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Unintelligent Donkey


Almost Killing your bullies can get you a good job

Style - The story is told through an omniscient third-person narrative. The pacing is alright, telling the story in a concise and easy to follow manner, the flow is good, with no hiccups or oddly punctuated sentences.

Grammar - ngl, I'm no grammar guru, and since I didn't spot a mistake, it's a 5/5 for me

Story - It's an underdog story about a little boy who is hated and bullied by his peers because he was born at the wrong time. But one day, after a bit of an accident involving his fellow tiny humans, Thonovar meets a mysterious fella who introduces him to a whole new world. 

I found the prologue a bit confusing, but that's probably because the author took prologuing 101, prologues aren't meant to have a lot of things that don't make a lot of sense, so just bear with it, it'll pay off. However, outside of that, I feel that the story makes a lot of sense and it's not too difficult to follow.

Character - With a third-person omniscient narrative, we are able to follow the motives and moods of characters quite well. Outside of the MC, Thonovar, the other characters seem pretty well written out, with their own flare, and I'm definitely looking forward to meeting more. 

Rolling Stone

Style - I would have given this piece of work a 6/5 for style if I could've! The stylistic decision the author made with regards to using the present tense, and the different speech style tailored to each character, made the characters stand out so much more! Another thing that stood out was the stat table, it was a graphic of a stone tablet, and I cannot tell you how much better this little attention to detail made the story.

However, the present tense kind of took a bit of getting used to, as most writers tend to tell their story in the past tense.

Grammar - Pretty good, I didn't spot anything wrong and nothing stopped me from enjoying the novel. 

Story - The story revolves around the stone and his partner, killing almost everything and everyone in their way, pretty unremorsefully, since well, stones can't feel remorse. I think that the first arc and gradual progression against the ant queen served well to build up the system of magic the world uses in a way that's neither too boring nor confusing. 

Along with the relatively simple and straightforward build-up of the story, there are also small tidbits of mysteries and odd things that could become very interesting potential plot points, so I definitely wouldn't scoff at the story progression moving forward!

Characters - I definitely feel like the characters are this novel's strong suit, starting with a strong contrast between the impassive and simple stone, and the spirited partner, and a slew of strong side characters.

The side characters left a pretty strong impression, especially the dwarves, just because of how weird their speech was. It was pretty boorish, kind of what I imagined a tribe of miners and blacksmiths to be, which definitely made the experience a whole lot more immersive for me.


Another gem from a Legendary Xianxia veteran, the Immortal Primate!

This is another gem written by Primate, who previously penned 'The Pathway', a Xianxia infused with the slightest hint of LitRPG elements. 'Divine' on the other hand, definitely feels a lot more like classic Xianxia!

Style - The story is told in a 3rd person, omniscient point of view. Overall, the pacing was good, and the info dump in the first few chapters didn't feel too taxing. Though, I would like to note that some of the terminologies used in the first few chapters feel a tad bit western fantasy-ish, which was a great breath of fresh air!

Grammar - Pretty good so far, small typos here and there, and nothing that felt way out of place.

Story - So far, we're introduced to a pretty expansive world, and I have to say, in a rather typical Xianxia fashion, the author builds up a pretty huge and complicated world. It'll definitely be a joy to learn more and find out more about the small subplots and overarching narrative involving this 'universe' of Primate's

Character - MC still feels like a good boy at this moment, he works hard and listens to his elders, pretty much the kind of kid my parents always compared me to... Anyhow, so far, I'm not getting any bad boi vibes from him, but with how the story might unfold, I really can't wait to see how he'll be developed.

So far, the side characters, the Carnates, and the grandpa all seem to have more to them that I can't wait to find out! They have these moments of foreshadowing that seems to make you want to learn more about their stories, and pray that the author does more world-building, giving these side characters an opportunity to shine!

An 'Ordinary' Adventure

Came for a review, stayed for the humor!

Style - The novel employs a third-person perspective, but it's heavily focused on the MC, so we pretty much know only as much as the MC does. The pacing starts out pretty fast and slightly confusing, as we and Knight claw our way through the dungeon and whatever situation he's suddenly been thrust into. To a certain degree, this works by building up a mystery that hooks in the reader. But, personally, I feel like it went a bit on too long, and past the first few chapters, it slows down a bit too much.

However, I was pretty invested in the story trying to find out what the whole situation was really like, and as I read further, I started to enjoy the style the author employs, swapping between more serious moments and super hilarious ones. I guess that's what kind of got me addicted to the story, and I guess I'll definitely be coming back for more every week!

Grammar - I read a few reviews mentioning the grammar, the sentence structure comes off as a bit odd, but I think that's mostly to do with personal tastes, and since I didn't really spot anything that screamed mistakes, I think the author's done a pretty good job cleaning up! So if the other reviews are discouraging you from reading this masterpiece because of the grammar, you should probably ignore that.

