Daniel Newwyn

Daniel Newwyn

I Have to Text my Ex, or the World Explodes

I Have to Text my Ex, (...)
by Daniel Newwyn
98 pages

Do you have an anus? If you do, here's a great little nonsensical story for you to turn off your brain and read while you're stuck in the toilet with nothing to do. Here's the premise of my new story:

Andrew Garage thought he was the Chosen One.

Stuck in a time loop that reset whenever a meteor crashed to Earth, he was determined to save mankind and get himself out of the loop. On his seventh try, he finally eliminated the catastrophic meteorite with an Antimatter Gun.

However, a self-proclaimed Goddess suddenly appeared and sent Andrew back into the loop again because he saved the world 'the wrong way'. As Andrew bitterly scavenged for solutions, he found out that the reason the meteor kept crashing into Earth because. . . he kept ignoring his exes' texts.

Great for people with anuses and people who want to destroy meteorites. Not recommended for people who expect actual logic like NOT winning the lottery five times in a row.
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Turn by Turn

Turn by Turn
by CharmedConfusion
69 pages

Turn by Turn is a story with light Lit RPG elements focusing on the aftermath of Earth being integrated into a vast alien network.

Join Thomas Sallow as he struggles to deal with what it means to function in a world where nearly everything about a person is quantified into numbers, and improvement is as easy as adding numbers to a stat screen. As if that weren't bad enough, the System even restricts the ability to fight. Instead forcing people in battles that operate on a turn system as to promote some version of what it deems to be competitiveness between the various races now vying for control of the planet and its potential.

Guns, robots, magic, southern slang and gratuitous cursing abound in this Turnbased take on the Lit RPG style.

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Everyone is a Superhero! Apart from me

Everyone is a Superhero! (...)
by Daniel Newwyn
217 pages

Welcome to Loktharma, where everybody is a superhero from birth. That makes Eugene De Lavet the most special of them all. At eighteen years old, he still has no clue what his superpower is.

Loktharma has never been a fair world. There are Worldbreakers who were born to brandish the power of the universe, warp time-space, destroy lands and continents. There are Craftmasters who control the elements and terrorize countries with their might and wits. There are Commoners who are only gifted with power for the finer arts, architecture, military arts, or small-scale elemental manipulation. Even in an unjust world like Loktharma, there is always one constant: everyone is assigned a Flair since birth; the power to do something extraordinary.

And then there's Eugene. He's been running around in a secluded forest since birth, training and sparring his ass off. While he can wield a blade better than most at his age, he certainly can't throw a giant boulder using the power of his mind, or turn his skin into diamonds. He has no Flair, no purpose for leveling up his stats, and no idea why General Rizeni Baggardo keeps him confined inside a forest for eighteen years. 

At least until Lord Pyro—the Craftmaster of Tailiah—unleashes his fury on the forest, searching for a treasure Eugene doesn't even know exists. On a frantic escape for his life, Eugene starts to realize he was a part of something he's been completely oblivious to until now. Along with his companions, Melodi and Azra, he travels the land and unveils the secrets of the world.

[The story will be told primarily through the lenses of three main characters, with occasional side character POV chapters. It also draws inspiration from Japanese shounen. So only proceed if you're cool with these aspects.]

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A Martial Odyssey

A Martial Odyssey
by KayTea
713 pages

Our community discord.

With one step, an ocean is crossed. With one swing, an immortal is slain. 

Grisla Orlith's name has been in contention for centuries; millenia. Has he ever existed? Is it true about him? 

They hear of the future, but they don't know his past. Assumed as a genius from heaven, a warrior without peer.

But back then, from those that knew of him... only saw a worthless boy.

[Adventure, Wuxia, Martial Arts, Fantasy]

For those not in the know, this is a book with some western and eastern fantasy sprinkled in. This is a work coming from someone who's a long time fan of the genre and would like to add my own flavor and spin to it, and I particularly dislike the shallow xianxia characterization and development. To counteract that is about eighty percent of the reason I'm writing this. The beginning might be a slow burn but I promise I'm bringing up some awesome scenes and moments once you're invested. Again, this is not some fast food xianxia. But I can say that as a lover of the genre I won't be completely shying away from the stuff that got myself hooked into it in the first place.


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Void Breaker

Void Breaker
by Nulls
121 pages

Note: Sadly, this story is currently on hiatus :(

Elizabeth Sayler had lost everything in the bombing of Reaver Stadium. Her career, her fame, her power — all of it vanished the moment she lost use of her legs. Now, she's beginning to lose hope of ever healing herself… until her world integrates into the Void.

