1. Re: Fantasy, Worldbuilding, Slice Of Life

      I am looking for a fantasy/ sci fi story that is slow and builds a world I can immerse myself in. Without constant trauma. Now some loss is okay but maybe every 50-100 pages or so. Currently I very (...)

    2. Re: Looking for an Epic Fantasy that's under the radar!

      Hey, Im looking to get into a series, but I have a few requirements: - I want a high fantasy - Not a litrpg/gamelit/isekai - engaging well developed characters - under the radar. Something that (...)

    3. Re: New stories to watch out for

      I highly recommend Sisters of Rail, a coming of age fantasy story following a young farm girl as she is dragged away from a terrifying patriarchal society into an adventure by a member of the 'heretic' (...)

    4. Re: Review Swap - Cultivation fun!

      My story (False Prophecy) also involves a magical academy, though only after the 18th chapter, so likely won't be relevant to your review. That said, I'm interested in seeing another take on it, and from (...)

    5. Re: October Thread - Promote your Story False Prophecy's Book 1 Protagonist, Kon, says hello. False Prophecy is an eight-part (...)

    6. Re: Fantasy Review Swap

      Hey Pauliuk! I've read your first chapter already and am interested in a review swap. My story is False Prophecy. I intend to catch up to the most recent chapter, but you don't need to go so far.

    7. Re: Time for a Review Swap

      Hey Sunrise :D like Pauliuk, I prefer writing reviews when I'm caught up, so you can expect me to have one finished by the end of the week. My story is False Prophecy. 

    8. Re: The Realm of Clandestina: my newest map, and a guide on how to make one yourself :)

      This is beautiful, VMJ. Awesome work! I'm also looking into making a map and this guide seems incredibly helpful :D

    9. Re: False Prophecy: Art Showcase

      These are all great.  good stuff, cool style I couldn't agree more! I'm hoping to get a lot more characters done over the next few months. Speaking of, I just got another one! Character Showcase: (...)

    10. Re: False Prophecy: Art Showcase

      Vigor looks like a "look but don't touch" sort of chap.  I really like the magma effect you've got going as well as the over-all composition.  Nice work! (...)

    11. Re: Review swap! YA / teenage protagonist / sci-fi / magical realism / female lead

      I'm also interested in a review swap, Joey. I've read your first two chapters already and am enjoying it a lot so far :) Mine is: False Prophecy. Though it's set in a fantasy world, the story has many (...)

    12. Re: Quick 10k Review Swaps! Come and get 'em while they're hot! As fast as I can pump them out! (3 per day!)

      Hey Nameless! I actually read the first three chapters of your story yesterday and am enjoying it so far! Figured we could do a review swap if you're interested. My story is False Prophecy.

    13. Re: Slow Burns / Stories That Read Like Novels

      I'm deep enough into the first novel of my 8-part epic fantasy saga to promote it. Approximately 400 pages deep, to be exact (4/10ths of book one). Although I'm on a week break to deal with some personal (...)

    14. Re: Review Swap for Under-Represented Genres

      Hello Ztaylor! Just looked your story over briefly and it seems just up my alley. I prefer to read and write more niche and under-represented genres myself, so believe my story would qualify. It's called (...)

    15. Re: Review Swap? Help a poor soul!

      Hello Seiji. I would also be interested in a review swap. Just had a brief peek and it seems like my kind of story. I think you might enjoy mine as well. False Prophecy

    16. Re: False Prophecy: Art Showcase

      Meet the deuteragonists of False Prophecy, Book 1: A Sung Prophecy. Character Showcase: Lafer and Vigor (...)

    17. Re: Another review swap, but simplified.

      I'll throw my book in as well, Apocryphal. I'm a veteran of the USMC, so I'm naturally excited to see what a fellow warrior has cooked up.

    18. Re: July Thread - Promote your Story Genre: High Fantasy Inspirations: The Stormlight Archive, Parahumans, and countless anime Current Page Count: (...)

    19. Re: June Thread - Promote your Story Everyone knows the Prophecy of the Fated King. Everyone knows of his Six Signs and Seven Trials. Everyone knows (...)