1. Re: Any stories that utilize illustrations?

      Romantically Apocalyptic comes to mind. The art is photo-manipulation, every image and graphic is high quality, and there are lots of them.

    2. Re: Negative review being targeted for deletion, what to do

      I must say, I have observed a bit of a double standard when it comes to positive and negative reviews. No one will complain about a good rating. I've seen this a few times. As a personal example, I (...)

    3. Re: What to offer here vs patreon?

      All very good points. Thank you for the input! I can see I'm getting ahead of myself. Seems you read how "everyone" has a website, patreon, etc. but nobody tells you in what order to do it.  Time to (...)

    4. Re: So I found out that write or die is pretty amazing, totally removes many of my inhibitions to writing.

      Thank you for this! I'm trying to teach myself to write faster and one of the biggest things slowing me down is when I start second-guessing what I'm writing. I've improved a lot this month and I'm hoping (...)

    5. Re: What's The Difference Between Omniscient POV and Head-Hopping?

      We're all told that head-hopping is bad. But what if you need to discuss the thoughts and feelings of multiple characters within a single scene to tell your story? One answer is using third-person omniscient (...)

    6. Re: 1st Person, 3rd Person Limited, or 3rd Person Omniscient?

      I'm curious about which you prefer more in your writing and in the books you read. Do you prefer different perspectives for different genres? Are there any you won't read?

    7. Re: I got 0* rating bombed on ScribbleHub. Anyone else tried other writing platforms? How did it go?

      I didn’t even know 0 stars was a thing. Just had a look and you are right! They're 1 star reviews, not 0. I'll edit the post. Don’t get me wrong, the community is pretty bad I noticed. Though, peeps (...)

    8. Re: I got 1* rating bombed on ScribbleHub. Anyone else tried other writing platforms? How did it go?

      I decided to upload the backlog of my novel to ScribbleHub because someone told me they had a very supportive community. I uploaded about 15 chapters at once to catch up to my progress here, and within (...)

    9. Re: Synopsis Improvement?

      Definitely the second one because it mentions the characters. You could improve it further by hinting at their goals within the story.

    10. Re: Handwriting in stories

      Avoid custom fonts because it reduces accessibility because they prevent the open dyslexic font from displaying properly. People who need that font to read won't be able to read your fiction. Instead, (...)

    11. Re: Encyclopedic Introduction

      Will probably be doing that: putting a short text (one or two lines only, not more) at the start of each chapter as an excerpt from a historical or geographical book.  I do this too, but not always (...)

    12. Re: Encyclopedic Introduction

      I agree with AlexaLee (ey, I must be a poet). The act of unloading chunks of worldbuilding is called an exposition/ info dump for a reason. You only have a few paragraphs to hook your reader so don't waste (...)

    13. Re: Is dark content accepted here?

      I asked the writing subreddit yesterday and all I really got were Inkitt and Ao3 So I don't know, I think you're stuck with the amazon route like you mentioned, it's a shame that you had to tone down (...)

    14. Re: Is dark content accepted here?

      I can always just move again to other sites as you said If you find any, let me know. I write adult fantasy with an MC suffering from PTSD. I've reluctantly toned down her symptoms and tied the primary (...)

    15. Re: Font Spacing Question

      I should've mentioned that what I'm looking for is for a book cover Which software are you using to create it? If you're using PS/ Gimp or other image manipulation software, you've got a few more (...)

    16. Re: Font Spacing Question

      In my opinion, the best option is to avoid using an imported font altogether. It affects the appearance of the other font options (at least on PC). While this may not seem like a big problem on the surface, (...)

    17. Re: How to edit a story in progress/already published

      Does that make sense? I'm thinking that this falls into the "leave an author's note" category.🤷🏼‍♀️ It's crystal clear, and I'd say you're right. In your shoes, I'd be tempted to avoid adding any (...)

    18. Re: What software and fonts do yall use to write?

      I used to use Hemmingway religiously, even running my entire story through it at one point. I really wanted my story to be easy to read and understand. Then I got criticized for "writing too simple". (...)

    19. Re: Favorite Story on this Site that you didn't write.

      12 Miles Below by Mark Arrows. I recommend this story to anyone who'll listen. I almost threw a party when I saw it on trending.

    20. Re: How to edit a story in progress/already published

      I'm probably not the best since I prewrite and edit everything to avoid this issue (I've had to pull stories before because I wrote myself into a wall. Not fun). But here's my advice just in case it helps. (...)