1. Re: Length of a fiction, and an author’s stupidity.

      My concern at the moment is how to present it Have you separated it into chapters or is it all one chunk? Chapters work well and not many people will be interested in character sheets, though you can (...)

    2. Re: A question about character names and grammar

      Yeah, spell checkers aren't foolproof. If it annoys you, perhaps rephrase it ("The hangar bay was empty by the time Andrea arrived.")

    3. Re: Authors

      Back to the advertising point, there are two different types: Passive and active. Active advertising involves ads, promotions, and posting on the forum etc. while passive advertising includes your title, (...)

    4. Re: Authors

      Ohhh ok the people here are a lot more responsive than I previously thought and I'm starting to love it. Oh yeah, the forums here move quite fast! You can always count on the community for timely help (...)

    5. Re: Authors

      You can quote them (highlight the specific passage you want then click the 'quote' option that pops up. It looks like this:) Btw since I'm kinda a noob here how do you "reply" to specific comments? (...)

    6. Re: Authors

      Most stories are in 1st or 3rd person limited and don't include the author narrating (this is most commonly found in stories aimed at younger audiences). Read around in your genre and see which is the (...)

    7. Re: Authors

      There are also lots of free resources for all things writing. The heroes journey is a good starting point for plotting and archetypes are good for building the foundation of your characters. The basic (...)

    8. Re: what is fanfiction?

      So long as you're using elements that belong to someone else and they're not officially commissioning/ endorsing your work, it's fanfiction. Even though the creators of the game said you can monetise it, (...)

    9. Re: Question about monetization and fanfiction

      you might be suited to transforming it into completely original work I'll second this. Unless the game is extremely popular, labelling it as fanfiction decreases your potential audience because most (...)

    10. Re: stories that the author delete the content to sell on amazon should be deleted from this site

      I suspect an Amazon sales agreement would not allow more than a teaser of some sort to be mounted elsewhere, but who knows. If you sign up for Kindle Unlimited this is the case (KU membership requires (...)

    11. Re: stories that the author delete the content to sell on amazon should be deleted from this site

      there should at least be a tag indicating the story itself isn't on the site. I think they should be given a "Sample" tag I agree too, and this feature does make an appearance on sites such as Inkitt, (...)

    12. Re: Restarting my own story.

      If the story you'll end up with will have the same plot/ characters/ themes, it may be worth keeping the original up. If you put an author's note at the start of the first chapter explaining how the story (...)

    13. Re: issue with uploading a temporary cover image

      That error suggests there's an error in your html code They said 'temporary cover image' in the title, so their problem might not be HTML related. OP, if I'm wrong you can post HTML in the forums by (...)

    14. Re: issue with uploading a temporary cover image

      Sorry you've not got any replies so far. Have you tried uploading the image using another browser (e.g. firefox instead of chrome)?

    15. Re: What Kind Of Content Would You Like To See On A WebNovel Focused YouTube Channel

      People have mentioned reviews of actual web novels, but what about reviews on the sites that host them? I'd love to learn about the demographics of the readers (e.g. RoyalRoad has a larger male audience (...)

    16. Re: Revising your fiction

      I came up with some better story ideas to alternate my posted chapters (To clarify, do you mean adding another narrator and alternating the chapters between the two, or adding another plot strand with (...)

    17. Re: Coming soon to a Royal Road near you!

      I am surprised I haven't seen one of these sooner! Best of luck and make sure you buddy up while doing those tasks.

    18. Re: What do you think about aliases ?

      I had a few when I was younger and most of them seem silly now. The only two non-pen name pseudonyms I'm not ashamed of are the ones that also work as potential book titles (The Quiet Resistance was one, (...)

    19. Re: What Makes a Good Story Description?

      Shorter ones seem to land better, and they should always end with some sort of question akin to "will they get out alive?" I personally don't write a description so long it gets hidden behind the 'show (...)

    20. Re: Rewriting Questions

      Also I know people don’t like shifting POV but I do think it’s a great tool for my story and the same with hold true to the fantastic rewrite. I love multi-POV stories. There's pressure to ensure each (...)