1. Re: 'Terrible Writing Advice' does Isekai!

      Thought you guys would get a kick out of the YoutTube channel Terrible Writing Advice's take on Isekai. If you're looking for a laugh and a few tips, check it out. Disclaimer: "Terrible Writing Advice (...)

    2. Re: Dialogue Tags: Alternatives to "said"

      Isn't this what a thesaurus is for If you look up 'said' in a thesaurus, it'll mostly suggest neutral alternatives or not indicate the emotional connotation unless you click on it/ search for the synonym (...)

    3. Re: Why my stories from Webnovel are getting rejected?

      From what I can remember, webnovel has two types of contracts, exclusive and non-exclusive. Perhaps it's worth double-checking they know you're applying for the non-exclusive one?

    4. Re: RoyalRoad is the first site I've found that listens to its members

      At the beginning of January, myself and many others contributed to emperor yair's debate topic, 'stories that the author delete the content to sell on amazon should be deleted from this site.' While not (...)

    5. Re: Describing Scents (Resource)

      Unfortunately, since it's a wine tasting site there's no way to avoid the fancy words. However, as you pointed out, the synonyms the site uses to define the more complicated words are more useful. One (...)

    6. Re: Describing Smells/ Aromas (Resource)

      Describing the senses can be difficult without sounding repetitive. Expanding your sensory vocabulary is hard, especially if you're like me with my rubbish sense of taste and smell, and therefore lack (...)

    7. Re: Create Cover Without Stolen Artwork

      While not a free resource, DespoitPhotos do a Black Friday sale every year where you can buy 100 commercial image licences for $80, saving you $220. The deal never expires and the person who told me about (...)

    8. Re: Change in Story Page Book Cover Image Links

      Where is the forum thread describing how to make picture links? The easiest way is to go to your fictions page, right-click on the cover, then 'copy image address.' But this leaves you with the same (...)

    9. Re: Would my novel last on here?

      While most of the stories on trending are litRPG, it's possible to find success in your genre/ niche. Your story might not get as many views/ reviews as some of the top litRPG's and it may take longer (...)

    10. Re: Uneven Achievements And Annoying OCD

      Growing star Looks great!

    11. Re: Uneven Achievements And Annoying OCD

      ★ ★★ ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★ I'm here to vote for the centred option!

    12. Re: Uneven Achievements And Annoying OCD

      If it's going to cause you a lot of anxiety, just hide the achievement until you reach the next level. Your audience might not appreciate you dumping 100k words to earn an extra star.

    13. Re: The fourth wall

      The only two examples I've liked are Deadpool, as Nestor mentioned, and Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events series.

    14. Re: What do you guys use the follow and favorite buttons for?

      Once upon a time, I had a system like Asviloka: Read later: 'This looks interesting, I'll check it out some other time.' Follow: 'I read part of this, and would be interested in reading more at (...)

    15. Re: Opposites

      The opposite of neutrality would be either extreme. Cuz then you wouldn't be neutral at all. You'd either be very good or very bad. I agree. Neutral is commonly defined as not taking sides/ remaining (...)

    16. Re: How do you feel about character change?

      Stories with a rising/ falling protagonist focus on how the setting & other characters change them, while stories with a flat protagonist focus on how they change the setting & the other characters. You (...)

    17. Re: Is the use of multiple question and/or exclaimation marks bad writing practice?

      The interrobang is a non-standard punctuation mark so I stay away from it in general. However, I used to worship it until I realised I was using it as an excuse to avoid putting effort into my writing. (...)

    18. Re: stories that the author delete the content to sell on amazon should be deleted from this site

      EDIT  - I was browsing the idea forum for unrelated reasons when I found this idea on adding a kindle tag. Go give it some support if you're inn agreement too. One time, we had a 'Trusted Publisher' (...)

    19. Re: stories that the author delete the content to sell on amazon should be deleted from this site

      for us readers this is a fanfiction site for FREE stories Websites change over time depending on who uses them. Facebook started as a 'hot or not' site for Harvard students, then Zuck changed it into (...)

    20. Re: Length of a fiction, and an author’s stupidity.

      Yeah it's in chapters, uploading them to google docs Best to upload them per chapter. An upload schedule of 1 chapter 3-5 times a week supposedly works well for Royal Road. Uploading them at different (...)