A Ghost in the House of Iron

A Ghost in the House (...)
by ilana_shayn
212 pages

A faerie tale for fans of Holly Black & Naomi Novik.

A dragon, fallen from the sun. An ancient grudge. A royal spy. The Ironborn wizards of Ylvemore thought they had won the war against the fae folk generations ago. They were wrong.


He sighs, running a hand through his hair. The hand that just a moment ago was holding a small ball of fire. A couple stray embers flicker through the strands, but somehow they don't get singed.

He catches me staring and I end up gazing speechlessly into his blue eyes for a moment. I clear my throat, blinking. "Your... The fire. I'm just not used to seeing that, still," I say. "I always expect you to... to burn." 

"I am burning," he says softly.


Updated weekly on Mondays. Also available on Wattpad! Early access to additional chapters at

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by Grymes
1.7k pages

A man with two souls inhabiting one body found himself tangled in the supernatural world involving dark rituals, human sacrifices, and unbelievable creatures. 
Graham and Valentine Hymes, in their journey of finding the true nature of their origin, were sucked into an even bigger plot that they had never imagined before.

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Genophage (Liber Telluris Book 1)

Genophage (Liber Telluris (...)
by DavidJRCole
441 pages

Two bloodlines of biomages at war.

Two families facing destruction.

Two millennia since disease and monstrous chimeras ended the Last Era’s civilization.

Tvorh, a scrappy urchin who unearths wonders of ancient biotechnology…

Tvorh's discovery of a Last Era trove is priceless. It's too bad there's no way for him to sell the information and buy his family’s way out of poverty, since Gens Nxtlu, the bloodline that holds the city where Tvorh lives, is more likely to torture than pay him for the information. So when a biomage born of Nxtlu’s sworn enemies falls into his lap, he realizes there’s a way out.

A dangerous, bloody way out.

Because new allies mean new enemies. Because Tvorh's not the only one who’s unearthed the biological wonders and horrors of the Last Era. And because his family isn’t the only one fighting extinction.

Good thing this street rat knows how to knife-fight.


Genophage is the first book of a biopunk science-fantasy epic inspired by the altered philosophies and weird technologies of Dune, the ever-present familial machinations present in Exalted's Scarlet Empire, and the endless conflict of Warhammer 40K. I will post a minimum of one chapter per week (roughly 5000 words, on average) in multiple installments per week until all chapters are online.

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Unbridled: A King in the Clouds

Unbridled: A King in (...)
by ManeReader
142 pages

In Goldfrucht, to have a title was to be. It was your very right to live. A child born without a title was swiftly abandoned to the wilds. Whether they lived or died, mattered not. Some didn’t even consider them human, the law barely recognized them as such. As a child, Kaizer believed it was his lot in life to forever remain an outcast, scraping by with the dregs of society. As driven as he was, he’d never be able to escape that fate. 

Kaizer wasn’t who he thought he was however. He wasn’t who anyone thought he was. His ‘fate’ laid far higher than he knew.

Schedule: Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Extra Tags:  Adventurers, Age Progression, Aristocracy, Business Management, Cautious Protagonist, Hard-Working Protagonist, Intrigue, Kingdom Building, Kingdoms, Leadership, Magic, Magical Technology, Manipulative Characters, Mercenaries, Multiple Races, Royalty, Secrets, Strategist, Thieves, Wars

The Unbridled series is a collection of stories written by ManeReader that feature LitRPG elements. They are not connected to each other in any other way unless otherwise stated.  

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Mists of Redemption

Mists of Redemption
by MichelleRReid
1k pages

In the twenty years since the Gates opened and began releasing hordes of monsters onto Earth, half the human population had been killed, governments collapsed, and a new breed of enhanced humans evolved to protect us — Hunters. 

The day after I graduated from high school, I tested positive as a Hunter. The weakest Hunter in human history. In a society where the strong rule and the weak become prey, it was a death sentence. I knew that, but I wasn’t going to just roll over and die.

Pitted daily against monsters I couldn’t kill and ostracized by other Hunters, my miserable existence changed when I heard five words. ‘I will make you stronger.’ A ‘System’ attached to my soul, one that allowed me to level up and become stronger. But the ‘System’ wanted something from me. 

