tipping atheism makes your fantasy gods boring

      To be honest with you I am surprised there isnt much more brutal accounts of religions in these stories. For example the hindues burned widows alive on their husbands funeral pyres. Many relgions (...)

    11. Re: Your fedora-tipping atheism makes your fantasy gods boring

      To be honest a lot of this is because their is an extreem difference in beliefs from east and west. In the west we have a culture where there is one all powerful God. in the east they have a culture (...)

    12. Re: Recommendations for fantasy/sci-fi?

      https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/32027/earths-eulogy Story about two men sent back in time because an asteroid apocalypse destroys the world. They are sent back from a seed vault and thus they are (...)

    13. Re: I'll read your first chapter. If I like it I will follow


    14. Re: What things that make you quit reading a novel after serveral chapters?

      1. When they try to copy a type of story but they just dont do a good job at it. For example the space marine stories all practically copy star ship troopers (the book not the movie). Problem is that starship (...)

    15. Re: How do you seperate stats in your litrpg?

      I personally use google spreadsheets to format the tables, then copy-paste them over. I believe the blue is the default for this site, but they can be coloured however you like. (I use purple myself.) (...)

    16. Re: How do you seperate stats in your litrpg?

      I have seen blue boxes a lot, is that a microsoft word thing, or something else? Do you have a different way of doing stats in your story. For instance I have seen a number that just has the stats as just (...)

    17. Re: Two articles on travel times pre modern transportation

      Roman soldiers marched 40 miles a day but that was on roads and they were trained to March far and fast. That said when airplanes were introduced a months travel became a half hour flight in the Amazon (...)

    18. Re: 3 Basic Rules for Worldbuilding

      I will say in sci fi and fantasy your world is one of the characters. It should grow alongside your MC.

    19. Re: “Show, don’t tell” is stupid advice.

      I do a lot of telling in my story "earths eulogy" but I have had people comment that it works in my story. Granted my story is also trying to cover years in every book.

    20. Re: To prologue or not to prologue?

      The prolouge should not be about the MC but about characters that will eventually be a part of the story but are far too important to be involved with your mc yet. For instance in the land series the (...)