1. Re: Typos in web fiction are irrelevant.

      No Country for Old Men is a 2005 novel by American author Cormac McCarthy, who had originally written the story as a screenplay.  He writes to a certain style, and that style has little to do with correcting (...)

    2. Re: How do you create your stories?

      This made me wonder, are there any literary genres where imagination is not of the utmost importance? Lots. Outside of fiction, one assumes attention to detail and research should be prominent in (...)

    3. Re: Recommend me some Romance!

      There are a few, but that's not central here.  Might want to try skimming wattpad.

    4. Re: Woot! Top ten trending!

      Everybody looks at the first chapter, just like you do, then they decide to read on or not, just as you would.  Not a thing.  congrats and hello.

    5. Re: Hello!

      Hi there, and good luck.

    6. Re: Is it better to leave no review or a bad review?

      Welll, there are two different aspects. There are ratings, then there are reviews. A review explains or expands in a few paragraphs on the ratings the reviewer posts. I do not think you can post a review (...)

    7. Re: How do you create your stories?

      Because I write Fantasy and Sci Fi,  everything begins with a good imagination, usually expressed through a story plot I envision, expressed through a few characters or character types I intend to use (...)

    8. Re: If you dont like soup there is something deeply wrong with you

      I have my favorites, and make a fine potato soup, among others, but prefer a good stew. Not exactly a preference, but if offered both,  I'll go for the stew first, even if regretfully.

    9. Re: Hard Magic or Soft Magic Systems?

      "I love the Lord Darcy series, and have a complete volume on my shelf..." As I formerly subscribed to Analog and its kin, and picked up Too Many Magicians when it came out in paperback, I was pleased (...)

    10. Re: Professional Editor Interested in Reading Good Stories

      Nothing but respect for dedicated readers, especially those with aid to offer.  I would hope the site continues to attract people looking to read the best efforts of engaged authors. Perhaps more than (...)

    11. Re: Where in the world people are from.

      Okay, well. it is a site on the world wide web,  so...  in general, you get English prose, so regardless of the many eastern influenced attempts here and the manga  fans, still  predominantly western (...)

    12. Re: I'm curious about something with web novels...

      Only a fool would not take the advantage offered by the fluid nature of web fictions not to go back and correct their worst errors. Well, maybe some who find them to require to much ongoing  correction (...)

    13. Re: The feeling of writing too much for a chapter

      If you are stuffing your work with unwanted prose that doesn't do anything but make it longer and slow  down plot development, that's called padding and yeah, don't do that. If the work gets longer because (...)

    14. Re: Hard Magic or Soft Magic Systems?

      Many publishers advise authors that magical infusions of importance to the plot and outworking of the story need to be systematic, repeatable and dependable. Randell Garrett was a master at this, and I (...)

    15. Re: How hard is it to make the trending page?

      I will say you should consult the FAQ.  This is the final word, and the only official word, on the several tracks offered by Royal Road (TM), and are explained fully there. As for hardship, work is (...)

    16. Re: The Limit

      I am not aware of any limit, and ribbon tags note awarded upgrades for in excess of a million words, so... I have five volumes up, most completed & published about 8, 9 months ago,  with one on hiatus (...)

    17. Re: Huge plothole in book and I'm completely devastated.

      If you have a general theme and direction, or at least goal for a novel, you right well can rewrite parts of it in order to achieve the flow you seek.  Its all just time and effort, but then, so is starting (...)

    18. Re: Read Me:

      Aw, ... good luck!

    19. Re: Typos in web fiction are irrelevant.

      Me do gud engrish what I leaned on Royal Road. Snicker snort guffaw. 

    20. Re: Is the use of multiple question and/or exclaimation marks bad writing practice?

      Um, no. Its universally hated, redundant, and cause for thousands of editors rejecting stories , manuscripts and articles. Exclamation marks should be used far more sparely than they are now.  Most sentences (...)