The Courting of Life and Death

This story is exquisite.

I'm honestly amazed at how well balanced it is. There's enough description to ground me in the story, but not so much that I get bored or lose track of the plot. There's plenty of dialogue, but not so much that I get lost. The plot moves at a good pace, keeping me from suffering through the more mundane aspects of a life.  

There was never a moment where I was bored. 

There was never a moment when I skipped ahead to get to 'the good bits' becuase they're alll good. 

There was never a moment where reading this felt like a chore. 

I need to also express my apperication for your research in; 

-The art of Victorian Flirting via fans

-The Language of Flowers


Now then, to the categories. 

Style: I normally judge style by saying that if the style doesn't distract me from the story, it get's 5 stars. Yours gets 5 stars,  but I was distracted by how good it was and my own envy; You write this  with a fluid, eloquent style that still manages to keep the story going at a good pace.  My own writing is stark,  causing envy in me as I read yours. 

Story: A nobleman  becomes  a Lord of Death by completing the tasks of Death ( who has fallen for him). At the same time he's working with an infuatiation with an old friend, Elizabeth, and preparing to take over the rule of a duchy. The main story is the story about death ( Clearly) But I do love a good romance -provided it's entwined with  another good storyline- so this checkes my boxes. 

Grammar; here, I will keep it simple; the grammar didn't distract me so it gets 5 stars.


Character; I stand by this; Character is the most important aspect of any story. If you don't care about the characters then the story doesn't matter. 

These characters? they have my attention. I'll  continue to read this. 

Seriously though, read this story. It's a good story and there's lots of chapters for me to grind through before I have to anxiously await  new releases.

The world traveler from the future

I'm forgoing an advanced review  because I'm not a big reader of LitRP. There's some things that throw me off, but which I suspect is more a feature of the genre rather than a comment on the fiction itself.

that said, while I tended to skip over combat logs and stat explanations, i was drawn into the world the main character in trapped in. I want to see what Charles does, where he is, and how or if he gets out.

there's not a lot of other characters early on, but the few we do encounter are believable as characters in a game, and the outcome of meeting them is not what I expected, that's a good thing. 

I judge grammar and writing style based on how often it takes me out if the story. It really didn't do that. 

all in all, seems like a solid litRP to me! 

Blessed Time

A most Excellent Narrative.

I was looking forward to reading this, and I wasn't disappointed.  I don't want to spoil anything, as any  story assumptions I had from the first couple of chapters were dashed. (In a good way!) 

Story : So far, excellent. The story balances narrative structure with the  'game' elements that make it LitRp

 Style: The style is smooth and buttery, like perfect hollandaise sauce.   

Grammar: I found like, two mistakes in early chapters. Nothing to get in a tizzy over. Didn't pull me from the story 

Character Score: The characters are alive. I can see and hear them. They act like real people. At no point do I think I'm reading a character someone wrote- I'm always reading stuff a characte  is doing.

Awesome writing. Moar plz. 

Binary Progression

I literally laughed out loud while I was reading this at points. Keep me giggling and I'll read it.  This is the first time I've read a LitRP where the game is abandoned, and the playerbase MAYBE a little toxic. However, I sure as hell have PLAYED those games. It's fun to  read it without having to actually, you know, deal with it!


Biggest things that hold this story back is the  Style. I hesistated between putting it between grammar and style, but the biggest issue I have is the formatting, and I'm. Throwing that unders style. I'd have the  chat lines. Seperate from actions of the characters, personally. Having said that, it doesn't  throw me too much, or too often. 

I didn't know what I'd think of John at first, but he grows on me. Our main characters so far are pretty  interesting. Very real to how people tend to act in games  in general. 

The story is starting to take off. New player in a game picks all the wrong stuff to start, and gets in trouble.  I have been that person. 



Lucinda the Shifter

TLDR: Good story, keeps the "game" feel without getting me bogged down in details and stats. I more feel like it's a real word, just with game mechanics, which is good!

