1. Re: What is your opinion regarding Onomatopoeias?

      I think it really depends on your target audience. Onomatopoeia doesn't appear often in YA, NA, and adult fiction because it does seem to pull the age appeal down unless it's more fully integrated into (...)

    2. Re: Is there any way to turn a deleted chapter back into a draft?

      I think you can restore a deleted chapter to a published chapter, but I'm not sure about restoring it to a draft. Unless I'm wrong, your options are to make a different copy or manually restore the published (...)

    3. Re: Donation

      The author dashboard was overhaled fairly recently, so it's most likely a bug or glitch. Phasing it out wouldn't benefit RR in any way, so they have no motive to do so. Besides, they're a very transparent (...)

    4. Re: Copy-Pasting Formatting Between Microsoft Word and Royal Road

      Not sure. But good news is that it's a feature that's not used too often, right? So on the rare occasions that you need it, every X chapters, changing it manually isn't THAT bad Yeah, without context, (...)

    5. Re: Single scene, Third person POV, multiple characters - how do I do it?

      I know you said you've decided to switch to 3rd person limited, but I wanted to pop up and say the difference between omniscience and 3rd person limited is all in the voice (which is the sense that there's (...)

    6. Re: Background Image for Royal Road

      The artist is Noah Bradley, who also does the artwork for the RR blog's. You can find loads of his work with a google search, but the one you're looking for is called 'The Birth of Eden.' You can find (...)

    7. Re: What is the best bird?

      The lyrebird, hands down. It can mimic the calls of different birds, as well as human-related sounds! There have been reports of australian's panicing because they hear a baby crying deep in the woods, (...)

    8. Re: Signature help?

      No, there's not (for now at least). But I'm glad you sorted it out!

    9. Re: Signature help?

      There's a "Display your signature under your post?" tickbox you need to tick every time you post a reply to a thread in order to display your sig. It's directly below the box you type you're reply in but (...)

    10. Re: game ideas

      the world don't revolve around money as much as you think I'm really interested in where you think I mentioned money in my post. "That's kind of like discussing the premises of novels you're never going (...)

    11. Re: Come judge my cover, please and thank you

      I think a simple change of font to one computer-generated (easily done through photoshop or GIMP, a free alternative) and saying it's a parody in the title could be an easier alternative than re-doing (...)

    12. Re: New Author: Sort Of

      I honestly plan on avoiding Inkitt like the plague. Smart decision. I'm a Wattpad refugee too and I tried it before RR. The sheer amount of abusive billionaire, maffia, and werewolf 'romances' made (...)

    13. Re: game ideas

      i am not actually interested in making a game or someone making it for me (even thou that will be nice), i am interested in finding people that are interested in taking about game ideas. There seems (...)

    14. Re: Come judge my cover, please and thank you

      I wouldn't visit the fiction based on the cover because it's not immediately obvious it's a parody. Without knowing that, the cover seems to pull the age of the target demographic down to late childhood/ (...)

    15. Re: How to Name a Contemporary Fiction

      As luda305 said, shorter titles inspired by the themes, motifs, and symbolism you use will fit the story (for example, The Scarlet Letter). Since you said it focuses on two boys growing up, you could research (...)

    16. Re: New Author: Sort Of

      Hmm... Romance as a genre is not popular on the site.  Inkitt is probably a 'better' home for romance stories because there's a large and predominantly female romance audience (while RR is closer to (...)

    17. Re: How do I navigate the forum (including search)?

      Most of the subforums are discussion or question oriented, so most of the threads you'll find rise and fall in 'popularity' pretty quickly. People avoid resurrecting old threads so all discussions remain (...)

    18. Re: How on Earth do I change chapter order

      Wait a second?  There are other writing sites?  I barely found out about this one last month! There are loads, all catering to a slightly different market/ demographic, though there's lots of overlap. (...)

    19. Re: Time Skip Tips?

      (I know blatantly saying X time has passed is a don't) I do this all the time. 'Show don't tell' has its limitations, and a lot of the time it's easier for everyone involved if you just say 'three weeks (...)

    20. Re: Is this site still mostly LitRPG stories, or did the Wattpad exodus open the door for traditional fantasy (...)

      My idea was to re-write and relaunch my weird western sci-fantasy series, but I'm not really sure this is the right place for it even if it did pass approval (which, given that this isn't the right place (...)