When the apocalypse comes in a flurry of System messages, everyone on earth is given a choice: give up what they value most in themselves, and acquire a path to their heart’s greatest desire. Most would hesitate, but for Liz? She has nothing to lose, and absolutely everything to gain. Armed with newfound powers in a world teeming with monsters, she’s determined to not only survive, but to somehow break the Void’s endless assault.

* * *

This is a small note about the portrayal of disability in this story. As much research as I do and as many people as I ask, I will in the end only be able to understand a small portion of paraplegia and similar disabilities. Therefore, if there is anything particularly disrespectful, please do not hesitate to contact me. I always intended to portray disability in a respectful way in this story, but please know that Liz as a character does not start out with a healthy view of disability. This is intentional, and a large part of her character development comes from this view changing as she learns. Disability is not something she simply "discards" at the beginning of the story, but an ongoing theme and a part of her journey. 

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The Last Woman on Earth: A Military Sci-fi Intrigue

The Last Woman on Earth: (...)
by Daniel Newwyn
342 pages

A disillusioned military officer and the self-proclaimed ‘last woman on Earth’ embark on a journey to uncover the truth behind a world without women. 

Second Lieutenant Alexei Vronsky is clinging to his sanity after his comrade was killed in a prolonged siege, but the time for self-loathing and wall punching is over. He finds an intruder in his room, who claims to be a woman—a mythical creature only existed in ancient texts. Against his expectation, she has no wings attached to her back, no laser guns on her shoulders, and not the slightest idea about the endless war between the Republic of Moskva and its vassal states. Suspecting she’s a government experiment, Alexei determines to find answers to the impossible existence of women. However, the deeper he digs into the dark, the further he realizes there’s more to the eternal war than he’s allowed to know.

And the sooner he can stop the cycle of needless deaths the better, before he's shut down. Permanently.

[Apart from being a war novel, this story is also a progression fantasy. The MC will get stronger, acquire more special abilities and fighting gears. They come later in the story, though.]

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The Garden

The Garden
by Strif3
172 pages

Humanity was on the verge of killing itself off. Decades of wanton gluttony, rampant consumerism and widespread apathy had finally taken their toll. Until the Sun started giving them superpowers.

Welcome to The Garden, where man can reach heights of power only dreamt of previously. Of course, that's if the other Garden residents don't wipe them out first.

Updates at least twice a week, sometimes more. Chapters between 2-3k words (I have been known to get to 4k though)

Author's Note: New author, so any feedback (comments or reviews) is greatly appreciated. Cover art not mine.

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Existence Saga: Charlie Foxtrot Zero

Existence Saga: Charlie (...)
by BTI Penner
242 pages

Would you sacrifice your teammates to win the game?

Born into the leadership caste, impulsive John Easterbrook pissed away his birthright, and it caught up with him. He is exiled into the game and forced to become a soldier in a war against a mechanical horde. Imprisoned in the boot camp tutorial, John dedicates himself to becoming the leader he should have been all along.

The only problem? Reynold Bauer is gunning for team leader, too. John has to find a way to outclass the stronger, vicious psycho before he graduates boot camp. If he doesn't, he'll live out the rest of his life under Bauer's thumb.

If you love Starship Troopers and The Forever War, Charlie Foxtrot Zero will carve out a place in your heart.

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Even a Hero Needs a Vacation Every Now and Then

Even a Hero Needs a Vacation (...)
by augustwrites
1 pages

This novel is now on Kindle Unlimited. 

Archibold Stormblood is the greatest hero in all of Visseria. He has spent his 221-year life training and fighting. Now that the Mad King is dead and the Demon Lord is defeated, all he wants is a well-deserved vacation living as a humble tavern keeper and brewmaster in his 19-year-old body.

But despite his best efforts to avoid conflict, trouble keeps finding its way back into his life.

Will Arch be able to hide his true identity as The Stormblood and maintain his alternate existence as a Tavern Keeper running the Tipsy Pelican Tavern with his growing staff of beautiful barmaids? Or will he be sucked into the new dangers brewing around him? 

More troublingly, how will he protect himself and his tavern now that his powers have been sealed away?

Volume 1 on Amazon.com

Volume 2 on Amazon.com

Mailing List - free short stories and art


Fantasy, Comedy, Action, Slice-of-Life, (Very Mild Harem?), Light Novel

Please mind the genres before reading, thanks!

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Forge of Destiny

Forge of Destiny
by Yrsillar
4.5k pages

In the Celestial Empire, a land ruled by Immortals and stalked by Spirits and Beasts, a young girl from the slums of an unimportant city is found to have the Talent. In the great Sect of Argent Peak, she will take her first unsteady steps upon the way.

Can she learn to not only survive, but thrive on her journey?

Updates Mondays and Thursdays. The first three Volumes can now be found on Audible

Cover Art by Melody Cheng

Original, unedited Quest found here

Tales of Destiny, an anthology of short stories in the same setting

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