Style is good. A few spots here and there were the abruptness of a sentence or the way a paragraph was cut off was a little jarring, but no big issues. 


Grammar: some  issues with sentence structure in the beginning, but it improved quickly. Maybe a quick reread of the first chapter might  help

Story is good!  It's a basic story, but  it has heart, and that's what's importnat. 


Character: Keep me interested in the character, and you keep me interested in the story. Lucinda has me interested. 


Looks like I got new bedtime reading!

The short stories are great. There's a good variety of genres here, so there's a little something for everyone.

The characters were interesting enough that  even for the few genres that I wasn't a fan of ( not a fan of Private detective stories, for example) I was still hooked and had to see how it ended!

the stories are all engaging and imaginative, and often rather thoughtful!  Stories that'll stay with me. Years in the future, I'll  say "I read a story once about- " 


Grammar and style never once pulled me from the narrative. Kept me engaged. Pacing was  perfect.

Seriously, just pick this up and read it here and there. Don't have time for a big long story? Choose a chapter and dive in. Like I said, it's gonna be bedtime reading for  me for a while. 

The Parallel Timeline: Time Loop Rebel

Starts to pick up around chapter 3. Give it a chance until then.

This story starts off slow, but it's got  some good worldbuilding, and it's easy to read.  I'm curious  to get more details of the world we're in. 


My biggest critique is that the author tells too much. Not necessarily description, but potentially telling us things that we would have known, and  affect the flow when put into words. 


Still! Good story! Give it a chance, and enjoy the world. I look forward to more details about this strange multiverse. 

Queen of the Hill

Really cute, Easy to read story

Southern woman wakes up as a baby dragon and needs to try to figure out  how to survive, with a cute, emoting "system" to keep her informed. I like it. It's a fun story. Something I can sit down and read a bunch of chapters of. Normally I review 3 chapters in,but I got to 5 chapters before something distracted me and I realized how far in I was. 


Style: Good. Clean. Easy to read. I take chapters like potato chips: Ohm Nom Nom

Story:  I can see the basic story evolving. I'm guessing that there's a bigger story  coming, but it just takes a while to rev up to it. Not a problem, it's entertaining anyway!

Grammar: The strange txt still throws me >.> but I'm getting used to it. 

Character : Mupin is highly entertaining, and so  is her assistant I think the fae are interesting as well, but it's hard for me to judge as I can't really follow what they say all the time. Still! Mupin is carrying it, so it's all good!

Burning Stars, Falling Skies

When you get into this story, give your mind a little bit of time to build the world. It doesn't take long and when that's done you're thrown into a truly engaging world.  I love stories that really play with  different aliens and alien worlds, and this   Is just *Chef's kiss*

Style: I was never pulled from the story by anything to do with the style

Story: Alien lizard gains human feelings and skills and decided to  use all to push their own civilization forward as they're now - in their minds, a new species! 


Grammar: I was never distracted by the  grammar. 


Character: I LOVE  Threedak.  You made me care about the character, which is the best you can do, I think. 

School-life & Swordfights: A Clubs and Stubs Tale

High school sports drama, but in a magical, fantasy setting. Sounds good to me! The characters have loads of personality, and  when i'm reading it's more like I'm watching the story in my head. 

Style: I'm not pulled from the story by the style at any point, so I gave it a 5

Grammar: there were a few moments where the grammar did pull me out, but it was more like a double take  and a quick reread to get the meaning intended. Not much of a problem. 4.5

Story: It's a basic story, but a good one which is made more interesting by the fantasy setting. 4 stars. 

Character: ok. If the story is basic, the characters carry it. This isn't a bad thing. I always say any story can be carried by the characters, and these characters are full  of personality and life. Already, I feel like if I was given a line from one of them without being told who the speaker was, I'd be able to say who said the line. 5/5. Very good. Will follow and read the rest of it.