Andre Scott

Andre Scott

The Ten Realms

The writing is okay for the most part. I didn't like the MC or his friend. They seem to randomly find whatever they need and not have to work for anything. The wolverine level healing by an "apprentice" is just ridiculous. The story isn't horrible but it also isn't particularly good and there is nothing unique here.

Modern Awakening - A cultivation, LitRPG, apocalyptic novel

I am not a fan of dialogue and internal monologue in the middle of fights, and it got too much for me. The final major boss fight of the first arc I skimmed two chapters between attacks.

The multiple POVs in depth about things unrelated to the MC I didn't care about. Also when the tutorial ended new characters were introduced and they sounded like poorly written NPCs.

That said the story has so much promise and I hope others support the author. I won't come back unless I see a note that there was a rewrite.

Wizard's Tower

I wish it was what the synopsis described

The writing is mostly ok. I found the main character tedious. I found myself skipping exposition and when you are doing that in the first few chapters it's just ridiculous to keep going.

MC also doesn't seem powerful compared to others if he did so much so long ago. Or maybe others are just better than him and spent less time picking out clothes and making tea.

The Last Human

I quit when I did for two reasons, the protagonists have no agency and I dislike multiple POVs, especially as many as this one has. I get what the author is trying to do, fish out of water, traumatized and all that, but it just goes on way too long. And there are far too many characters that get chapters. I just didn't care. My opinion. To each their own.

Jackal Among Snakes

The world is interesting and I wanted to read it. It is just too much of a self insert Marty Stu for me. I quit at 36.

Everything goes the way the MC wants with no real struggle. He has no real emotional attachment to anything.

To me it basically reads as if someone was playing Skyrim and thinking "If I got dropped in there this is what I would do". Although many stories on here start with a similar premise, this never grows past it to become more. At least for me.

Oh, plus like many authors on here it feels like these are the only types of books the author reads.

Nobody in real life cares what a sclera is, for instance. I was waiting for the MC to tap his glabella. There is a difference between knowing what something is and being impressed with yourself for knowing. You have to write how people think.

Again, interesting world and I started interested in the characters, I just couldn't get past the MC not getting beaten for acting like a douche to people unused to being treated so. Maybe he could have pulled off slightly insane with the whole god of knowledge thing. But not be taken completely seriously.

Unfathomable Senior

If you are in your early teens, think girls are magical creatures and get bullied a lot, this story is for you.

And you will probably like it. I pushed through to chapter 20 or so because I wanted to enjoy it, but the MC is too childish for me. World seems interesting enough though.

I wish the author well.

The Path of Ascension

It's not bad. People on here seem to like OP Mary Sue characters so that's fine. It's just everyone is OP. The MC, anyone he becomes friends with. And we have the obligatory psychic pet. When everyone, including some random chick you met in the middle of nowhere, is an ultra rare talent, the talent really isn't ultra rare.

I quit when someone bet a forced sexual encounter against a weapon. Really sad section.

Only Villains Do That

Interesting but hard to lose yourself

This isn't bad, really. The plot and world are interesting. The MC is ok. The reason I quit is no one seems like a real person. They all seem like exercises in how the same person might react given a slightly different background and circumstance. They don't have distinct voices or vocabulary.

Worth the Candle

It's not bad per se, I just hated the MC. I wouldn't like him as a real person, and liked him less as a character.

He didn't seem real. I know other people feel differently, but it seemed like more of a thought experiment by someone who hasn't actually experienced life, rather than actual emotion.

But I'm 50, so maybe I see things differently.

Defiance of the Fall

Not my fault the title prepopulated with a video I posted of one of my ducks taking a bath 

My first review on here. Some grammatical and spelling errors but pretty good and the story keeps me going. It's padded so you could cut probably 30% to keep the core story but that's not surprising when you get paid by the chapter.

Good enough so I'm debating whether to do the Patreon, although I've never done one before and I'm not sure a 5 minute chapter is worth the investment.

I pay that much a month to read thousands of books on KU so kind of hard for 44 chapters ahead. We'll see.