Story - I kind of mentioned it in style, the pacing is slightly inconsistent, but I think its intentional, the first arc should serve as a hook, and the next few arcs should slow done and explain things a bit. I think this novel does this pretty well, which shows that it should've been planned out pretty well, so the future arcs should connect pretty well with what we know right now/

Character - I feel like Knight definitely draws a lot of inspiration from the more comedic MCs in Japanese light novels, as you read, it gets pretty clear that he's definitely someone sent here by truck-kun. He's not someone with upstanding moral qualities, but he's not exactly the scum of the earth either, he's pretty much your average joe, gobsmacked into this world of fantasy and magic.

The other characters so far are pretty varied, I see a few archetypes, but overall, they're pretty well written and have their own flare. I definitely have to say, the author's ability to write characters is definitely his strongest strength for me! 

Ithalon: The Glass Cannon

Style + Grammar - Idk why, but I'm definitely getting some Xianxia vibes from some of the sentence structure and word choices, or maybe I'm imagining things. However, I definitely like it though, the style is pretty descriptive, and the action scenes were well described.

Overall, the grammar was flawless, I didn't get stopped by anything that felt like mistakes or typos.

A small issue I would like to note is that the system described in chapters 3 and 4 was a bit complicated, and I had to read it over a few times before I could fully grasp it, you'll have to definitely read and think carefully when you're to understand it. But, this isn't a very important issue, a complicated system could be a plus or minus for different readers, personally I found it engaging and it definitely made things less droning.

Story - So far, I'm following things pretty well, actually, the story feels pretty Xianxia as well, but well, Xianxia is kinda fantasy, so I guess that's why I'm getting very familiar vibes. There's an overarching narrative, the MC is of mysterious origins, from a completely different plane of existence or something, and he's plopped down in this lower world. 

Idk If I'm actually allowed to mention this or not, but I've spoken with the author a little, and I have a little bit of insider's information to the plot of the novel. If the author does follow through with what he has in mind, you'll all be in for a treat! (seriously though, idk if this is appropriate, Origin if you see this and don't think its appropriate, I'll remove this!)

Character - The cast just screams Xianxia to me, or maybe just standard fantasy, I cannot for my life tell, I've just been so corrupted by Xianxia, everything is Xianxia to me these days. You have the MC trying to find out more about his mysterious origins, a helpful and goofy pet/friend in the pixie. Beyond that, there are quite a few other cast members you'll come to love and care for! I especially liked Lyla, just because she doesn't give a fuck, I like that in a girl, obviously, donkey does not wear the pants in the relationship >n<


An intriguing tale transcends its Genre!

Style - third person POV, well written, good prose, I didn't feel any hiccups as I blazed through the nine chapters in record time, and definitely well paced, raising questions and setting up the characters pretty well.

Grammar - Very, very minor oddities in some areas, and author works to correct mistakes and updates constantly, so you dfinitely will not have any issues reading this piece of gem

Story - Full disclosure here, I have absolutely no experience with Cyberpunk and whatever the genre entails. I haven't watched Blade Runner 2077, played any of Deus Ex Machina, or done anything else related to the genre. Yet, I still loved this story for what it is, an intriguing tale of a young girl trying to survive, caught between two warring factions, the people who are augmented, and the people who are not, pretty simple, but as the story slowly unfurls, and we learn more about the shadowy hands looming over the populace, things turn out to be not so simple after all...

Definitely well written so far, an interesting story thats being set up in a way that's not at all difficult to follow!

Characters - So far the MC is still pretty timid, a newbie on the big boi's table, but, there's definitely potential in her, a drive to do good, a pretty decent moral compass (in my opinion), and it'll definitely be a thrill watching her grow into her big gurl MC shoes!

As of chapter 9, I've been introduced to quite a few characters, there's one that stands out as a bigger asshole than the rest, but, other than him, I think the other characters are pretty greyish. I think you'll definitely find one of the more relevant that you'd want to root for, yet at the same time, you'll probably cringe at a few things they'd do. This is a pretty obvious sign that the characters are three dimensional, and I 100% can't wait to find out more about a few of them!

The Precipice of Power

An Absolutely Perfect start to an Colossal Epic!

As soon as you start diving into the prologue, you'll instantly be hit by more feels than you could possibly handle, and if you were raised by Asian parents, you might get gobsmacked by that childhood PTSD...

Style - It's a pretty standard 3rd person POV, the prose is good and jumps back and forth between characters and even time in a way that's pretty simple and easy to follow. As long as you're actually reading it, I doubt you'd be confused, the author does good word jumping between 3 and a half plot lines (twins is kinda 1.5, Rynn, and Aer), all interconnected by this asshole of a supervisor called Ba.

Grammar - Spotless, couldn't spot anything wrong, nothing I would really want to change either.

Story - As I've mentioned before, the story, as of chap 7, follows 3.5 plots around, and they're done in a way that's not at all confusing and you'll kind of get the gist of what the author is going towards. I've read the previous version of the story, and if it does follow a similar plotline, then the 3.5 plots will converge, and we'll definitely be in for a treat!

Character - 7 chapters in, and surprisingly, the characters are very well established. Although we're still left to wonder how some of the characters became the assholes they are, we're already introduced to their basic traits, their main goals, and the struggles they face.

