1. Re: Looking for Book Covers

      Hey there! I provide cover illustration and  graphic design for a variety of projects such as book covers, web series covers, and comic covers.   here's my portfolio: (...)

    2. Re: Recommendations for fantasy/sci-fi?

       I'll flex my story, Synth!  I just finished the first volume, so there's lots to binge! I should have posted here before, but I thought for sure that  someone else had  mentioned Synth here  :/ (...)

    3. Re: Do writers have hobbies or are they just writing books?

      So tell me, what's the difference between a cult and a religion? absolutely nothing Yikes, edgelord, save some internet points for the rest of us.    A religion is the entire  theology. (...)

    4. Re: Do writers have hobbies or are they just writing books?

      I'm  a writer AND an artist. those are my hobbies! oh, and video games... and I sew clothes.  and I knit. Crochet.  …I do a lot. 

    5. Re: Free critical reviews.

      I'm up for it rek me

    6. Re: Space/sci-fi recommendations - giving and looking for

      Man, I missed loitering in the forums.  Thanks for recommending Synth!

    7. Re: Narrating Various Web Novels from RR (List and current Releases)

      I think you're doing good work! I am in the middle of narrating my own story for Youtube, but I think it's important to have an audio option if you can.  ... I was doing live readings on  Steam, but (...)

    8. Re: New to Royal Road! Hello! What's your favorite genre?

      I mean, I'll read mostly anything, so long as the characters are good.  Right now, I'm focused on writing. Sci-fi ( Or maybe Science-Fantasy is more accurate?)   but for me, the  characters are always (...)

    9. Re: Best stories from 2020

      Ahhhh, it's so hard to choose just one! Synth "To be a synth is the greatest privilege an individual could be born into. What greater purpose or grander sense of fulfillment could one hope for than (...)

    10. Re: How do we bring in more female/other readers to RR?

      Female author here.  the main thing I was told that might hold back my story was it’s genre; Sci-Fi.  Science Fiction apparently has a more niche audience here.  My story is defiantly far more emotion/character (...)

    11. Re: Stories with Aliens!

      Hi!  So, I’ve tried this with Sci-Fi before, but let’s take it a step further! Does anyone had stories that feature aliens! I love seeing what  people do with potential alien life! My story of (...)

    12. Re: Oh? You're approaching me?

      I’m 100% up for a swap! My story is in my signature. it’s a sci-fi with space bats in a militant dystopia 

    13. Re: Review Your Book Here

      ?Would you be interested in a story of space bat best friends? In space? In a space dystopia?

    14. Re: Review Swap?

      Sure! I’ll review your story if you wanna review Synth :D 

    15. Re: Review Swaps!

      I'm up for a review swap. I can start reading tonight I think. Mine is also sci-fi. Thanks!  Im all up fo more sci fi! (...)

    16. Re: Review Swaps!

      Took a look at your fiction and would be happy to do a review swap. The fiction I'd like reviewed in return is my short story collection "Imaginings." It's primarily sci-fi with a few other genres thrown (...)

    17. Re: Review Swap

      I’m up for a swap.  Synth: Space bats in a dystopian, militant society are created, bred, and trained as tools for the ruler of the Galaxy: King Decon. What happens when  some of them seem to want more (...)

    18. Re: I'll review your story with (bad) poetry

      Yes!  Please read Synth and give me some bad poetry for it! Link in my sig!

    19. Re: Lookin' to do some new reviews

      Hello! if you’re up for some  soft-sci-fi involving emotional aliens in a dystopia, you should check out Synth :D it’s in my sig!

    20. Re: Review Swaps!

      Hello! I am looking to do some review swaps!  My story is Synth  I’m a big girl, and I can take real, good faith, constructive criticism.  I generally (...)