1. Re: Script style kind of writing

      I've never seen that before, except in a few old books in school (literature class) Yeah, some novels do use odd (for a lack of a better term) ways of denoting dialogue. Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha by Roddy (...)

    2. Re: Writing multiple books at once

      It's definitely possible. I'll always have my main project and 1-2 side pieces that I work on only when I'm feeling burned out over my main. In my experience, it's easier to jump between projects if the (...)

    3. Re: Creating Photorealistic Character Portraits with

      It really is the type of program you can spend hours playing with because the possibilities really are endless. I've never tried the landscape mode but if it's as useful as you say, perhaps it's worth (...)

    4. Re: Creating FREE Photorealistic Character Portraits with

      Artbreeder is a website that allows you to create photorealistic character portraits by 'breeding' images of faces and altering their 'genes' (facial features and hair) using AI. Below I've included an (...)

    5. Re: Take a survey for an assignment, get a review.

      I'll sign up for the google survey too. No need for a review since I'm in the final edit and haven't posted anything yet. Looking forwards to hearing from you!

    6. Re: Dialogue Tags: Alternatives to "said"

      Bad rep? That's definitely not true. It's an essential dialogue tag that's been used in fiction for centuries. Already quite normalized. For the most part, 'said' is the preferred standard because it's (...)

    7. Re: Recommendations for Apps to improve Grammar?

      Hemingway Editor will highlight sentences that are hard to read (yellow) and very hard to read (red) but it won't explain how to make them easy to read, nor will it check your spelling, grammar, or punctuation. (...)

    8. Re: Premade Pirate Themed Cover in HD! (Free for Non-Commercial Use)

      I gotta be honest... why not just try and sell it instead of making so many restrictions? I could, but I'd rather offer it for free to help a fellow writer out. I made it for fun so why not spread the (...)

    9. Re: Premade Pirate Themed Cover in HD! (Free for Non-Commercial Use - Rules Apply)

      Hello people! I've recently got back into art and I figured what better way to celebrate than offer my first piece as a premade book cover? The title is customisable and comes in 1 of 3 of the font/ (...)

    10. Re: Title Question (Grammar-Related)

      Ahm... Just a little help here for your story, if you like. A few things, actually ... Queen Elizabeth sought to standardize the English language mainly because the invention of the printing press (...)

    11. Re: Does my story fit on royalroad?

      I don't know if it's 'fantasy' enough and because I don't have an anime-looking cover We're in the same boat!  Certain subgenres of fantasy fit really well in certain places. Fantasy with lots (...)

    12. Re: Title Question (Grammar-Related)

      A character, or the narrator, will typically say "among the sky" as opposed to skies. This is what gives you wriggle room. If there is a good reason they use questionable grammar in this idiom and the (...)

    13. Re: Summoned/Reincarnated/Teleported to a new world and they want to go home? Seriously?

      Some very good points, and let's not forget a general loss of security. Overnight, you become homeless and penniless. You can't feed yourself, or even know what's safe to eat if the ecosystem is different. (...)

    14. Re: what is your "big brain" moument in writing?

      Open Office, Liber Office, and Google Docs are all free writing programs with spelling and some grammar checking. To piggyback off sunandshadow's point, ProWritingAid is a free spelling, grammar and (...)

    15. Re: [Skillbook] - Showing

      My first lesson as a writer, one that was hard for me to accept, was that everyone starts out at Level 1. Level 1 is the best part! Continuing with the video game analogy, every time you switch genre, (...)

    16. Re: We Need to Invent A New Word

      Reading fatigue is one I've always used.

    17. Re: General Love and Appreciation Thread!

      This topic made me smile. I'm incredibly grateful for everyone who contributes to this community!

    18. Re: Dialogue Tags: Alternatives to "said"

      that said... " I tend to way overuse these, i've noticed." He looked down and to the side as he commented on his usage of motions, obviously ashamed.  I've been reading the Witcher series and Andrzej (...)

    19. Re: thread necro'ing is good

      Having different sorting options would be nice. While I like the current sorting option as a default, I'd like the ability to sort by new for a change.

    20. Re: Dialogue Tags: Alternatives to "said"

      I agree that probably, problems with thinking up alternative dialog tags or even less impressive, adverbs, does not bode well for one's future as a novelist.  Of course the same applies to nouns, adjectives, (...)