Despite the short few chapters we have at the moment, I already feel heartfelt derision for a few of the 'villains' of the story, which is in a feat of itself, props to the author, so as of this moment, I really can't wait for them to suffer and die, which, besides the excellent story and great MCs, will definitely be a motivating factor in me reading this further, :P.

The Legend

An excellent start to an epic that could span thousands of chapters!

Style - Flawless third-person POV, from the get-go, we're smacked with an expansive world, typical of Xianxia. It's pretty clear that the world building will be excellent, and it's written in such a smooth and interesting way!

Grammar - I couldn't spot anything wrong, some bits I would have worded differently, but that is more of a personal opinion.

Story - Starts with a mysterious overarching narrative, an origin story of a mysterious being, then we transition to our MC. We're introduced to her in an interesting manner, we're instantly thrust into her struggle, and we immediately hit a brick wall with her, it's a bit sad, but then, we're immediately smacked with the story of this dying god. This seriously hypes up the story and we're instantly left waiting for more!

Character - The characters are pretty interesting so far, but we're not seen much of them yet, but from the direction the story is taking, I can tell that there will be a lot of room for character growth. In addition, the side characters so far, the characters with only a little bit of screen time are pretty fun so far, possessing their own flair, leaving me wanting even more!

The Prophecy of an Ancient Bloodline

A philosophical battle disguised as a LitRPG?!

Overall 5/5 - It’s not perfect, but the author is definitely doing his best to make it so, and I definitely appreciate the effort he’s put in.

Style 5/5 - Standard 3rd person POV at the start, it doesn’t do anything new, and follows the pregnant Vivian as she tries to survive in this mysterious forest. But, a few chapters in, another MC is introduced, and the dynamic between them is something every reader should look forward to reading!

Grammar 4.5/5 - The grammar is well done, it wasn’t flawless, but mistakes pop up only once or twice every half-dozen chapters, I can tell that a lot of work was put into editing it and I applaud the author for it.

Character 5/5 - I have to say, that at the start, the six characters introduced were a bit interchangeable, except for the little girl, she’s cool. The author mentioned a few quirks and traits they had, but it’s never really relevant, and the adults among the side characters just become a bit of a blur. However, as soon as this is brought up, the author strove to fix it, I can now differentiate between the adults, and they now have their mini-growth arc. And in doing that, flavor is added into each individual character, even throwaway characters feel rather alive in this story.

I mentioned that a ‘secondary’ MC is introduced in the Style portion of the review, and well, I can’t wait for him to fully take the reins of the story! There is a certain interesting philosophical clash between the two, and I have to say, I didn’t really expect such an insightful read when I started this story. Their contrasting beliefs really do make for an intense page turner!

Story 5/5 - What makes the characters great very much affects the story, the first half of it was a pretty straightforward introductory arc, it sets up the world well, and sets up a capable and intelligent MC.

Afterwards, the secondary MC is introduced, and it is their conflicting ideology that turns a typical fantasy story into quite a compelling saga of colliding morals and a dynamic MC. Honestly, I can’t wait to follow along as the secondary MC takes over the reins completely, but at the same time, I don’t want anything to happen to the current one! But well, no matter which way this author decides to take this novel, I’ll be waiting to read it!

The Calamity of a Reborn Witch


Overall 5/5 - Look here, everyone here is saying that this novel is publish ready quality, so what are you waiting for???

Style 5/5 - The style is omniscient 3rd person, it was clear and concise, it read very smoothly, and didn’t stumble in the slightest, but maybe that’s because the story itself was too gripping, so I didn’t notice anything wrong ¯\_( ≖ ᴥ ≖ )_/¯ 

Grammar 5/5 - I spotted nothing wrong, but then again, maybe the godly quality story was distracting me, and I was too busy being dragged along for a ride to notice, 10/10 would read again. 

Character + Story 5/5 - Where do I even start? I was recently taught that “good plot can’t save bad characters, but good characters can save bad plots.” But what happens if both plot and characters are good? You get the ‘literal’ (*wink* *wink*) perfection that is ‘The Calamity of a Reborn Witch’! 

I mentioned that the story was amazing even in the style and grammar section, it definitely affected my reading experience a lot. If half-way through the novel, the author decided to write it in Russian instead and I was forced to use google translate to read the novel, I would still read the next ten books, the plot is that good.

Although the start of it felt cinderella-isque (evil steps sis and bad mom yo…), but it quickly transitioned into something else pretty quickly, the MC, Carina/Maura is definitely not a princess waiting to be rescued. She’s fun to read, because she doesn’t lie down at take shit from other people, and she’s definitely not the type to be married off like some piece of furniture! (oops, spoiled a bit there…) I don’t wanna spoil any more details, so give it a read!

The characters are very, very well written, you legit hate the step-sisters and the mom by the end of the first ten chapters, like gut-wrenching hate, like hate enough to be willing to go to court over the murder of a non-existent character hate. On the bright side, you’ll fall in love with the MC pretty fast, she’s sweet, kind, and stronk (this is not a typo, this is intentional), be honest with me, who wouldn’t like a charming, quick-witted and active protagonist?