Royal Princess of Blood

It's... Ok. No vampires despite the title.

So I'm binging this at the moment. The story is... ok.  It's started going downhill for me personally, especially the most recent chapters.

The story's biggest issue is that the grammar and story are rather simple. The author's lack of familiarity with the language is hindering their ability to express it well. That said, it reads like a decent translation, and the story is easy to follow. There are few spelling mistakes or issues with homophones though sentence structure can be clunky.

The mc is entertaining enough, but completely unrealistic given she was originally a highly trained assassin. She comes across as a naive young girl rather than someone hardened through years of brutal training. It just doesn't gel. Also she's incredibly beautiful just because, and most of the other characters are complete doormats when she flutters her eyelashes. If you can ignore that however and treat this somewhat like a light novel it's entertaining enough. She's also not OP (so far) if that floats or sinks your boat.

Regarding antagonists, up to this point, there aren't any, aside from a short intro into a group called mystics who want her dead. Nowhere near enough time spent on them for any kind of character development, other than to plant a flag saying "here there be bad guys".  One of the other biggest irks is that the mc is hunting possible treats to her life.  She focuses solely on pretty much two characters, and completely ignores the hundreds of other possiblities (maids, laundry, knights, maintenance workers, hunters, delivery people, you name it).

The story itself is rather slow, it's taking a lot of chapters to get anywhere. This isn't really bad per se, but something to keep in mind when you get to the end of chapters published so far. It's probably something I'd stick in read later and come back to every month or two.

Style wise as mentioned, it's simple. Don't expect deep plots. What you see is what you get.

World building is typical fantasy, though not much time has been spent developing the world at this point. There are some gods, magic knights and mages. The amount of magic on show so far is pretty limited. Not sure how that will evolve in future.

Maybe worth reading it you are strapped for other things to read. 


This is a pretty fun and light hearted story up to the point I've read. It mostly appears to be slice of life centred around dungeon diving and crafting enchantments, with a light amount of political skulduggery thrown in as seasoning. No end of the world scenario to be found here.

The main is a likeable enough girl who gets dumped in Isekai land along with 7 others unbeknownst to her.  You won't see much of the other seven, at least as far as the story has progressed.  Time is spent mostly with the MC.  Who and why she was summoned is not spelled out exactly, and the MC is left to her own devices.  Getting to grips with the world she's landed in, she focuses on illusion rather than the more typical to the face kind of power build.  That gets her a long, long way though through clever use (and abuse) of her repertoire. I say abuse here, because really her abilities should probably not be quite as useful as they are. But then this does appear to be a fairly carefree story.

There are no really serious villains or antagonists to be found so far, and other than the malfeasants, people are invariably nice. The one bad guy doesn’t really have much depth.  He appears to be mostly a throwaway at this point so no real time spent on development of his character.

The litrpg is focused mostly on skills and abilities rather stats and raw power, and seems suitably constrained.  Levelling here is not easy and gets progressively harder.

World building is typical for the genre, nothing to write home about, but no complaints either.

All of that said, the writing style is excellent with very good grammar. Only a few oopsies here and there, about once every 5 chapters.  Foreshadowing is decent.

If I really had to nit-pick, the only thing I could really complain about is that things are a little too easy for the mc, resulting in little to no tension.  Helpful things consistently come along (and help her along.)  The populace is generally a bit too altruistic.  Regardless of that, I'm enjoying the story immensely.
I definitely recommend reading, at the very least to see if you like it.

Splintered Soul

I came, I saw, I read. At least until I ran out of paragraphs. What I have read was entertaining. I didn't see the crossover coming, but that's really on me, I didn't pay attention to the tags or read the full synopsis. The story has light litrpg elements, with some basic stats and skills. Warning for some people who might drop it immediately, there is also a semi harem in the first arc with a threeway relationship.  It's treated with respect so we are not talking about a "gotta catch em all" situation here.

Not going to lie, the grammar is not great, but it's not bad enough that it makes the story difficult to read. It's mostly issues with homophones and inverted commas on contractions. There are instances of words continuously being spelled incorrectly, but it's minor enough. Other than that it's completely legible without effort.

Can't say much on world building. It's a fanfic, with a loose framework to tie the worlds together, so based on existing properties/stories/worlds. I haven't gone into them in depth, high school of the dead was the one I was most familiar with. 

