Of Righteous Evil

To tell the truth, the starting was great! It took 4 chapters for the real story to start but it was great! 

Spoiler: Spoiler


The writing style was impactful. The story, as of now, seems great and has great potential.

Throughout the chapters, I didn't see any issues with grammar.

The characters are also beginning to slowly become deeper with the progress of the story.

Overall, it's a fantasy worth reading. 



The Legend of The Tamer

A Decent Fantasy With Great Worldbuilding

It is a decent fantasy with a broad setup and great world-building.

Beast taming is just one of the many great professions here, so the readers would want to see the mc climbing to the top with beast taming as his profession, facing opponents from all kinds of professions.

The writing style is pretty good.

The story is interesting.

Grammar is also ok.

The characters are also written nicely.

So, this is a story that fantasy lovers might want to give a try.


Spirit Dragon

This is very interesting! It was a good read! Great going!

The writing style is pretty good. The story is very interesting and well written.

Grammar is also ok. The characters are also nicely done.

Overall, it's a good read for those who like the adventure fantasy genre.

Phantom Ddraig

Great Fantasy With Great Elements

The story is a fantasy with great elements. The writing style is very interesting. The characters are also quite cool. Grammar is also pretty good. Overall, it's a story that fantasy lovers can read and enjoy. 

Quest is not for sorceress

A Lively Story with a Nice Environment, But It Still Has Room To Grow

The story is very lively with a very nice environment and interesting settings.


The writing style is quite good, enjoyable, and refreshing.


The story has been funny and interesting. Good for reading when in a light mood.

Grammar: Grammar is an issue here. There are quite a few mistakes, especially tense mistakes and in some places, uses of the wrong form of the verb were present. This can be seen even in the synopsis/summary where there were mistakes like "Will Mia Accomplished" and "Will she lived" which were supposed to be "Will Mia accomplish" and "Will she live". Similar mistakes are seen throughout the story. Although, these mistakes don't hamper the reading unless the reader is too picky when it comes to grammatical accuracy. I will suggest using the Grammarly app for writing, it helps to sort out these kinds of mistakes. 


The characters were the best thing about this story, very lively and close to the heart.

Overall, I'd like to say that this is still a new novel and only a few chapters have been published. There is a long journey ahead and it has room to grow, I believe which it will do as the novel progresses. 

A World of Monsters

Great Concept with Exceptional Writing Style

At this point, the characters are not very clear yet. Grammar is totally fine, although I'd prefer it if some things were written in using an 'easier to understand' approach so that fast readers like me can understand and process the whole thing. Overall, the concept was great, the starting was amazing and the writing style is very exceptional. I am very much enjoying the 'Ashram and Guruji' side story that is going parallel with the main story. Although the story is new, changing the cover into a cooler one with epic images would be great. Usually, an eye-catching cover creates a better impression for the first look.  


The Writing Style is very exceptional. It felt like I'm reading a novel yet playing a fantasy rpg game at the same time. 


The story is great, deep, and dark, with a touch of profoundness! Especially the side story of the Ashram felt very epic to me as it slowly progressed.


Grammar is good. There aren't any mistakes, or at least I can't find any with my little knowledge. But sometimes it gets a bit hard to understand due to the heaviness and depth of the language. This was especially seen in the prologue. On the other hand, the chapters with the Ashram side story has a soothing language with an easy-to-understand grammatical structure. 


The Characterization of the Mc as a caterpillar was pretty deep. Although it was hard to understand cuz I have never read anything with a non-humanoid MC. In the end, the character of the MC was complex and deep, yet it had such a simplistic behavior at the same time. The other characters haven't been that greatly established at the point till I read and I believe it is going to slowly develop in the later chapters.


Well Thought Out and Well Written, though the pacing is slow.

This is very well thought out and well written, and we get to see someone out of the MC verse becoming the spiderman, although the story hasn't progressed that far though. The only issue is pacing. The novel is five months old yet there are only 7 chapters which are only 77 pages long in total. We need to get chapters more frequently and things need to speed up.


The style is very lighthearted yet deep and emotional at the same time. It makes you feel relaxed while reading, but at the same time, gives you the feels within the MC, Ben, and May, especially after the visit with Emma Frost.


The Story is good and takes a great approach at the spiderman franchise. Things could be a lot faster and a bit more interesting if the guy

Spoiler: Spoiler


The grammar is very good. There might be some mistakes here and there but nothing too noticeable, or at least I'm not good enough with grammar to find those mistakes.


Characters fitted pretty well. Although, here the character of the dead peter parker was shown to be different than what was shown in the movies. In the movies, peter had a great interest in science but here, peter did scientific staff only because he was bored. Although I can't comment much about that cuz I know nothing about six-year-old Peter Parker. I only watched the spiderman movies and animated series, I did not read any of the comics so I do not have detailed knowledge about their original characters. But the characterization in this novel was pretty good.