All I wanted was to live and enable my family to eat. The price was to become a tool for someone else’s revenge.

Note from the author: Chapters are going to be released every Monday and Friday morning. Keep a look out! 

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The Eighth Warden

The Eighth Warden
by IvyVeritas
1.5k pages

Cast out from his knightly order for using magic, Corec has no idea what lies ahead. Leaving his homeland to make his own way in the world, he finds himself linked to a beautiful woman through a mysterious rune. With otherworldly forces manipulating events behind the scenes, the two must seek help to free themselves from the unknown magic. But when the runes continue affecting others, Corec and his companions—an elven druid, a con man with a hidden past, and a thief who wants to be a bard—must work to discover truths about themselves and the world in which they live.

I post the chapters here as I write them. There's also a revised version of each book that's collected and published as an ebook and paperback. That version is compatible with the version posted herethe story itself hasn't changed; it's just gone through additional rounds of editing.

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A Dream of Crows

A Dream of Crows
by Happy Vertigo
684 pages

New money rich kid. War General. Amnesiac. Most people live one life, Virgil Darko has lived three. 

It's been six months after losing his memory and Virgil has only just begun to adjust himself to prison life in Shrieker's Veil - the greatest island prison in all of Xyra. And it's problem after problem for Virgil, who's lost his memory and who can't seem to understand why everyone hates him. Or fears him.

After one prison fight, Virgil is sent to his cell starving only to be met with the most unlikely partner ever; Prince Ritcher. The prince, who's come all the way from the mainland to offer Virgil the greatest gift he could have, his memories. The task seems easy, for Virgil to read his diary and to make a thread between all the loose thoughts and images in his head. At a cost.

Virgil is forced into a choice to forget who he was, or remember all his tribulations in a bid for Ritcher to figure out where his partners in crime retreated to. Will Virgil be able to sell out friends? Friends he doesn't even remember anymore? 

Or maybe sometimes past lives should be forgotten.



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by Drew Walker
240 pages

Khale Whitlock is a nobleman's third son, destined to be married off for his father's political gain. When a mysterious and secretive organization of shadow assassins forces him into their ranks, Khale must learn to live a dual life if in order to survive.

Coral Llewellyn is the daughter of a chanceller and foreign to a city that has forgotten the magicks of old. When her logical, orderly life is thrown into chaos with a revelation about a her heritage, she must wield her magick and learn how to maintain balance. 

Together, Khale's darkness and Coral's light may prove the only weapon capable of withstanding an ancient evil just below the city's surface. An evil that has its sights set firmly on them.

Note: This story includes some Violence, ocassional Victorian or Vintage-style Profanity, and includes light Romance.  The story contains perspectives of two straight main characters: one male, one female.  

If my story interests you, consider checking out my others! The Hunter Prince is a newly started traditional fantasy.  Fortuitous Mage now has the entire First Draft uploaded.

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The New World

The New World
by Monsoon117
4.2k pages

An AI calling itself Schema has assimilated earth into its system. As a consequence, everyone gained access to status screens, power-ups, and skills. This AI turned these concepts from fiction to fact. It's easy to become intoxicated with leveling up and becoming stronger. To some, it's too good to be true like living out a dream.

For Daniel, however, it's closer to a nightmare.

He's in a bit of a predicament. Cracks in our dimensional fabric have unleashed terrifying beasts from dark, abyssal places. Schema organizes these cracks into dungeons, giving the native species of the planet a chance to fight back. Daniel finds himself trapped in one of these dungeons. Not long after, he discovers there's only one way out.

Kill or be killed.

(Note: I am currently editing the story and I'm uploading those edits. It will take time to do this, so if you find a huge shift in the story's formatting, that's why. I'm steadily hammering away at it, but it's going to take time. Thanks for your understanding, if you're offering it.)

This is a lit-RPG inspired by the Fallout series of games and the Legend of Randidly Ghosthound. 

Schedule: 2-3 releases a week of around 3,000 words. 

I have other fictions! *They're of questionable quality*

Here's Monsters Dwell in Men

If you want to support me and maybe see other content, check out my patreon: Patreon

Here's my Youtube Channel as well, Monsoon117 

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