1. Re: Rewriting Questions

      I am torn between writing a serious type story without rolls being shown or using the blue stat screen and including dice rolls at key moments and abilities while writing I'm not too familiar with your (...)

    2. Re: Rewriting Questions

      Can't help on the first, but can on the second. Your best bet is doing a manuscript swap with another writer who works in a similar genre/ target audience (or is at least very familiar with both). Post (...)

    3. Re: Do you writers write before each release or have the story done and release?

      I used to release chapters as I wrote them, but after constantly getting part way through a story and writing myself into a hole or losing interest, I've scrapped that idea. Now I'm finishing the story (...)

    4. Re: How to Get a Good Cover for your Story

      I've been looking around for a new cover artist because typography is my mortal weakness. I've inquired with germancreative and given her your name, so hopefully it goes well!

    5. Re: World building and writing style

      One thing I've learnt about world building in past writing: while it is very enjoyable it is also a massive trap that is a drain on your attention away from the actual story. It's easy to spend all your (...)

    6. Re: The best time to upload stuff?

      Personally, I've had the most luck picking up new readers by posting at different times, because people are viewing the site at all hours of the day. I never thought of this. It's a good tip, and definitely (...)

    7. Re: Two articles on travel times pre modern transportation

      One thing that gets my goat in stories or in movies is how people are shown navigating terrain. A horse can only gallop for about fifteen minutes before it needs an hour rest. And whether on foot or (...)

    8. Re: Help Posting a Picture to the Forums

      This is the only purpose my old DeviantArt account has these days. I upload everything to my scraps folder so I don't bother the people who still watch me. I'm not too sure what the maximum upload size (...)

    9. Re: We don't have a Sports genre??

      I've heard one way to get exposure here is to pin your story into your signature and be really active in the forums. Is this a viable thing to do? How do I change/edit my signature? I can help you (...)

    10. Re: Old Wattpad Writer, New to RoyalRoad!

      Back on WP, quoting was way more intuitive Quoting on RR is as easy as highlight a passage and clicking on the ' "quote" ' button that automatically pops up. Did Wattpad work like that? Gosh, it's (...)

    11. Re: Old Wattpad Writer, New to RoyalRoad!

      Hey, another Wattpad convert here! I joined RR a while ago, and the change is worth it. RR's forums have a more traditional/ old school feel to them because of the signatures and the sidebar, but don't (...)

    12. Re: Italic and Bold are only for contracted authors

      I get a bit bemused about why people bend right over for these sites. Same. Absolutely everything about webnovel seems sketchy to me. I was introduced to them after people I know started complaining (...)

    13. Re: Deal breakers that stop you from reading

      Aaand now I have a whole new subreddit to get into. Thanks! You are absolutely welcome ;)

    14. Re: Character Progression length?

      if your character needs to go forward fast, do it Forcing time-sensitive and hard decisions on your characters is a great way to reveal character as well as promote change. They'll either crumble under (...)

    15. Re: Just some dang ol' questions that everyone asked a million times before

      Is there a secret to incentivising user interaction? ... bribery? Okay, so perhaps that's not the best idea. What I've always seen work for other people is including a few open-ended questions (...)

    16. Re: Time to self-congratulate! Yay me!

      You. Are. On. FIRE! Keep up that momentum and you'll be finished before you know it.

    17. Re: Italic and Bold are only for contracted authors

      One way of getting around this could be by using Unicode. Lingojam has an easy to use Unicode generator that will generate bold and italicised text. For example: 𝘐𝘵𝘢𝘭𝘪𝘤 𝘵𝘦𝘹𝘵 / 𝓘𝓽𝓪𝓵𝓲𝓬 (...)

    18. Re: When do you like your chapters?

      "Nastily unhealthy". Is that even a phrase??? Well, it is now... I concur. Alert the grammar police because the people demand a rule change! To actually contribute to the topic at hand: I'm an (...)

    19. Re: Deal breakers that stop you from reading

      Fantasy insertion fics, where the MC spends all "her" time talking about her cup size and taking showers. This is why Reddit's r/menwritingwomen exist, and boy howdy is it a glorious subreddit. But (...)

    20. Re: The writing quality difference between sites

      RR is much better at getting your stuff out there with zero established name recognition. Within a week here I had double the views as I did on Wattpad. This is such a common story. I'm not uploading (...)