1. Re: Whats the Fiction on Hiatus that you most want to see come back? And why?

      Arrogant young master type4. Mostly for nostalgia, cause the story did show signs of going off rails and trainwreck. But when Ham De shined, it was just awesome.

    2. Re: I'm Looking for a Certain Kind of Character

      Hello. Try the works from author awespec. All his main characters are arrogant, above all, and receive constant praise from the narration, his enemies, complete strangers and harem:  Reaper martial (...)

    3. Re: Earth gets gamefied, mc is given a bow from system.

      Mc dude is home alone (maybe school dorm, not sure) when earth becomes rpg. He starts with bow or crossbow that he pays magic points to charge ammo. I think he waits a bit to see if anyone steps up (like (...)

    4. Re: Forgotten Cultivation Story

      Pretty much. its just that the story name was 'focus' earlier. which is also the name of the cultivation school the mc goes to. The starting scene mention by thread starter matches, though mc soon starts (...)

    5. Re: Forgotten Cultivation Story

      Its focus. was here, but removed by author, awespec. still posted on other agregators, like readlightnovel. I think novel name changed to reaper.

    6. Re: Mc dude on earth with system, portal to another universe with different system.

      Hi. So, mc start on our earth but with a system (world assimilated style) and is a grumpy loner doing mercenary work. Then a portal goes awful and he is lost in timeless limbo. When he escapes, it is a (...)