1. Re: New on the scene and looking for feedback

      A lot of people make amazing worlds, but it doesn't really matter to me. It is easy to create a world and system, but it's hard to write a story. Some people fall in love with the world building, but to (...)

    2. Re: What is a good percentage of people who read through the first chapter and move to the next

      Also depends on how long your chapters are. If it's a 1000 word rocket, or a 5000 word behemoth.  :peoconfused:

    3. Re: Do not Review Trade With User "Editor"

      Luckily for writers most reviewers come to the site with a positive outlook, and review to help writers more than to critisice. There are also some like me, who like to have reviews so I remember how I (...)

    4. Re: So I don't do lit rpgs--can I still gain a decent following?

      I am critical in my reviews yes, and I can understand your feeling of me beeing a bad example of a positive reviewer. But I leave my thoughts, and I think it's worse to lie and say I love something when (...)

    5. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      12 Let's go my brethren, let us show them the might of our swords.   :peocool:

    6. Re: Let's Write A Terrible Fanfic Together!

      Then Bobby the cat, said "Hold on, I need some space", and there was space in space.

    7. Re: Illustrations for A Price in Memory

      Wow! Super impressive! I love your design and ideas!  :peolove:

    8. Re: How much do people that read LitRPG actually care about the rules?

      People enjoy stories the most, when it feels like the story follows it's own set up rules! I myself dislike when the MC doesn't have to follow all the rules, and get saved out of tricky situations by something (...)

    9. Re: So I don't do lit rpgs--can I still gain a decent following?

      As long as it is good quality and fun, people will notice it, and enjoy it on this site. Do not worry!  :peolove: :peoapproval:

    10. Re: What successes have you had recently?

      Finished my exams, and read atleast 5 chapters of the top 100 Best Rated stories on this site, in that order.  :peoeyesparkle:

    11. Re: If you wound up in an Isekai story, what would most likely be your cause of death?

      I have been reading alot of RR on my phone lately, and I often find myself somewhere not knowing how I got there. So probably truck-kun will send me to fantasy-land soon if I do not look up more!  :peoconfused: (...)

    12. Re: 10k in views

      Well done! Keep having fun writing, and the readers will enjoy it too!  :peolove: