Yuanmi Latte

Yuanmi Latte

    1. Re: Dogs or Cats? Vanilla or Chocolate?

      Cats and Chocolate.  More specifically, munchkins and Guylian (those seashell ones. Good god they're so good!) Unless we're talking about ice cream flavor, then it's vanilla, and I do like myself (...)

    2. Re: What unpopular gaming opinions do you have?

      I don’t think women’s armor need to show so much skin. 

    3. Re: Associations

      Never die!

    4. Re: Associations


    5. Re: What unpopular gaming opinions do you have?

      Just to throw oil into the fire, Bloodborne is admittedly good, but highly overrated.  You want some oil? Dark souls is overrated and extremely easy. The only game worth its price in that genre is (...)

    6. Re: The wanderin inn wandering out of royal road

      Uhh...who the heck uses RoyalRoad to write their stories!? Several people, apparently. I asked once lol I used to, until I hit the backspace on my mouse by accident that one time and lost (...)

    7. Re: Is it better to add titles to your chapters? Or not?

      Consistency is key here. Whether having a title or no, as long as there is a clear pattern or way it’s done, you can’t go wrong. 

    8. Re: Milk tea or coffee without sugar is disgusting...

      People who drink piping hot black coffee are just inhuman, though. MMM yummy burned tastebuds and asphalt, my favourite! Oh no. I thought I was doing such a good job of blending in.  :drakansweat: (...)

    9. Re: Associations

      Dragon Age

    10. Re: Evil Genie

      Wish granted. But no one shows up for it.  I wish for more time.

    11. Re: Patreon. Timing? Thoughts?

      I don't want to be 'donate, donate donate' because honestly, as much as I'd love to quit my job so I can write in the mornings, it's not up to readers to earn me a living.  Ah, this is very true, (...)

    12. Re: How Much Such I Store Up Before I Post?

      I’ve run into a unique problem with back logging. I too, plan on making it in the writing world, so I too, built up a whole heap of chapters, ready to publish.  But it turns out, your writing skills (...)

    13. Re: Patreon. Timing? Thoughts?

      When is it generally acceptable for a writer to launch a Patreon account (or anything similar)? Considering the writer has all the perks and rewards worked out, at what point (if there is one) does (...)

    14. Re: What makes a villain scary?

      If they are people, I find villains scariest when they show they are capable of feeling emotions like joy and sadness, but they still view the suffering of others with casual indifference. Like a normal (...)

    15. Re: Killing off the main character

      I love killing people. (In stories!)  But I feel like it’s different when talking about a MC. It’s their story, after all. So like a lot of good points made above, you need to make sure your story can (...)

    16. Re: Social media account for novels?

      Thanks for all the good points everyone.  I do want to make a career in writing, but I also get its suuuuper hard to do so, especially for someone who is starting from nothing. I only use Reddit now, (...)

    17. Re: Social media account for novels?

      I’m quite the private individual, so might be asking nonsense here, but…  Do RR writers make social media accounts for their novels? So they can tweet their releases or something? If so, does it (...)

    18. Re: To Delete or not to Delete: Dream sequences

      A small suggestion:  When writing a dream sequence, make sure it is clear to the reader it is a dream, or at the very least hint at it, so you don’t end up doing the “and then I woke up” cliche.  (...)

    19. Re: Evil Genie

      Granted, but it’s attached to a human torso. I wish for some more free time