1. Re: The cover of the second volume of my series (The Tipsy Pelican Tavern) I'm not too sure about the background. Will probably change it later. Pretty happy how Captain Leise turned (...)

    2. Re: The identity of the author... and his books

      I find it's never a good idea to meet your heroes. That being said, I usually separate the artist from their work, especially if they aren't putting their negative views into their art. In other words, (...)

    3. Re: Curious to try out a Royal Road Ad, does anyone have any experience?

      Wow so much great info. Seems like ads don't necessarily generate good results, which is actually quite unfortunate for both authors and supporting RR as a platform. Not sure what the solution would be. (...)

    4. Re: Curious to try out a Royal Road Ad, does anyone have any experience?

      Hey all, I'm curious to try out a Royal Road ad for authors. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with it. If you used it on your story or kindle book, what were your results?  I'm thinking (...)

    5. Re: Hi hi~ I'm not exactly new, but it's never too late

      Hey, welcome! I will definitely check out your stories, it sounds like you're producing meaningful work.  I recommend adding your stories to your signature so that they can be easier to find when you (...)

    6. Re: Politics in writing.

      I think it depends on how you do it. If your story is literally "Political Party A sucks! And Political Party B is the best!", then it makes for a pretty terrible story. But if the story explores the philosophies (...)

    7. Re: Colored illustration of my characters, half finished

      Hey this is super cool! I love how it flows from left to right. 

    8. Re: The finished cover I created!

      This is awesome. I also really like the castle in the back. Btw, what font did you use? It's got a great look. 

    9. Re: Review Swap - looking for well written stories

      I'm interested and feel the same way. I don't like giving out bad reviews because it can be so demoralizing to the writer. You can find my story, Even a Hero Needs a Vacation Every Now and Then here.  (...)