1. Re: what is your "big brain" moument in writing?

      Open Office, Liber Office, and Google Docs are all free writing programs with spelling and some grammar checking. To piggyback off sunandshadow's point, ProWritingAid is a free spelling, grammar and (...)

    2. Re: [Skillbook] - Showing

      My first lesson as a writer, one that was hard for me to accept, was that everyone starts out at Level 1. Level 1 is the best part! Continuing with the video game analogy, every time you switch genre, (...)

    3. Re: We Need to Invent A New Word

      Reading fatigue is one I've always used.

    4. Re: General Love and Appreciation Thread!

      This topic made me smile. I'm incredibly grateful for everyone who contributes to this community!

    5. Re: Dialogue Tags: Alternatives to "said"

      that said... " I tend to way overuse these, i've noticed." He looked down and to the side as he commented on his usage of motions, obviously ashamed.  I've been reading the Witcher series and Andrzej (...)

    6. Re: thread necro'ing is good

      Having different sorting options would be nice. While I like the current sorting option as a default, I'd like the ability to sort by new for a change.

    7. Re: Dialogue Tags: Alternatives to "said"

      I agree that probably, problems with thinking up alternative dialog tags or even less impressive, adverbs, does not bode well for one's future as a novelist.  Of course the same applies to nouns, adjectives, (...)

    8. Re: 'Terrible Writing Advice' does Isekai!

      Thought you guys would get a kick out of the YoutTube channel Terrible Writing Advice's take on Isekai. If you're looking for a laugh and a few tips, check it out. Disclaimer: "Terrible Writing Advice (...)

    9. Re: Dialogue Tags: Alternatives to "said"

      Isn't this what a thesaurus is for If you look up 'said' in a thesaurus, it'll mostly suggest neutral alternatives or not indicate the emotional connotation unless you click on it/ search for the synonym (...)

    10. Re: Why my stories from Webnovel are getting rejected?

      From what I can remember, webnovel has two types of contracts, exclusive and non-exclusive. Perhaps it's worth double-checking they know you're applying for the non-exclusive one?

    11. Re: RoyalRoad is the first site I've found that listens to its members

      At the beginning of January, myself and many others contributed to emperor yair's debate topic, 'stories that the author delete the content to sell on amazon should be deleted from this site.' While not (...)

    12. Re: Describing Scents (Resource)

      Unfortunately, since it's a wine tasting site there's no way to avoid the fancy words. However, as you pointed out, the synonyms the site uses to define the more complicated words are more useful. One (...)

    13. Re: Describing Smells/ Aromas (Resource)

      Describing the senses can be difficult without sounding repetitive. Expanding your sensory vocabulary is hard, especially if you're like me with my rubbish sense of taste and smell, and therefore lack (...)

    14. Re: Create Cover Without Stolen Artwork

      While not a free resource, DespoitPhotos do a Black Friday sale every year where you can buy 100 commercial image licences for $80, saving you $220. The deal never expires and the person who told me about (...)

    15. Re: Change in Story Page Book Cover Image Links

      Where is the forum thread describing how to make picture links? The easiest way is to go to your fictions page, right-click on the cover, then 'copy image address.' But this leaves you with the same (...)

    16. Re: pls need a honest opinion

      am using it actually and yeah quiet the smart idea ProWritingAid is a more comprehensive grammar/ punctuation/ spell checker that also helps with your writing clarity and style. However, it's worth (...)

    17. Re: Would my novel last on here?

      While most of the stories on trending are litRPG, it's possible to find success in your genre/ niche. Your story might not get as many views/ reviews as some of the top litRPG's and it may take longer (...)

    18. Re: Uneven Achievements And Annoying OCD

      Growing star Looks great!

    19. Re: Uneven Achievements And Annoying OCD

      ★ ★★ ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★ I'm here to vote for the centred option!

    20. Re: Uneven Achievements And Annoying OCD

      If it's going to cause you a lot of anxiety, just hide the achievement until you reach the next level. Your audience might not appreciate you dumping 100k words to earn an extra star.