Blessed Time

Blessed Time
by Cocop (Cale Plamann)
155 pages


Some disasters can only be avoided if you know they’re coming, and even then, sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.

On Karell, you are either blessed by the gods, granted a unique power and the ability to gain experience and levels, or you are forgotten.  Micah Silver was a boy picked for greatness.  Chosen by the gods to bear a mythic power, he longed to take his place amongst the heroes and legends he grew up reading about.

Unfortunately his primary blessing only allows him to travel into the past by sacrificing his class, wealth, and levels.  Even if Micah's unwilling, fate has a way of forcing you to take up your destiny, possibly at the cost of everything.  Over and over again.

NOTE - Most of the first three arcs have been taken down for Kindle Unlimited Exclusivity related reasons.  Click here if you'd like to know more (THIS WILL LINK YOU TO A CHAPTER LATER IN THE BOOK, POTENTIALLY RESETTING YOUR BOOKMARK PROGRESS)

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by TheWitchOfTheRock
1.5k pages

To be a synth is the greatest privilege an individual could be born into. What greater purpose or grander sense of fulfillment could one hope for than to be a tool of King Decon, the ruler of the Galaxy?

09T07 doesn’t know what more they want, but they know they’re missing something. Friendship? Intimacy? This seems to be the answer when they find others who are also not as King Decon intended them to be. However, how long can such things last among tools to be used and discarded? And how  far are they willing to go to protect their loved ones in the face of duty?

Thanks to Julia Peitzer for consultation regarding gender-expansive and non-binary identities

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The Ogre's Pendant & The Rat in the Pit (Completed)

The Ogre's Pendant & (...)
by Traitorman
534 pages

The land is conquered.


A thief and a demon killer run afoul of its new overlord and the wizard that serves him. Now the wizard seeks his life's ambition, an artifact that will make his word law. Hearing this, the demon killer and thief begin to have ambitions of their own. The race is on for who will reach the artifact first, and an entire barbarian horde is in the running.


Yet the prize lies within the Forest of Giants, grown from the corpse of an empire. 


There are tales of things that stalk the trees. Tales of those that hunger endlessly. Tales of those that feast on human flesh.


Tales of ogres.


A Sword and Sorcery story of high adventure.



All stories and characters - including The Ogre's Pendant and The Rat in the Pit - written by Traitorman are created by and are the intellectual property of J.M. Clarke

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Queen of the Hill

Queen of the Hill
by Commander Kane
85 pages

Howdy there, partner. I'm so glad you've stumbled upon this story of mine. It's a bit of an experiment I've always wanted to try: writing a female protagonist people would enjoy reading. Of course, my amazing writing skills and epic prose won't be enough to convince you, so I've composed a list that'll prove just how much you'll love Daphne:

1. She has that good ol' Southern hospitality

2. She knows a lot of Southern Slang


I dunno about you, but I'd like to read a story where a young, Southern woman gets reincarnated as a hill dragon and has to fight vicious fairies, handsome dwarves, and plants that make you sneeze assisted by only her wits and a very passive-aggressive system that sends her weird emoticons. But hey. That's just me.

Give it a chance! Tarnation Station is coming and there's absolutely nothing you can do to stop it! So why don't you hop on and enjoy the ride?

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Burning Stars, Falling Skies

Burning Stars, Falling (...)
by Cocop (Cale Plamann)
198 pages

Threedak is a simple Dhajtel. Every night she scavenges and hunts for her tribe in the great desert, relying upon her skill and ancestral memories to avoid the night's many dangers. Her life remains largely the same until one night, one of the gleaming angels that hangs in the night sky falls into her desert. Deciding to investigate, she happens upon a scene far beyond her limited understanding.

The Dhajtel aren't alone. The galaxy is far vaster and more hostile than Threedak's people can even begin to comprehend.

Entrusted with the knowledge and memories of a dead race, it will be up to her to forge Dhajtel society into something that can survive the storm that is to come.

- - -
(This novel is heavy on Kingdom/Empire Building and is an attempt at fairly hard (grounded in real science) Science Fiction)

Cover credit to DrakonStorm

- - -

A couple authors with reptile MC's have started a discord, feel free to hang out with us.

