The Wandering King

Looking forward to seeing where this story will be taken to...

The Legend of Weed

Just the summary is enough to make me into this!!! Look forward to more chapters!!! And soon I hope!!!

Life in New World (LNW)

I read this story for the 15th time already and this is my 16th times since the last update. I love this story. Is like DDZ met LMS. That's my favorite part. One thing that I would like is for more updates on the story. Especially when the author finish, not complete, it with the aftermath only. What is next??? I wanna know damn it!!!

The Outsider

Nice introduction and looking forward to more chapters soon.

to be honest I don't think that the story would be like that. However the first chapter was interesting enough that I marked this fiction into my follow list so I am looking forward to a lot more chapters of this story.

The Beginning After the End

I dont know what to say but that I am looking forward to more and a lot more chapters soon.

Forgotten Conqueror

Okay, from chapter one to the lastest :Read! Reread again now~!

Okay, I start reading this two days ago. In the first chapter I don’t know if I should be confused or scared that the boy was this scary. And then I continue reading it until the accidents when they moved, from there on, I was addicted to this story.  This is now on my top 5 al ALL Times Fantasy Novels that I will be reading again and again without getting tired of it.  I will be looking forward to the next chapters as of October 22, of 2015.


To Sylth, is not that he reincarnated 20 times. He FAIL to reincarnate because all the White Hair baby were kill before they could even breath for one minutes. The reason he can’t control his mana at such young age was because he was far too tire when finally born and he didn’t know that his mana was constantly leaking. That’s why his hair is WHITE!

As for school, the reason he didn’t go to school in their area was because the common’s school doesn’t HAVE enough books or resource or teaching that he didn’t already know of. At the Elite School, they have more resources such as books that you can’t find in a normal school for commoner(*sign I hate this word*)

The rest should be example as the farther the chapter went in.

Darkness Rises

Please ?! Are you kidding me?!

Just the summary itself had already grab my attention and then the first chapter?! Please do continue this fiction! If possible, weekly udpate. I love how the MC is so good at fighting! I like this type of fiction the most!

A Bored Immortal's Adventure with Reincarnation

This is just plain funny. There are. Good mixed of comedy adventures and stupid thing going on that make you keep coming back for more. And i am speaking in experience.

Spectral Regalia

Oh Shit Why didn't I read this before?!

I don't know what to said. There's a millions things in my mind but there's no word to describe  it. You have to read this to know it.


There are times when I want to throw my phone(my reader :) ) away due to all my excitment and then there are times when I don't know if I should laugh out loud or cried out in frustration. This story is that much...whatwastheword? attention grappling? Awesome?


Well read it to find out~!