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    1. Re: Need a story that opens in a prison cell

      I don't know about other stories, but my novel Valkyria Heart very first scene is in a prison cell. So, I hope that it will help you.

    2. Re: Despair?

      My story Valkyria Heart explores the depths of despair and what it means to feel completely empty, yet still moving on despite there being no hope, or rather having to move on because hope is all that's (...)

    3. Re: 40 Reviews, No Swaps, No Strings

      Happy Birthday, and thank you for the kind offer. I would be happy to receive a review of novel Valkyria Heart.

    4. Re: Mc has mental illness

      In my story, the mental illness of one of the MC's is a huge part of the story, but it's a spoiler, so I'm not going to say who or what illness they have. Mental health in general is an important theme (...)

    5. Re: Do Politics Play A Major Role In Your Novels?

      Since I created my world as an imitation of human history, I obviously also implemented real life politics into my fantasy story. From the european hotpot pre WW1, the Cold War, Apartheid, the War on Terror, (...)

    6. Re: Review Swap for LONG Fiction

      No need to hast. It's fine if you take longer. Just read the story at your own pace.

    7. Re: Review Swap for LONG Fiction

      I would be interested, since I'm interested in feedback for the later chapters of my story Valkyria Heart.  As for your story, a comedist story, isn't something I've tried before, but I'm interested (...)

    8. Re: Free Feedback/Reviews from a newly active member!(Wanna discover some stories)

      I could offer you my story Valkyria Heart. I don't know if you'll like it, but if you want to discover new stories, it might be for you.

    9. Re: WLW Action-adventure stories?

      My story Valkyria Heart might fit. It has a sub romance-arc between two women, but is primarily a science fantasy adventure story.

    10. Re: Offering detailed reviews

      I would be interested in my story as well.

    11. Re: Looking for Adventure/fantasy/JRPG/Shounen style story.

      I am firmly against anything with a Harem, light RPG’s, progresson, VRMMO, cultivations, OP protagonists and reincarnation. I know that sounds very picky but hey, worth a shot XD Isn't every Shonen (...)

    12. Re: Do you ever get tired of being in your MC's headspace?

      Not really, since my character's headspaces are gradually changing in response to the events they have to suffer through and all the new people they meet. 

    13. Re: Will review anything and may do shoutouts (This is not a review swap). (Opened)

      If you're interested, would you like to check out my story Valkyria Heart?

    14. Re: Free reviews.

      I would be interested in a review for my story Valkyria Heart.  Thanks in advance.

    15. Ratio of your readers - Users vs Non-Users

      As the title says, I'm curious what everyone's reader ratio is. How many of your readers are users registered on RR and how many are not? And what do you think the average ratio is? And if there are any (...)

    16. Re: Review of the story's beginning and its expectations and promises

      Hey! I can do this! Which chapters did you rewrite?  I might leave my thoughts in a combination of comments / a PM write-up if those things are okay. Thank you :) I've rewritten the first (...)

    17. Review of the story's beginning and its expectations and promises

      Hi everybody :) This is a somewhat unusual request, I imagine. I recently rewrote the first few chapters of my story, Valkyria Heart because they gave readers false impressions regarding the the (...)

    18. Re: Do stories typically recover from being on Hiatus?

      It's only been two days since I came back from hiatus, but I'm not experiencing any negative consequences so far. I think my average views have slightly improved. But I don't think my story's a good representation (...)

    19. Re: Fantasy, action, and adventure stories.

      My story should fit all your criteria,except for the first-person pov. My story's set in a nordic science fantasy world. The MC has to go on a journey to clear her name, and a lot goes wrong from there. (...)