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Righteous Sovereign, Shameless Rogue (hiatus/rewrite)

Righteous Sovereign, Shameless Rogue (hiatus/rewrite)
108 pages

"…Just, Fair, Kind, the Righteous Sovereign reigns supreme above the Myriad Heavens. Countless creatures sing of his unrivaled attainments, looking upon his divine might with eternal reverence, offering innumerable praises for his perpetual conquest...beloved, what do you think of this Sovereign's ‘correction’ of the 'Hallowed Fate Records'?" the Sovereign spoke as he peered over his shoulder at the peerless beauty behind him.

"Just? Fair? Kind? You?! Screw off! You're just a shameless rogue! To dare speak these words so unblushingly, is the thing stuck to your skull a person’s skin or a donkey’s ass?!"

Lin Xianyi is in some sense of the word, an idiot. After a lifetime of *Spoiler, read to find out 😜*, his soul is somehow drawn into the body of a child inside of a mysterious cocoon. Waking up as the cocoon shatters, he slowly comes to the realization that he has arrived in a whole new world, the world of cultivation! A world where the strong ruled over the weak, reason be damned! A world all ripe for him to conquer! Or is it...?

Follow the ups and downs of Lin Xianyi as he daydreams about his heaven-defying might, his eternal kingdom, and the innumerable fairies in his embrace. All the while everyone else around him schemes to seize everything from him...or not? Maybe some of them genuinely care about this idiot? Who knows? Well, you could! Find out as you follow the tale of the illustrious Righteous Sovereign, an incomparably Shameless Rogue!

The cover art was provided to me, free of charge (I did a quick review for her novel), by Ariana Vivoni, it was really a pleasure working with her, 10/10 overall, would do it again. Her novel's also really fun if historical romances are your thing

Here's a link to her novel - https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/33058/the-beast-and-the-swallow

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