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Melting Sky

    1. Re: What happened to tragidies and characters deaths.

      Having said this, the reason tragedy has become almost extinct here on this RR is some people have a giant throbbing hate boner for any sort of negative emotion-inducing turn in a story to the point (...)

    2. Re: How useful/powerful could this common skill be, in your opinion?

      It would be borderline broken if you played a true universal translation skill straight in any fantasy setting. Realistically, language barriers would normally be huge hurdles and opportunities with any (...)

    3. Re: What happened to tragidies and characters deaths.

      I'm not a huge fan of tragedy porn, but a little sadness and darkness sprinkled in to give a story some more emotional range and depth is usually a good thing.  Having said this, the reason tragedy (...)

    4. Re: AITA? I had a 5 star review removed from my story.

      Because I got a dishonest review I asked for it to be removed. A user made it obvious they were giving me a 5 star review out of pity and didn't actually read any of my story. So I had the review (...)

    5. Re: Story with Outsider POV

      If the story is told from everyone else's first-person perspective but the "MC's" then that character really isn't the MC anymore. It's not their story. They are basically an ascended red shirt. Are you (...)

    6. Re: Psychopathic tendencies MC? Hopefully OP

      I need some Opness some MC that will be king and shit and not run away from power. Fu*kc what sort of OP person is going to run away from power. So what if the nobles don't like you KILL THEM. So what (...)

    7. Re: dungeon core litrpgs

      The Stained Tower It's one of the most original and interesting stories I've read from this genre.

    8. Re: Looking for reccomandation for dropped/sudden hiatus novels

      All of Royal Road should be ashamed of what happened to Warlock's Gate. Reading it to the end will help you see some of the Major Issues with this site. Indeed. It was one of the better new stories (...)

    9. Re: Need Fantasy Recs!

      The Hedge Wizard Your criteria could serve as a description of this story. It sounds like this is EXACTLY the sort of thing you are looking for. 

    10. Re: Searching for M/M Romances with a Trans Male Main Character

      Daybreak on Hyperion (re) This is the only RR story I'm familiar with that might meet the requirements you have. I'm not sure I would call it a romance, but it certainly does have romantic elements (...)

    11. Re: Looking for fics where the MC manages an area?

      Ummm, this is a 5 year old necro thread.   :DrakanLaugh:

    12. Re: A story where the MC is in charge of a world or a universe creation or something similar?

      The Stained Tower The Stained Tower is a story that blends many genres while marching to the beat of its own drum. It sounds like it would be right up your alley since at its core it is a story that (...)

    13. Re: A good first serial for someone who consumes a lot of stuff?

      You seem to have diverse tastes. If there is a common thread, it is that you seem to have an appreciation for creative and somewhat complex stories. It is quite telling that you chose Epilogue out of the (...)

    14. Re: Wholesome stories

      You might want to try these two; Heart of Dorkness Dungeon Scholar I agree with you though. There should be a 'wholesome' tag.  :peoapproval: I'll second those two and throw a few more fun suggestions (...)

    15. Re: Dark stories with fluffy romance?

      The One Who Eats Monsters (Wind and Shadow) This is a relatively dark, intense and pulpy novel that is much better than the lackluster title suggests. The story is a crunchy but tasty blend of urban (...)

    16. Re: Looking for a monster taming or summoning novels

      These are all well-written stories that generally fit your very niche criteria of the MC not fighting. The Stars Have Eyes This is a really fun story. The MC doesn't lift a finger and his summoned (...)

    17. Re: Stories with Weird Systems?

      The Stained Tower The Stained Tower stands out for having an interesting and unique system, strong world-building and well-written characters. The dialogue is crisp and although the story starts a bit (...)

    18. Re: Looking for female MCs, not romance

      The Stained Tower The Stained Tower sounds like it might fit your tastes. The main character is an unusual young woman somewhere in her mid-20s. As with all LITRPGs the pacing is a bit ponderous in (...)

    19. Re: Making a list of all "I am a Dungeon" type novels.

      The Stained Tower This is an interesting and atypical example of the Dungeon Core/base building genre. It starts a bit slow but picks up quickly. The characters are compelling and the world building (...)

    20. Re: Scythe Wielder MC?

      The Girl Who Ate a Death God The title is awful and gives off the completely wrong impression, but this is a dark, gritty low fantasy war and military conquest story. The anti-hero MC certainly does (...)