Main character is interesting enough, though by the second arc he has become pretty damn dark, to the point he's slipped past antihero into pretty much full on evil. Yes he has his reasons and isn't murdering for fun, but don't expect a nice guy. The worlds are not sunshine and rainbows. Secondary characters are ok, though a number have probably only been added because they were in the source material. It may have been better to just cut them out. A good example would be Alice from the first arc. She's there for the mc to cross something of his list but then completely disappears into the background.

Style wise it's not bad. Good enough action scenes to keep it interesting. Character relationships are believable enough and written well. I found the writing mature with believable interaction.

All up I enjoyed my time with the story so far. The sum is greater than it's parts.The rating itself is a hard one for me. I dislike the royal road rating system because it forces me to rate higher than I'd like, otherwise it punishers the author.  I think I've reached a good compromise. While it's definitely not 5 stars across the board, it's worth reading at least a few chapters to check it out and see what you think.

The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound

Started out well enough, but for me, finally cratered beyond recovery at chapter 481.

Things get left by the wayside, because the author jumps around too much with new ideas and characters.

The story is pretty dark, and the MC is in no way a nice guy. He is a self centred a-hole who takes his frustrations out others even though he professes to want to help people.

The world/magic system has absolutely no kind of balance, and numbers are only there for the sake of it, since a mcguffin skill can deus-ex anything when it needs to for the sake of the combat.

The one redeeming thing about this story is that when the chips are down there is a genuine feeling of threat unlike most web serials. 

That said,  there is little consistency, and the story could have used an overarching direction and planning. 

Metaworld Chronicles

It's a shame, this story started out really well, but it's completely lost it's way.. I used to look forward to reading it but no longer.

I can't tell if it's being milked, or if the author has run out of inspiration, or what. Set an end goal and actually work towards it, like Gwen actually building her own tower instead of all the mucking around going on.

We've now got a bunch of uninteresting and annoying characters, the worst of which is some duck who's purpose appears to be comic relief, but it's anything but.

Another thing that kind of annoyed me is that practically every female MC ends up bi on here (RR that is), to cater to a predominantly male audience I suppose. The worst thing about it is it's obvious, and badly shoe horned in. I wouldn't care if it was done well and appropriately, but eh.

At this point the story is completely missable.

Reincarnated as the God of Shitty Life Counseling for Defective Washed Up Waifus

The chapters themselves out what I read of them? I don't know if this is supposed to be some super dark humor or not, it comes across as some mindless thought thrown onto the page. The first thing that came to the author's mind. There is nothing clever or funny to be found.

If it has anything going for it it would be "how stupid can this get?"

The Calamitous Bob

Hillarious, Brilliant and Irreverant

As a reader from Patreon (up to chap 58), I can tell you this story is going to be a blast. Easily earns 5 stars, which I do not give out often.

I'd mostly class this story as a LITRPG comedy, though there are plenty of sparks, explosions, undead, exploding undead, and crawling clouds of death thrown around to keep things interesting.  It can get dark too on occasion, evidently our author has been taking notes from George.

The story is about Viv, Bib, Bob, a soldier, who gets her isekai ticket via a doorknob of a god looking to avoid the wrath of his wife by hiding out on Earth.  This means he needs a body, and Viviane is the one that gets picked. Unfortunately, barely anyone knows how to pronounce a V where she ends up, but she's not going to let that stop her building an empire (probably, eventually, maybe?) *Disclaimer, this is not an empire building story.

The MC is smart, funny, and interesting (and totally not a murderhobo psycho.)  Her sidekicks, comprised of

Spoiler :
a snarktastic golem, an itsy bitsy dragon, and stoic kark

are often hilarious, stealing the scene in a way very reminiscent of a certain Sheriff of Nottingham(RIP). This is especially true of

Spoiler :
the golem

, who reminds strongly of a certain HK-47. They are a joy to read.  The antagonists are minor bumps in the road so far, but they provide an interesting local (when chewed) flavour. 


World building is fairly typical, but this doesn't detract.  It's typical but good, and suits it's purpose as a fine background for the story to be painted onto.  The LITRPG is there in all its blue box glory, though it is not the driving force unlike some other stories.  It's how LITRPG should be done, providing a vehicle to help the story, not be a means to an end in and of itself.

Grammar can be hit or miss on Patreon (mostly just spelling, sentence structure is absolutely fine), but that is because chapters are sometimes posted without a good review pass.  On RR I'd expect the same quality as A Journey of Black and Red, another amazing story by the same author.

The story has style and class in spades.  It is well written and easy to read (though I would like a bit more from the viewpoint of the Gods (it's exceedingly rare but fun)).

The only mark I can strike against this is that there is not enough of it.  Which is a conundrum.  I don't know which I like more, Black and Red or this.  And there is only one Mecanimus.

