1. Re: Any editors out there?

      Hey everyone, As my story progresses and I get more out there, it occurred to me that a proof reader is not really enough. I wonder if anyone out there is willing to take on an editor role. I don't (...)

    2. Re: Flashbacks - Faux Pas or No?

      I've noticed in online novels that sometimes flashbacks are used to reflect back - and I've definitely used them before in my stories - but is this a writing faux pas? I've never seen published novels (...)

    3. Re: A wild Swap has appeared!

      I have a good portion of my story out on Royal Road now so I'm throwing my hat into the ring. The Courting of Life and Death ~ Clandestina is a realm of secrets, fairies, and dark magics. Among the (...)

    4. Re: Debate This: Shaming Review Swap Scammers

      I know the pain of this :/ I typically comment first to see if they return the favor and then if they don't, I won't do an actual review/rating. The first round I did feedback swaps, nobody returned the (...)

    5. Re: Do Elves deserve the hate?

      I personally don't have a problem with elves. Reading what everyone else's opinions are, I can understand why elves come off that way, but aside from Tolkien, all of the books I've read where elves or (...)

    6. Re: Review swap (will read at least 10 chapters of your story) once a week

      I would be very interested in some concrit! I don't have 10 chapters up at the moment - only half that - but would match on your story, if you are interested! Just let me know. Here is mine:

    7. Re: Review Swap?

      Sure! If you review mine, I'll give yours ago afterward :) I usually wait for people to review first now...I got burned a few too many times on review swaps haha.

    8. Re: Thoughts on restarting an old novel.

      Any thoughts on how it should be posted if I make a new fiction for it? Should i just release everything at once since an old version already exist or like half at once and then kinda daily release until (...)

    9. Re: A Semi-Scientific Poll About Age

      Somehow I get the impression that most people believe that the majority of people on Royal Road tend to be younger. This may be true, but in various posts and comments I've seen evidence that some older (...)

    10. Re: Share Your Teenage Fiction Here

      What awful, embarrassing stuff did you write in your teenage years? Please share it here so you can air your shame to the world. We have all grown immensely, and we should be proud of that. I would (...)

    11. Re: Review Swaps!

      Hello! I am looking to do some review swaps!  My story is Synth  I’m a big girl, and I can take real, good faith, constructive criticism.  I (...)

    12. Re: When is it time to stop worldbuilding and just write?

      I'm currently struggling to find a balance between worldbuilding and drafting. I feel like I need to know everything in my world before I actually dig into the story because something I haven't fully (...)

    13. Re: Review swaps

      I would be up for a review swap, though I've been burned by every person that I did this for - I reviewed theirs and they didn't read mine in return .-. so now I usually ask for people to review mine first. (...)

    14. Re: Honest feedback

      I saw you had two different fictions! I'm assuming you want feedback on "Lemondream," so I'll check that out :) I'm also open for chapter-for-chapter concrit, if you're interested in that. 

    15. Re: Review Swap

      Hi, I'm new to this site and would like to do a detailed review-swap with anyone.  Please let me know; I'd be happy to give feedback.  Here is a link to my story.  Sounds good! I will leave (...)

    16. Re: I’ll review your story, swap not required.

      I would love some feedback! I also do feedback swaps :)  My story is here:

    17. Re: New Submission/Editing

      Hello there, I'm new to this site and am thinking about submitting my first work. It's currently at 22 chapters, so I think I have enough of a buffer for now. My problem is that none of my friends (...)

    18. Re: Criticism on my fiction

      So around early September I started my fiction. I had finished chapter 1, a whopping 20k words, and early November started chapter 2...started is very accurate as i haven't done anything since. So, after (...)

    19. Re: A Review Swap

      Sounds good :) I am down! I'm also open for chapter-for-chapter feedback/reviews from other people - or if you just want feedback at all :3