Reptile MC Discord

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School-life & Swordfights: A Clubs and Stubs Tale

School-life & Swordfights: (...)
by Kagan M Fallfield
126 pages

Warning: Clubs and Stubs contains strong language and situations throughout that may not be suitable for younger readers.

"This story takes place in a fantasy world with a modernish setting. It mainly follows four students of Hardires High School who are members of one of the greatest Team Arena Squads in the history of gladiatorial school athletics.

Already two-time high-school world champions, they have entered their fourth and final year of high school in hopes of capturing a third straight world championship—something that no other school on the continent has accomplished.

As they prepare for an upcoming match with a rival school, it becomes evident that keeping their two-and-a-half-year winning streak alive will be tougher than expected. As both personal and external problems abound for the student-gladiators, can they manage to keep it together under the constant pressure of being the perfect fighting unit?

A blend of action, drama, adventure, and humor collide in this brand-new series!"

Thanks so much for checking out my story! This is the first time that I've released any of my work to a public space so any feedback, be it positive or negative (but please be respectful if so) would be greatly appreciated. I'm hoping that this story is only the beginning of a long-running series of short stories set in the Clubs and Stubs universe.

Temporary Book Cover Design by David Watson

The release schedule is rather tentative, but the goal is to release a chapter every 2-4 days. I want to make sure that every scene is the best it can be before it’s released, so it may take a bit longer especially if it's a longer chapter. However, no chapter should take more than a week to be released. Each scene varies in length, but are usually between 1,000 to 2,000 words.

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Soulless (Apparently)

Soulless (Apparently) (...)
by Krahie
358 pages

When a serial killer emerges on the robot-populated planet of Zynima, a few machines form a group of vigilantes to end what deceptively seems like a simple open-and-shut case. Join Aural Automaton and Shock System as they uncover the ugly truth behind this string of murders.

Krahie's AUU-16 series:

#1 – Soulless (Apparently)

#2 – Diamond People

#3 – The Departure

#4 – Night Game

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Crimson Crow: Thief of Fortune

Crimson Crow: Thief of (...)
by Velara
132 pages

Breaking News: The multiverse's supply of luck has been stolen! A crack team of detectives are attempting to track down the culprit. But this is not their story.

This is the story of the Crimson Crow, who, after committing the audacious heist, fled to begin a new life on a distant world, Llyr. Beyond the reach of her pursuers, or so she hopes. 

Far from the comforts of civilization, she must rely on her quick wits and magic to survive and prosper. But she soon discovers that Llyr’s past is as dark and storied as her own. And that the past is inescapable.

Currently Updates Semi-Monthly ~Every 14 days.

Diamond Vector by Vecteezy

This fiction is LGBT+ friendly.

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ATL: Stories from the Retrofuture

ATL: Stories from the (...)
by Thedude3445
1.2k pages

In a future of robots and CRTs, Atlanta is the most powerful city in the world. And in that city, twentysomething slacker Morgan Harding dreams of being able to live a normal, peaceful life... until they're given cybernetic superpowers and forced to become a hero. Together with a mysterious sentient robot and an overworked college student, they must keep Atlanta safe from the technological threats that arise... pretty much constantly... Sigh.

ATL is divided into several novel or novella-sized stories, and the entire first season is online on Royal Road for you to gobble up like a robot filling up at a power socket.

And if you're itching for more, always know you can read the story at its official website too.

Please vote on Top Web Fiction! You can vote once a week on each device for this story (and any others you enjoy!).

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Post Human

Post Human
by J P Koenig
328 pages

What do you do when you find yourself the sole survivor of the complete destruction of Earth?  Nikola winds up in that position, disembodied in a half-built asteroid outpost, the last remnant and only hope of the human race.  Nikola exists now only in digital form, controlling drones and cameras to interact with the world.  But Nikola's memories are fractured, and there are endless obstacles between awakening as a glorified computer program and saving the species.  Is Nikola even human anymore?  Is it even possible to resurrect humanity?

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