If you read anything at all on RR, read this.  Highly, highly recommended.


* There is no spoon.


Contains minor spoilers. Sorry, spoiler tag appears to be broken for reviews.

I'm glad I found this.  Its really really good.  Its so good I'm contemplating dropping scores on other reviews I've made.  Once I started I read through all 30 chapters posted so far in a single sitting.  I'm amazed this is a first work by the author.  It really doesn't show.

The world building is excellent, but what really surprised me is the depth of the magic system here.  Its not Brandon Sanderson level (what is though) but has reasonable limits on what is possible.  I'm totally not going to be surprised once our MC goes back to casting in English when she figures out some ground rules, or even starts inscribing magic implements with the same.

The characters are entertaining, fun and logical with well developed back stories.  No cardboard cutouts here so far, aside from a few minor side ones.  No antagonists up to this point, except -maybe- the village chief.  He's not written as bad but considering what he does with his "noble" power I'd personally want to split him in two.  However, it's part of the world, and its expected by people.  I do think some of the mind affecting powers that came into play during trading / goblin horde was a bad idea on the authors part, but it's nothing that downgrades the story. Another thing I like is that our MC isnt ridiculously overpowered like typical isekai/reincarnation stories, which gives her room to grow.  Sure, she's overpowered compared to some goblins and villagers, but nowhere near the point where she can deal with world level calamities.

So far grammar has been excellent, with typical errors (affect vs effect, knifes vs knives, etc.).  I spotted 5 total errors up to chapter 30, but chapter 30 had a lot gauging by the comments.  Those had been fixed by the time I got to them though.

I hope this story continues.  It easily belongs on the top 10 on RR from what I've read so far.


A bunch of 5 college/university students get stuck in the woods in what appears to be some kind of pvp MMO.

There are two main strikes against this story.

The first of which, all the characters are superficial. They judge each other and their worth purely on how they look. They don't trust each other for any given reason, and their interactions are immediately nonsensically adversarial, especially given their situation.

Secondly, the grammar is fairly terrible. English is obviously not the author's first language. Third and first person is jumbled together so you often can't tell who is speaking or thinking. Sentence structure and flow is mangled. It's been run through a spelling checker, and it's not so bad you can't understand what is going on, but you need to work at it.

Unlikeable characters plus hard to read killed this for me. Your mileage may vary.

Mists of Redemption

Great read, and not Solo Leveling. Mostly :P

Ok, just to clear the air, despite how the first few chapters read (15-20) or so, this is not solo leveling.  It has elements of xianxia(not a lot), a light treatment of litrpg(again, not a lot, don't expect skill upgrades, class selection, etc), romance (light, no smoot).

I dont think the author did herself too many favours going by the reviews here, by starting so close to Solo.  The parallels are extreme, down to the name of the main character (Jin vs Jyn, sleeping parent, sibling, some of the monsters, etc.)  The whole portal thing itself is pretty much a genre now, so no points off for that. I actually don't know if it was on purpose, as the author stated she was saving the name Jyn because she liked it, and was looking for a novel concept it fit.  Maaaybe? Eventually however it diverges, and diverges hard.  Full points, it actually handles some things better than SL.

Its extremely well written, the MC is likeable and friendly, if trodden upon.  She grins and bears it initially as much as she has to.  She's not all forgiving though, as her detractors find out to their chagrin, or worse.  There is definite well earned payback.  Up to the point this novel has been published (chap 131), Jyn's power level isn't insane, but it's reasonable enough to keep things interesting.  There are a couple of instances where the MC should have died, but survived due to plot armor or someone else pulling her bacon out of the fire, which is not great.  And she's too damn lucky to the point it could just about be a very high stat.  Its not completely egregious though.  Most other characters are done well enough, but there are probably a few too many cardboard cutout bad guys who are only "stomp on the MC because she is weak".  There are a couple of bad guy subversions which surprised me, enough to prevent drawing immediate conclusions about any one character.

World building itself, not much to say, it is a typical portal fantasy, but it's handled well.  Combat mostly revolves around melee since that is the MC's main build, with magic being used mainly for defense and utility.  There is the odd combat with mages, but in comparison they appear relatively weak and get put down pretty quickly due to their glass cannon nature.  The monsters from the portals are pretty much all drawn from other sources, nothing unique to be seen here.

Grammar, is 99.999%, I noticed 2 issues in 130+ chapters.

To sum it up, this is a great novel, if you think it's too much of a copy of SL, just perservere.  Its worth it.