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Jon Wander

    1. Re: Writing those smaller moments

      They're the glue of the story. The quiet moments allow opportunities for tension to grow again after action and for people to get invested in characters rather than event. They should always accomplish (...)

    2. Re: I desperately need some advice x_x

      This might sound weird, but you might try writing a different story for a while, one you're not quite so attached to. This particular tale clearly means a lot to you, and there's nothing wrong with that. (...)

    3. Re: Word Choice, Mood, and the Poetic Soul

      I just remembered a recommendation. Raymond Chandler has some of the best metaphors in the English language, try checking out his stuff in addition to the names I previously gave.

    4. Re: Word Choice, Mood, and the Poetic Soul

      This is frankly, a horribly neglected part of current writing lessons. If you look at older works before the style became dominant (Robert E Howard, H.P. Lovecraft, James Fenimore Cooper, etc.) you’ll (...)

    5. Re: Feedback on synopsis for upcoming work?

      I second Orenum, give more about the conflict, we don't have much at the moment. I feel like I know more about the opening than the actual meat of the tale. I'd reduce the initial paragraph to: Miro (...)

    6. Re: How recommended is Wheel of Time?

      I'm currently listening to WoT's first book on audible off and on. So far my impressions are... mixed. Jordan has a lot of good points, but he also tends to be long winded and a bit tedious at times. (...)

    7. Re: Believable character interaction: Commanding officer and the new officer

      What Vivoni said. There also something to consider- the difference between theory and practice is that in theory there is no difference. Booksmarts aren't the be all and end all, and military events (...)

    8. Re: What makes a fantasy book cover succesful?

      A cover needs to do 2 thing. 1. Catch people's interest. 2. Communicate to them that 'this is the kind of story you're interested in'. I quite like your cunrrent cover tbh.

    9. Re: A non-writer with $$$ pays a writer to write the non-writer's dream novel...

      Patronage has a long, long history. It worked back in the day. The problem is that, these days, people might try to micromanage and a 'dream novel' is always an ideal that can't really be achieved.  So (...)

    10. Re: What is your Favorite Fighting/MA Technique?

      “You should not have a favorite weapon, or, by the way, any kind of exaggerated preference. Becoming too attached to a weapon is as bad as not knowing it well enough. You should not imitate others, but (...)

    11. That most coveted of status changes I've made the jump to amazon and the book will be avaliable tomorrow on the 13th! I'd like to give a huge thank you to the royalroad community, without you guys this (...)

    12. RoyalRoad ads

      My story is making the jump to amazon- publication on monday. Does anyone here have any experience with ads here and can you let me know? Thank you in advance.

    13. Re: I want a book. Possibly yours.

      I'm almost to amazon atm. But if you wanted to chk out mine that would be cool.

    14. Re: Procuring an editor!

      I went through the professiona edit process just recently (I'm actually in the preorder stage of amazon). It can seem like a whole other animal at times. You got to find a fine balance between taking (...)

    15. Re: Procuring an editor!

      Congradulations! This is a huge step in the process. Be prepared for a lot of work though, editing can be rough.

    16. Re: Twitter Swap/ Follows

      Followed. I'm in the same boat as you are. My handle is @thejonwander

    17. Advantages of a stub?

      An improved version of my story is going to be published on amazon on the 13th. I'm currently pondering the wisdom of leaving a stub of the old version vs simply deleting it. Thoughts? Opinions? Your (...)

    18. Blurb feedback.

      Working on a new blurb for the move to amazon (hopefully in less than a week) any feedback would be greatly appreciated. (...)

    19. Re: What about Isekai/Portal Fantasy that turns readers away the most?

      Most tropes are bad because of execution, not because of the trope itself. Bad isekai is famous for poor execution and the worst of it is the level of surface fanservice with no substance. All frosting, (...)

    20. Should I repost my first book?

      So I'm getting close to achieving the dream. I'm on my final edit before moving onto amazon.  I've hired a professional editor for developmental and line editing, as I beleive these are the most important (...)