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    1. Re: Quote from a story you wrote/read on RR, that we can share.

      Geißel rolled with his eyes. “That's just chop-suey.”  Quin shrugged, picking up mushrooms with her chopsticks, and Geißel’s eyes focused on the wooden cutlery.  By far, the most popular food in (...)

    2. Re: how do you keep the story interesting when you have somewhat boring chapters necessary for the plot

      Figure out what makes the scene boring to you and change it until it isn't boring to you. If the entire scene is still boring to you, then remove all of it. Figure out, what pieces of the scene are important (...)

    3. Re: How to best title your chapters

      I've no idea if that works, but I try to create cool or poetic chapter titles that sound like they're the the title for a song track.

    4. Re: Offering reviews or ratings {free} for Action, Adventure or Fantasy Genres.

      I've no idea whether you'll ever make it to this story, but I'll throw my hat in the ring as well and thank you in advance. Valkyria Heart   New Adult, Science Fantasy, Psychological Thriller/Horror (...)

    5. Re: LGBTQIA Stories

      I would like to add my fiction Valkyria Heart to the list as well. Genres: New Adult, Science Fantasy, Psychological Thriller/Horror Whether it's side or major characters, protagonists or antagonists, (...)

    6. Re: Recreating my superheroes origin backstory

      Yes, you can depict the police in a positive manner. Yes, the world has become more aware of police brutality and there are definitely bad cops, but even more cops are still good people doing their job. (...)

    7. Re: Self Address for a monster MC who lacks the Sense of Self.

      The moth lacks a sense of self, a sense of identity which by proxy means a lack of agency. It seems it's less a being but more like a mechanism that reacts to outer stimuli. If I had to compare to something, (...)

    8. Re: Something like Kairos: A Greek Myth LitRPG

      My story might be for you. It's heavily based on Norse mythology and the mysteries behind the old gods take a bigger role the more the story progresses.

    9. Re: The Big Guide on resources

      What an amazing guide! Something to add to Sun Tze's The Art of War is that this book isn't just helpful for those writing war scenes. The advice in the book is applicable to many other situations. (...)

    10. Re: Ask the Editor

      I wanted to ask if you could give my story a look and give me your professional opinion on what (per the three-chapter rule, but I would obviously be happy if you were to read more chapters) would act (...)

    11. Re: I Review, you Shoutout.

      I'll throw my hat in the ring as well and would be interested in a review as well. And thank you in advance.

    12. Re: Revamp: I don't care how long your story is gimme gimme I will review it IN DEPTH

      I would be really interested. Though, my story is really long: Username: Yak Edge Which Series (doesn't matter how big or small): Valkyria Heart What You'd Like Help in Writing: Clarity as in (...)

    13. Re: Dark Fantasy Writers?

      Dark fantasy is certainly a cool genre, but be careful that it doesn't go into grim derp territory or is seen as a game of thrones clone. The beauty of dark fantasy is that allows to explore the forbidden (...)

    14. Re: Would you rather have it dark or vanilla?

      It depends on what kind of story I want to tell. Do I want to tell the story of a character who achieves a fulfilling relationship and happiness or do I want to tell the story of character who slowly slips (...)

    15. Re: Giving out [Free] reviews

      Sure. Genres are New Adult Science Fantasy and Psychological Thriller. Links in the description.

    16. Re: Live video reviews of your first chapters for those interested.

      This sounds really interesting. If the offer is still up, could you please add my story to the queue? 

    17. Re: [Admin] Author Premium Pageviews

      Quick update, the change removed more views than anticipated, fix will be released in a few minutes. I'll then proceed to clear the cache which might take a few more minutes. EDIT: Update done, views (...)

    18. Re: [Admin] Author Premium Pageviews

      I'm a bit confused. On the general statistics page, the view count for yesterday went from 620 to 42. I'm pretty sure that I didn't click on my own chapters over 500 times. And the standard view count (...)

    19. Re: Continuing the Quest: Scheduled Hiatus

      While I haven't done it so far, I intend to take a hiatus of 4-6 weeks for my story once I have published all of the second book. I'm doing this both to be able to take a break from writing and to concentrate (...)

    20. Re: Stories with MCs Who Live With Disabilities and Other Challengers that Aren't the Focus of the Story

      My story might be for you. One of the main characters has Bipolar Disorder and stopped using her medication while under a stressful mission. I try to pay the topic as much respect as possible and show (...)