1. Looking for similar novels to "Number One under the Heaven" and other ones.

      Hello, everyone. First of all, I don't know if this is the right section for this question. So, I apology if this is the wrong section to be asking for this.  I am looking for similar novels in RRL (...)

    2. Please HELP~! How do I insert an image into a chapter?

      Title said it all~!!! Please, I forget how to insert images into my novel. Please, someone, tell me how to do it!!! Thanks in advance. :sigh: :criesBo: :wozy:

    3. Story: The Demon King's Seventeenth Wife is Scary

      Hello, Lunnear here. This is a new novel that I am writing called "The Demon King Seventeenth Wife is Scary".  This story takes place in another world. Is it about an assassin originate from the future (...)

    4. Story: Destiny Ignition Exceed, BL/Yaoi VR Novel

      Hello, Lunnear here with another story promotion. This time, the story is base in a virtual reality game. Summary: Shinichi Aikawa lost everything to a fire that killed all his family members, leaving (...)

    5. Story: The Grandmaster of Alchemist and Magic

      Hello people, Lunnear here. Take a look at my story if you are interesting in it. It is a story of two beings who had long ago stopped counting the times that they are alive for. In this story, there (...)

    6. RE: Requesting Help with Images Thanks~! Image link here

    7. RE: I don't understand virtual-reality fictions.

      Basically, there is no difference between Virtual Reality game and the real world. Or so I thought.

    8. Requesting Help with Images

      Hello everyone, and someone please help me.  I want to insert a image into the table but I don't know how. Please someone, tell me or teach me? Thanks in advances.

    9. Need helps Finding a Fiction

      Please help me find the fiction that the MC is a merchant name . I remember that his character got reset to level 1 because of an accident with one of the ex-Kings(?) that was killing a dragon. And I remember (...)