1. Re: Love RR, but I hate star ratings and reviews and downvoting

      The only thing the vast majority of people are qualified to do is judge whether or not they like something. They are not qualified to judge technical merit. Nor can they adequately compare one fiction (...)

    2. Re: litRPG trad publishers

      Despite its popularity, litRPG or Gamelit stories aren't seen as mainstream so most traditional publishers won't take them up unless they've already proven themselves, ie already published one book successfully (...)

    3. RE: Is any one else surprised at the lack of time travel

      Well like Sci-fi, another genre underutilized on RRL and other places quite a bit, readers expect a certain level of realism and real scientific theory behind things. This can get complicated fast. (...)

    4. RE: release times

      Depends on the demographics of your readers. RRL itself is an international site but the readers are predominantly from the US and Europe. Most readers are also around 18-27 years old, which means they're (...)

    5. RE: First Time Writer Looking For Hot Mature Singles

      *looks at title of thread *Looks at user title "I don't like ads" Seems legit. More seriously. No matter what you're writing, the best way to get new readers is to write. Every time you write (...)

    6. RE: Readers -- How do I get them?

      There's something called the latest updates on the main page. Whenever you release a chapter people will see it. As long as your content is interesting, you'll begin to retain readers who might bookmark (...)

    7. RE: Play test my game (third time's the charm)

      I would prefer if weapon swapping was keyed to Q and dodging to E. A lot of games use q and e as a shortcut to swap to another weapon one way or the other and they're comfortably close to to the movement (...)

    8. RE: Book Launch, LitRPG, Adventures of a Scribe

      Congratulations on being able to publish your book and I hope it works out for you.

    9. RE: Wanna Write Unique Villains? READ THIS!!!!(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!)

      Reminds me of And like this list, it simply tempts me to go against the list's advice. When playing D&D, following this (...)

    10. RE: Have ideas for story but no motivation

      Try talking with others about your story or thinking about your story when you're not doing anything else in particular. The hardest part of writing is getting down to business and actually writing. For (...)

    11. RE: Which theme do you prefer, light or dark?

      I'm a lover of the dark theme, but like Lucy said, you want to make your story compatible for both themes. Doing design styles that only look good for one of the themes is a good way to limit your readerbase (...)

    12. RE: Proofreader for hire!

      Moved to Assistance Request forum.

    13. RE: A Wattpadd remake.

      Psychedelic-1000 that petition failed and is closed...

    14. RE: How does one make a three dimensional character?

      Two people chatting to each other the entire chapter is not considered interesting Challenge accepted. As for making characters three-dimensional, I suggest giving them flaws and habits. Makes them (...)

    15. RE: Making characters talk?

      "Oh my god!" Bart rolled his eyes in annoyance. "Are you completely mad." "Oh, my god!" Bart rolled his eyes in annoyance. "Are you completely mad?" ''Why can you not listen to me?'' with her fist (...)

    16. RE: Fighting advice and words describing sounds (like thud, swoosh, slam. etc).

      One more thing to note is that in proper writing, sound effects/onomatopoeia is written like this: Bang! Crack!  You capitalize the first letter and add an exclamation mark. Nothing else. The italics (...)

    17. RE: How long...?

      Nope, it never said that. I'm maniacally laughing at the confusion this question has sown. Notice how the first post has no "edited at ___ for ___" or whatever. I've only edited the poll so far while the (...)

    18. RE: How long...?

      Actually, it is left a little vague. He never clarified if it take on hour EACH to perform its job, or if it takes one hour for both jobs to be finished. Additionally, he never said if the order of (...)

    19. How long...?

      Here's a simple logic question: You have a washing machine and a dryer. Both take 1 hour to fulfill their functions. You have 2 loads of laundry that need cleaning. How long does it take to wash both (...)